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01-10-14 05:58 PM
01-10-14 05:58 PM

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Another Great Mega Man game.

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01-10-14 05:58 PM
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Well, here we are with another Mega Man game. I recently beat Mega Man 2, and decided to go right to Mega Man 3 afterwards. I admit, I was surprised that I enjoyed it almost as much as I did the second game in the series. They're both great games, but there are different reasons for why I like each. Anyway, I suppose I should stop comparing this game to Mega Man 2 and get on to what the review is really about, judging this game based on it's own merit. So, without further ado, my review of Mega Man 3.

Graphics: It's hard to talk about graphics in this game, due to them being very similar to Mega Man 2. I will try to say what I can about them though. As you'd expect, the environments and enemies look very good, maybe even better then Mega Man 2 at some points. Though, the lack of real backgrounds for many stages gets a bit disappointing, such as the dull green that fills the back of Snake Man's level. This isn't a huge problem, due to the fact your attention is almost always on the foreground. The animations are just as good if not better then the last game, with nice movement and animations from enemies. It might be even better, seeing Mega Man's slide move he has gained, which he does pull off without a hitch normally. Really, the only large problem is the flickering, which doesn't get any better from Mega Man 2. It can be annoying, but it's easy to deal with it you ignore it. I give the graphics an 8 out of 10, for being more of the same from Mega Man 2, with some small differences in the characters and environments.

Sound: I'm sorry to say that I don't enjoy the music quite as much as I did in Mega Man 2. This is mostly due to the fact there aren't as many great songs in the game. Sure there are some amazing tracks, but most don't really make me remember them for long periods of time. In fact, I forget most of the game's music by this point. This isn't hugely awful though. While I don't remember the music, I know it was nice to listen to while I played it, and that it served it's point well enough while it lasted. This doesn't mean all the music is bad though. In fact, it has some of my favorite songs in the series. The opening theme along with the ending theme are both very good. Another great theme in the game is the one Proto Man is given. The problem though is the lack of other memorable themes. Other then that, there's not much to say about the sound effects, with them sounding about the same as Mega Man 2 and being pretty good. Each weapon gives a noticeable noise when fired, so it's satisfying to attack with each weapon. I give the sound an 8, for having some of the best themes of the series, but not having the same quality spread throughout.

Addictiveness: Luckily, Mega Man 3 is very addictive and fun to play through. The controls remain mostly simple, though adds a new feature in the slide button. It also adds one of the most integral parts to the series, Mega Man's robot dog, Rush. Rush tends to be superior in every way to the old items you were given in Mega Man 2. He can fly and bounce high, which already gets rid of the need for items one, two, and three in the last game. He also has a marine mode, which makes water easier to travel through. This helps the game get it's own niche apart from the others.  Though the game is very fun and addictive, I didn't find it as fun to play through as the last one. This might be because the stages aren't designed as well in my opinion. Don't worry though, you should have plenty of fun going through it. It helps that the Wily Stages are all pretty good this time, with no overly cheap bosses to fight. I give the addictiveness for this game a 7. It has it's ups and downs, but is a very solid and fun game.

Story: Story is the definite area where Mega Man 3 surpasses it's predecessor. It starts out after the events of Mega Man 2. Wily claimed he had reformed and wished to go back to the side of peace. It seems strange that Dr. Light trusts him, but the two were partners and friends for a long time. It makes sense he'd want to trust Wily again. The two decide to build a giant and very powerful robot that will be able to keep peace across the world. The only problem is that it takes a powerful energy source to keep it running. This is why the two create eight powerful robots that will be able to mine for the power sources the new weapon will need. Something goes wrong though as the eight robots begin to get violent and attack, forcing Light to send Mega Man to stop them. There's also a robot known as Break Man that attacks Mega Man at certain points of the game, seemingly without reason. The story after this does get pretty interesting at points, and ends with what was a huge plot twist at the time. Also, unlike the one from the previous game, it has actually stuck and wasn't immediately changed. I think this game has a very good story, and gets a 7 out of 10 for it. While it's not huge and complicated, it is very good for a Mega Man game.

Depth: This game does have more depth then the previous game also, mostly due to the fact that it has more stages and enemies you need to fight before you win. The game starts off with the eight robot master stages, but don't expect it to end as quickly as last time. There are a few more stages before the final rush to the end, leaving you with more to do before you put the game down. There isn't much other then this though, due to the lack of extra modes. Even the last game had a difficulty select option. This one lacks that, so has a longer story, but just has one mode to play through. I still really enjoyed it though, and felt the amount that was here was enough to play through. It should only take a few hours to beat fully, but once again, there's still the robot master weaknesses to learn. Learning how to fight the bosses is a large part of the game, and it gets even more complicated when some old foes add into the mix later on. I give the depth a 7. It's long for a Mega Man game and has some long levels to go through, but doesn't have much other then the normal story.

Difficulty: This game was pretty hard to go through, and it's partially because of the weapon selection as you go through the levels. There are no definite overpowered weapons, which makes it harder to play through due to the enemies you'll be facing that can put up a larger challenge now. Some of the weapons you do get aren't as good also. Some of them, like the Top Spin, are seemingly useless except for the few situations where they prove to be helpful. This leads to a larger challenge during many levels, with deaths more common. This isn't a complete bad thing though, as I never felt the combat was cheap. I always felt the last game had situations where it was just cheap luck on if you had the right weapon energy for beating a boss. There was none of that with this game, each enemy being able to be hurt by more then one of your weapons. So, I consider this a harder, but more fair game then it's predecessor, which I definitely enjoy. The robot master also provide a good challenge, each one having a fighting style that you can memorize to know how to fight back well. Platforming also can be difficult, with some jumps just barely being missed. My only problem though was one part where blocks appeared along with a magnet that pulled you toward it, screwing up your jumps. Overall, the difficulty gets an 8 from me. It is a very hard game where you might die often from tricky enemies and platforming that you barely make. But, it was barely ever cheap.

Wrapping up: Mega Man 3 had a large amount of hype to live up to, being the sequel to a game that is so universally loved. The good part is, it manages to be fun in it's own way, with a much more developed story and the adding of Rush in place of items 1, 2, and 3. It also had some great music and got rid of some of the more overpowered weapons.  Though it had it's downsides and is sometimes considered inferior to the last game, it is still a really fun experience. I consider it about equal with what came before it. Both were great in different ways. The game gets an 8.6 from me, and I'd be glad to play it again at any time.
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