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01-18-20 05:04 AM

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09-12-09 06:47 PM
04-01-10 11:32 AM

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Computer problems


09-12-09 06:47 PM
Leluoch is Offline
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My computer has recently messed up and to where now it will not let me get to the login screen but it takes me to some choices of choosing windows recovery console regular windows and after that it gives me a few more choices of choosing safe mode safe mode with networking another safe mode with something i dont remember and start windows regularly and lastly choosing windows with last known working configuration.

so can any1 please help me and if u see any grammar mistakes im using someone elses computer so blame the keyboard ;p
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09-12-09 07:49 PM
DarkHyren is Offline
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Sounds like your pc had a problem with something and is confused.
Pick "start Windows normally".
If it doesnt work or it keeps displaying those messages on startup pick "start with last known good configuration".
That should solve whatever its complaining about.
You also will probally want to do a deep scandisk because sometimes windows complains like that if there is a hard drive problem, scandisk will normally be able to do something about that.
Let us know how you go.
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12-28-09 03:50 PM
tr33l3x is Offline
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You may also want to try going to Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Restore

But mind you whatever date you click to restore back to on the calendar will be like nothing happened from that date-the current date

Meaning all work you have done, or things you have downloaded (unless on a external hard-drive) will be deleted.

PM me if u have any further needs/concerns.

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04-01-10 11:32 AM
hoguan is Offline
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You should try getting a system recovery disc and see if it works. P.S I have the same exact problem as you.
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