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03-28-20 04:50 PM

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10-20-14 04:59 PM
10-20-14 04:59 PM

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the night i got Puff (true Story)


10-20-14 04:59 PM
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The Night I got Puff
               It was a dark and stormy night.
Not really, but that is how Snoopy starts his stories and since this is about
another animal I love it sounded good. It was a warm and summer night.  I was at my friend’s house, playing with a
Scooter and a Basketball outside, which apparently I thought it was a good idea
but it really wasn’t. While I was playing, my mom and her friends, Brandy and
Jade, were talking on what looks like an indoor porch.  I didn’t bother them. While I was trying to
get the ball to follow the scooter wheel, I saw a small black figure. “Who goes
there?” I asked. A small grey kitten walked to me. “Hi kitty” I said, “Where’s
your owners?” I asked. I knew it was not often seeing a stray cat, since I was
used to seeing farm cats and domestic cats.
                After I asked my question, the kitten went to
a fence with a dog, named Ben, inside. My first reaction to the kitten going to
the dog fence was, “Wait!” I said “I thought you cats hated dogs!”
               “Rachel? Who are you talking
to?” my Mother asked.
                I replied pointing at the kitten, “to this
kitten.” My mom stepped outside. “Oh” she said while walking to the kitten to
pick it up, then we went back into the porch and Brandy checked if the kitten
was a boy or a girl. “umm is a Girl!’ Brandy said. She was cute. I asked my mom
if we could keep her.
               My mom said “We can’t have pets
at our apartment.” Then Jade said that the kitten could live there if we would
take care of her.
                My mom said “Rachel want to name it Mew?” “No”
I said.   “How about Nermal” “ner-what?”
I asked. I knew a lot about Pokémon but I couldn’t remember a lot of names.  Brandy replied “Sure. Nermal!” I was really
don’t like the name Nermal.” I whined “it’s hard for me to say!” “Well let’s
rename it.” My mom said.
about Purugly” I said, “or Glowmeow.”
               “No.” my mom said. “How about
Spider man?” Josiah said.
this is Rachel’s cat not yours” Brandy scolded Josiah.
about puff?” Jade said. Jade collects dragon so she would be like Puff the
magic dragon. “We have Magic and Macie. So how about Puff to go with Magic?”
mom started singing “Puff the magic kitty, lived at Jade’s house.”
                Puff sounded much better then Nermal, besides
Puff looked like a puff of smoke. “Puff.” I said “I like that!” And that’s how
I got Puff.
               Now Puff lives at my grandma’s
house. She is still my cat but she isn’t small and cute any more. Now she is a
fat cat. She is funny because she hates spiders and is afraid of the dark and
the basement. Sometimes I think she is afraid of me, but she is still my cat.
This is what puff looks like: yes puff is a cute cat, but she bites my grandma. 
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