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02-25-20 01:07 PM

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10-03-14 12:01 PM
10-05-14 01:01 PM

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Mario Clash: The Best Game is Still a Weaker Game

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10-03-14 12:01 PM
SNYPER5133 is Offline
Link | ID: 1085638 | 665 Words

Level: 2

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CP: 45.4
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Mario Clash: The Best Game is Still a Weaker Game
Mario Clash is a Virtual Boy game released in the year 1995. The game is often considered to be one of the Virtual Boy's best games, which may not be saying much due to there only being 13 games released for the console in North America. I first came across the game due to its apprentice as random game of the day on 10/3/14. What I noticed from the game however is that it is not particularly a good or a great game compared to games released on other systems. While judging the game's graphics, sound, addictiveness, and depth, as well as mixing in my own personal enjoyment, I arrived at the conclusion that Mario Clash deserves a 6.2 for its overall score. Why, though? This is why:

Graphics: 7/10- "Good" 
 No game on the virtual boy is particularly "pretty", but I will say that, when taking into consideration the console limitations as well as the reduced color palette, the game looks good. The animations, particularly Mario's jump and punch especially look as though they had been worked on in particular. However, I feel that some of these, mainly focusing on some enemy animations, needed a bit more oomph to push it to the levels of Mario's animations, but still, none of them are particularly bad when compared to other games of its time.

Sound: 6/10- "Okay" 
 Mario Clash does have great sound effects for the system and those alone save it, however, I personally found the actual soundtrack to be lacking, especially when taking into consideration that this is a Mario game. Some of the music may be considered to be annoying, especially when you look at the reduced number of tracks throughout the game. None of these songs are bad, but compared to other Mario games and even other games at time of release, it seems a bit lacking in this department.Addictiveness:  5/10- "Average"   This section is largely dependent upon the player really. While looking objectively at this section, one has to consider the amount of playtime this game can offer, but it is also important to look at how fun the game was to play. Personally, I thought the game was about as fun as the average game of the time. It wasn't particularly boring, but it isn't something that I feel as though I have to keep playing, and in this game, that is a problem considering both its difficulty and its depth. 

Depth: 8/10- "Great"
   This is arguably Mario Clash's greatest aspect, just how deep the game is. The game has 99 levels. Typically this would be considered to be rather long anyways, but when taking into consideration just how long each level takes, as well as how many times the player may be reset back to the first level, one realizes that this game may take a decent amount of time to fully finish. According to the wonderful people over at the Super Mario Wiki, "The game received mixed reviews, and half of the comments by critics were complaints stating that the game was too long." A statement like this truly justifies just how deep this game and its 99 levels truly are.

Difficulty: 8/10- "Great" 
 While playing through Mario Clash, I struggled very much. The controls were not the problem however, but getting used to the 3D proved difficult at the start. That being said, once adjusted, the game was still very difficult. This is even furthered by the fact that when you initially start, you have a mere two lives to work with. It's easy to lose these two lives and once you do, you do not start back at that level, but rather you start all the way back at the beginning of the game. This is my number one problem with the game. They actually made the game too hard and as a result the end product suffered. 

Mario Clash
Virtual Boy



Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

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(edited by SNYPER5133 on 10-03-14 12:03 PM)    

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10-04-14 12:34 AM
endings is Offline
Link | ID: 1086182 | 38 Words

Level: 53

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LVL EXP: 1150819
CP: 18387.7
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SNYPER5133 : nice to see that nintendo tragedy, the virtual boy, get some reviews. Its well spaced out and nothing seems too long or too short. In fact, i'd say you've said all you need to say for it!
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10-04-14 02:40 PM
ghostfishy is Offline
Link | ID: 1086419 | 105 Words

Level: 75

POSTS: 721/1867
POST EXP: 142688
LVL EXP: 3818667
CP: 5769.7
VIZ: 125567

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Wow, this is probably one of the few old school Mario games that I have never heard. This game seems to be one of the tough ones rather than the kid friendly games that we have today. I like that you rated each section of the game and explained why you gave the ratings that you think it deserves. Also same thing with your overall scores especially when most people just have these bizarre numbers for each section then come out with an unlikely number (people are either very biased or they have bad math skills?).
What does this game's gameplay and storyline focus on?
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10-04-14 07:25 PM
deggle is Offline
Link | ID: 1086516 | 78 Words

Level: 110

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SNYPER5133 : I haven't played this game but have wanted to as it seems very fun. You did very good for your first review so good job on that you told us a lot about it even the beginning I liked how you said when is made and how you would judge it to your tastes. And you made it sounds very difficult and it has exactly 99 levels and start back if you die that's some what evil.
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10-05-14 12:46 PM
sonicmcmuffin is Offline
Link | ID: 1086790 | 166 Words

Level: 128

POSTS: 3690/5446
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LVL EXP: 24284217
CP: 18548.7
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It's interesting to read about Virtual Boy games in all honesty, As i never really got to use one or play any of the games, 

Also kudos to you for comparing the game solely to other Virtual boy games. As i feel any comparison to say a typical Mario game would be unfair. From your review i understand that this is possibly one of the better Virtual Boy games out of the 13, And that Nintendo actively tried to put some effort into the game...

Honestly it is nice to just see a fair neutral review. That's worded nicely and is not too long to read. 

P.S Your sound and addictiveness have merged into one paragraph you might want to fix that. 

Also ghostfishy raises a good point in later reviews you should perhaps describe the game play elements more.. Or perhaps the story writing, I know this is a virtual boy game so they are non existent, but it could help in the future
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10-05-14 01:01 PM
zanderlex is Offline
Link | ID: 1086797 | 151 Words

dark mode
Level: 235

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I'm going to agree with muffin, I have never had one, so it's a good idea to read up on them. I do wish that I had one though, because I keep being told that there are some really good games for it.

I really like how you organized the categories. Instead of just adding the title of the category and the number grade, which most people don't even do, you went on to give each of them a word grade which is a unique idea.

You have also put in a great deal of effort into making sure that each category had a good amount of detail, and the review is a good length. I like this review and I feel that you have done a great job on it, especially considering that this is just your first post, and I can't wait for you to make more of these.
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