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08-06-14 05:31 PM
08-06-14 05:31 PM

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Trouble in Wackyland

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08-06-14 05:31 PM
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Instead of trouble in paradise we have trouble in Wackyland. In this review I will be reviewing and critiquing Tiny Toon Adventures 2 Trouble in Wackyland. 

Story: 5
Its another day in Acme Acers. Suddenly, a new amusement park shows up and all the toons are excited. Buster Bunny receives an invitation from a mysterious source. The letter says gather all your friends and come to my new amusement park. All the toons are excited and quickly visit the new park. However, unknown to them the game tell us that the mysterious source is Montana Max, who is an enemy to Buster and his friends. Montana Max is seen saying my new park has so many traps inside of it. Buster and his friends must explore the park and avoid the traps. 

Okay, there was some creativity to the plot such as having a mysterious source invite the toons to the amusement park. Another thing that was creative was having the park just appear suddenly. However, this plot seems to be lacking. What really hurts this games plot is the makers of this game reveled the mysterious source. The players know right off the bat that Montana Max is the bad guy once again. When I played this game I was like really. It would have been better had they not reveled who the mysterious source was. That would have been more creative. Also, the plot in this game does not have the charm that Tiny Toon Adventures 1 had. In the first game the plot was centered on a rescue as one of the toons had been kidnapped as well as being held for ransom. So, while the there were some creative spots in the plot having the source reveled really spoils the plot. I give the plot to this game a 5 out of 10

Graphics and Controls: 7 
The graphics in this game were fairly good. The water in the water stage looks like actual water. A lot of the stages do have good colorful backgrounds, which is nice because it fits the stages themes. The sprites though are a different story. In the first game the sprites were very nice. In this game despite it coming out in 1993 were off. I was actually shocked to see the sprites be off in a latter NES game. Sometimes the characters look glitchy at times. In addition, the movement of the characters is not smooth like it was in the first game. It also seems that this game was rushed. 

The controls seem to be good overall. But, I did notice a few times in this game how the controls seemed stiff. In one of the stages the controls also appear to be sluggish. I do not know if that is because the stage is a fast pace stage or what.  While, the graphics and controls were good. I was expecting more since this game came out in 1993. The graphics and controls play like they did in some of the earlier Nintendo games. So, at the end of the day I give the graphics and controls a 7 out of 10

Sound: 7 
The sound in this game was for the most part good. The water stage, bumper car stage, and the fun house all had nice tunes to them. I really liked the music as it seemed to fit the stages' themes quite nicely. However, the sound in this game did have its flaws. First of all, unlike the first game the enemies do not really make sounds in this game. The first game the enemies would make sounds as they were being knocked out. In this game not so much. They are a few enemies that do make sounds but nothing like the first game. Also, the characters do not make sounds like they did in the first game when hitting enemies. In the first game the characters would make a pow sound when hitting some enemies. In this game not so much. I find that to be disappointing.  The first game's sound added charm to it. I also should not that in one of the stages there is a tingle in that stages particular theme. I do not like tingles at all i find them to be irritating. 

While the sound was for the most part good. I found it to be missing some things. I would have loved it had the makers of the game kept the pow sound from the first game. I also would have liked it had the enemies made funny sounds as they were being knocked out. While, the sound was good in this game it is not like the first game. I give the sound a 7 out of 10 

Replay value (Addictiveness) 6 
Tiny Toon Adventures 2 is a fun game but it just seems to be missing the charm as the first game. I do like to play this game from time to time. I like some of the stages in this game and it is a joy to play through them. However, this game is very short (more on that in the depth section), so it is not long like the first game. The first game had longer stages and worlds to get through. In this game its just 5 stages no worlds or anything like that. Plus when they reveled the mysterious source in the games plot; I have to admit it took the fun out of this game a little. I like games that have a mystery to them. Therefore, I give the replay value a 6 out of 10. Its a fun game but not like the first game 

Depth: 5 
Okay the first game had a lot of depth to it. You had several stages and worlds to get through. You had the choice of choosing 3 characters, 4 if you wanted to play the game only as Buster. In this game the depth was really toned down a lot. You do not have characters to chose they are already chosen for you. I find that to be not as fun as the first game. In addition, the stages are real short. The first game the stages were long. Also their are only 5 stages in this game. I was hoping it would be a longer game. Moreover, the stages in this game do not take that long to complete. It is almost like there is not a lot of depth in this game compared to the first. Again, I wonder if this game was not rushed.  I was hoping for more depth to this game. I give the depth a 5 out of 10. The thing that keeps it from getting lower is the different rides in the amusement park. 

Difficulty: 7 
Despite this being a short game it was difficult at times. Unlike the first game, enemy placement is not really a factor in this game. Now with that being said, they are some instances were enemies will pop out of nowhere. But usually you can spot them and they are not a big problem. What makes this game so difficult is it is so easy to fall into the pit or hit a wall on the rides. Also a lot of the stages scroll so it is easy to get hemmed in. The fun house is also quite difficult for the same reasons. The game is difficult but it is almost like a cheat type of difficult. I like games that require skills, creativity and a little bit of luck to beat. Examples of those type of games are the Mega Man games, Mario, and Donkey Kong Country games.  Games like this it just feels like the game is difficult for the wrong reasons. The game does not give you any items to help you along the way either. What keeps the rating from being higher is this is a short game. I give the difficulty rating a 7 out of 10

Overall 7.2 
Tiny Toon Adventures came out in 1993 almost 2 or 3 years after the first game. The NES was on its last days. Other games were being made for the SNES and SEGA systems. I wonder if the makers of this game did not rush this game out knowing the NES was about to be discontinued. Tiny Toon Adventures 2 has a sloppy feel to it like it was quickly put together. I remember playing this game a few years after it came out. I played the first game and really liked it. I was hoping the second game would be like the first game. But it was not. 

Do not get me wrong this game is a decent game. If you like amusement park themed games than you will probably enjoy this game. I did play this game some and I still like to play it once in awhile. It just happens that the first game was so much better. As I stated earlier I was really shocked at the flaws in this game. The flaws in this game I would expect from an earlier NES game, but not a later one. Again, I wonder if this game was not just put together real quick. I liked the games music for the most part and going through the different rides was fun too. However it just seemed to be missing some things. 

I would have liked it, if the makers did not reveal the mysterious source right off the bat. To some people that may not be a big deal. But to me it was like the game was playing spoiler before the players have a chance to play the game. The graphics were okay but did have their problems. What really shocked me was the lack of depth in this game. The first game had several worlds to get through with long stages to complete. Also the first game had a boss at the end of each level, accept for one. This game only has two bosses really. 

As far as recommending this game? I would recommend this game only after one plays the first game. The first game is so much better and enjoyable. If you play this game first then one could either be overjoyed or they could be disappointed and not want to play the first game. If you like themed park games than one may not find nothing wrong with this game. Its an okay game but as I have stated I really liked the first game better. I was hoping this game would be like the first game and have its charm. I guess maybe I expected it too since this was a later game on the NES. I think Tiny Toon Adventures is a good game, but the first game falls in the category as excellent games. I give the overall rating a 7.2. Its a good game but it does have its flaws. 
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