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Your Playlist?
Here's mine.
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01-16-14 12:20 PM
01-18-14 04:05 AM

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Your Playlist?


01-16-14 12:20 PM
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        Hello, everybody, NintendoFanKimmy here, and this time I bring you yet another thread revolving around music. What is your playlist? Well, here is mine. It consists of my top ten favorite songs in the world: 
10- Eye of the Tiger - Survivor. Reason: I could not stop listening to it after first hearing it while I was watching Rocky 3. It is amazing, and definitely deserves to me on my list of top ten songs.
9- What Does The Fox Say? - Ylvis. Reason: Yes, I am incredibly immature. But, hey, I am twelve years old, after all. It is brainless, but that is why I am downright addicted to it.
8- It's A Sin - Pet Shop Boys. Reason: I absolutely adore the theme of this song, and the tune is quite difficult to get out of my head once it is already in.
7- November Rain - Guns 'N' Roses. Reason:  Another song recommended by my father, and, as usual, his tastes in music are amazing. I loved it the first time I heard it.
6- Rock Me - One Direction. Reason: After listening to it on an airplane ride to Canada, I simply couldn't get it out of my head. A good thing, too. It's a fantastic song, in my opinion.
5- One Thing - One Direction. Reason:  It was the first song I had heard from my favorite boy band, One Direction. It is so upbeat, and it brings smiles to my face which usually aren't there.
4- Total Eclipse Of The Heart - Bonnie Tyler. Reason: It is so very sad, yet it always cheers me up for some reason. Also, the refrain sends goosebumps shivering up my spine.
3- Midnight Blue - Lou Gramm. Reason: According to my dad, I have been listening to it ever since I was a little baby, and I always used to dance to it with him and my sister. No wonder it was oddly familiar. 
2- Hall of Fame - The script. Reason: I find it greatly inspirational, and it lifts my hopes up when I am down. Also, I danced to it in a sixth-grade school play.
1- In The End - Linkin Park. Reason: I have been listening to it since I was nine years old, and it brings back memories of fun times I had with my cousin.

Thank you for reading, everyone, if you did ^^! Now, tell me, what are your music playlists? NintendoFanKimmy, out!
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01-18-14 04:05 AM
RudraStrife is Offline
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I have lots of playlists for different situations and feelings. I have a driving playlists, one for when I am depressed, one for when I am in love, one for when I edit videos, etc. But if I had to make one with my top ten songs this would be my list. (None in any order)

1. Cult of Personality by Living Colour: My Favorite song of all time, I don't know why but I just feel pure happiness when this song starts to play.

2.  Starting At The Sun by The Offspring : I found this song when I was looking for another song and it is the song that got me into The Offspring which are now my favorite band. 

3. In Due Time by Killswitch Engage: This song just purely rocks and I can listen to it at anytime.

4. Before I Forget  by Slipknot: This is the song that really got me into metal. 

5. Strife by Trivium: Not only is it just a good song that I can listen to anytime it has part of my username in it. lol

6. Paradise City by Gun N Roses:  I used to listen this song with my friend before he lost his life. So I have a very close connection with it. Plus I love how near the end of the song they just start jamming and it gets my pumped up.

7. Fade to Black by Metallica - This song touches me personally, I have been dealing with a deep depression for a long time and have tried to commit suicide. I still deal with the depression and hearing this song strangely makes me feel better, ironic since it is about suicide.

8. Definition of a Rap Flow by R.A The Rugged Man: Now I am not the biggest of rap but I love the underground and R.A is the man when it comes to a rap flow. I swear he has no lungs. lol

9. Session By The Offspring: Another offspring song lol. Session was the song that made the bond between me and my  best Friend/brother Taj who has been there for me every single time I needed for the last 8 years. Even if we are 1500 miles away. 

10. Around The World by Red Hot Chili Peppers: Being from California myself I have to have my boys RHCP lol. But really this song makes me feel that the world is beautiful and I want to make it even better. 
The Storm Dude

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

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