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Absent- A Sherlock fanfic
Teen!Sherlock and Teen!John are texting. Sherlock has been sent to the office...again.
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12-13-13 07:36 PM
12-13-13 07:36 PM

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Absent- A Sherlock fanfic


12-13-13 07:36 PM
PokefanKala is Offline
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(NOTE: This is a fanfiction in the form of a series of texts based on the characters of BBC's Sherlock. I own none of these characters, just my own stupid, adorable, irritating and tragic kidlock headcannons. XD Features Overprotective!John. WARNINGS: Some mild-ish non-graphic violence described.)

Sherlock, where are you? –JW
I saw you in geography this morning, why aren’t you in class? –JW
Did you leave early or something? –JW
I’m in the office. –SH
Again? – JW
It’s not a big deal, John. Just astronomy again. –SH
The one day I miss that class… -JW
What did you do this time? –JW
Oh, I caused a bit of a commotion, I suppose. Nothing to worry about. –SH
What kind of “commotion”? –JW
A loud one. –SH
That’s pretty undescriptive. Care to explain? –JW
There’s nothing really to explain. –SH
With you, there’s always something –JW
Not this time –SH
So, what? You just got bored and lost it? –JW
…Something like that. –SH
Was it really? –JW
No –SH
Am I going to have to guess? –JW
Are you a detective now too, John? –SH
Haha, very funny. -JW
Hmm… Are you down there alone? –JW
Sherlock? –JW
No –SH
Wait- what? –JW
Make a deduction. –SH
Anderson –JW
You’re showing some improvement John. I applaud you. –SH
Seriously, what happened? –JW
You know Anderson. Just being an imbecile. –SH
How so? –JW
We had to do a project –SH
Oh god –JW
And he got all uppity because he cares about useless things like “asteroids” -SH
Don’t tell me you… You didn’t –JW
He deserved it. –SH
I can’t believe you –JW
It’s the truth. You should have seen the look on his face. I got in a good one too. –SH
Black eye? –JW
Broken nose. –SH
Ah. –JW
Sherlock, what’s been going on with you lately? –JW
I’m pretty sure I have no idea what you mean. –SH
You may try to pass it off as tough, but I know you. Why have you been so sensitive to him lately? –JW
It’s nothing, John. Drop the subject. –SH
Nice try. Anderson never used to get to you like this. This is the third time this week! What is going on? –JW
You’re going to get caught texting in class. –SH
I “went to the loo” about ten minutes ago. I’m not about to get in trouble for nothing, though. You’re not distracting me. What’s going on? –JW
John, really. You blow these things way out of proportion. –SH
Not really! You just broke Anderson’s nose! –JW
Don’t tell me you never wanted to do the same thing. –SH
Sure, but you actually did it. –JW
And it felt great. –SH
Wait a minute, you would never do this just over some remark. You use words, not violence. What are you not telling me? –JW
I told you what occurred John. –SH
Did you tell me all of what occurred? –JW
How does one discern where one event ends and another begins? –SH
Don’t play games with me. I’m going to figure this out. –JW
Why does it matter, John? You know why I’m not in class. The rest of the story holds no importance. –SH
Because I’m your friend, and if that was true you would just tell me. –JW
Oh no –JW
Wait, I know what to ask now –JW
What did Anderson actually do to you? –JW
Nothing I couldn’t handle. –SH
Why won’t you tell me anything these days? –JW
Because you make far too big of a deal of things. –SH
Anderson has a broken nose. What did he do back? –JW
I was the one who retaliated, but not much and that’s the truth. –SH
What qualifies as “not much”? –JW
Slammed my head against the wall. –SH
I told you. You always overreact. –SH
I’m going to see you in about 15 minutes, so you’d better not leave anything out. Now tell me what happened. –JW
Anderson and I had to do a project about asteroids. –SH
Yes, you did say that. And? –JW
He wanted me to work, but I was deducing someone standing in the hall to pass the time and didn’t feel like it. –SH
And? –JW
And so he got frustrated and shoved me against the wall. –SH
And that was all? –JW
No. I may have insulted him and then he punched me in the gut. –SH
But I got him back and then the teacher broke it up, and now I’m here, sitting in the bathroom because I don’t want to “discuss our feelings” with the principal. –SH
You ditched going to the principal’s office? –JW
I was talking to you. –SH
I’m going to kill Anderson. –JW
He’s not worth the effort, John. –SH
You punched him. –JW
I needed to make him let me go. This doesn’t concern you though. –SH
Yes it does. I told him to leave you alone. I’m going to kill him. –JW
Don’t get yourself in trouble, John. –SH
I think you’re the one who’s in trouble. The principal sounded pretty mad over the intercom. –JW
I’m sure he is. –SH
Also, Mycroft is here. He’s asking me where you are. –JW
How did he find you? The school wouldn’t let him bug the bathrooms. –SH
I’m in the halls now. It’s passing period. He’s asking me to show him my phone. –JW
Don’t. –SH
He only wants to help you, Sherlock. –JW
I don’t need his help, nor do I desire it. –SH
If I don’t give it to him, he’ll just take it. –JW
I won’t speak to him. –SH
What happened between you two? –JW
He took my violin away. –SH
Did he? –JW
He said I needed to stop ignoring him and start doing my coursework. He’s tired of pulling strings. –SH
Ah, I see. Did you do your work? –JW
No –SH
Of course you didn’t. –JW
He can’t tell me what to do! –SH
He technically can. I told him where you are. –JW
You need help, Sherlock. I’ll see you later. –JW
Traitor! –SH
Call me all the names you want. I don’t regret it. -JW
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"Oh, that's clever! Is it clever? Why is it clever?" -SH

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