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09-22-13 04:07 PM
09-24-13 04:12 PM

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The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

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09-22-13 04:07 PM
dizzlefoshizzle is Offline
Link | ID: 888749 | 885 Words

Level: 4

POSTS: 3/3
POST EXP: 2081
LVL EXP: 250
CP: 472.0
VIZ: 6944

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Alright Ocarina of Time, definitely one of those hit or miss games. Naturally being a classic and loved by almost every Zelda fan we're going to expect far more than what we get. I know many of us did this for the 3DS release of Master Quest and I know many did it for this port as well.

Graphics: I suppose I should note that there is also an HD release? Then again you are on a retro gaming site so I doubt graphics really matter to you. As far as comparing this port to the actual games, I did notice a few glitches here and there. Maybe part of the ground would disappear shortly or the screen will flicker, but nothing big as far as I could tell. The game looked almost identical to how I remember it being when I played it on the Gamecube, which was excellent. It really felt like I was replaying the game again

Sound: Mk so this is where things get weird. I dunno if it was a one time thing or the certain game I got, but the sound was high pitched. Everything sounded so high pitched that I thought Link rolling was Navi making noise. Then I realized that there were quite a bit of sound glitches everywhere. There IS a debug version I never tried it, but I would assume that in that version these problems would be fixed. This could have very well just been me and no one else had this problem, but I suppose it is notable. 

Addictiveness: Is this really something to even go over? This is Ocarina of Time here what could be one of the greatest RPG's ever made. The dungeons are fantastic, side quests, it's such a fantastic adventure that I think everyone needs to experience. It is by far the best Legend of Zelda game I have ever played and seriously anyone into RPG's must play this you guys won't be disappointed... although maybe find a game that is less buggy (shoot for the debug version maybe) 

Story: Anyone not familiar with this story I can summarize it as this, you wake up in a forest with a fairy by your side and you set out on a quest through time to save Zelda/the world. You alternate between old and young link whom both have very different game play mechanics. For instance, young link can only use a wooden shield since he is too weak to hold a metal shield. The wooden shield can be destroyed by fire enemies making the battle against anything using or on fire more difficult since blocking would ruin your shield. Anyway as you travel through time you learn about your role in the universe yada yada RPG hero stuff, and save the world. Plenty of things to do on the side of your main quest a few hidden boss fights, mini-games, I dunno just give it a go.

Depth: Like I said there is plenty to do. You've got your main story-line, but plenty of Easter-eggs, and I do know of a few hidden bosses. Not sure if Cave of origins is there, but exploration is the other half of the game. Wander around, blow up some rocks, talk to people you'll never know what to find in this game. Granted there are plenty more things to do on the side in other zelda games, this one still provides hours of extra replay ability next to its long story line.

Difficulty: I think in every review I've made so far I've said this. Controls. The controls in this game as usual do take some time to get used to. I'm under the impression that many of you already know this and I'm beating a dead horse, but it is a problem. Of course it only took a bit of time rolling around and locking onto people in the starting area to figure out where the keys are mapped in general. You can also view them yourself in the options but moving from a controller to a key-board is tricky business and will take time to get used to. As far as the actual game goes this game on it's own is a challenge it is called master-quest after all . You'll probably die a lot and you'll probably get lost trying to figure out what to do or where to go if you aren't already familiar with the game. That being said you'll have fun being lost. 

Overall: Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time to sum it up it's awesome. Like I said one of the best RPG's I have ever played. You'd be mad not to get this even if you've already played the game, even if you own a hard copy of it, there is no reason not to spend points on this. You'll spend hour after hour playing it, although if you aren't into RPG's you may not find this as enjoyable. It's really down to your taste in games, but anyone who has already played this knows what I am talking about here. It's worth a try no matter which way you slice it, if you don't like it at least be able to say "I tried it and didn't like it." Give this game a go.  

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 09-01-13
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09-22-13 04:10 PM
Barathemos is Offline
Link | ID: 888752 | 24 Words

Level: 188

POSTS: 4943/14936
POST EXP: 625722
LVL EXP: 91735026
CP: 40111.5
VIZ: 543897

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
This was a pretty good review! You had pretty good detail in this and you did the review in the best way! Great job!
Site Staff
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Registered: 02-17-13
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
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09-22-13 04:17 PM
goodboy is Offline
Link | ID: 888764 | 45 Words

Level: 80

POSTS: 1260/2102
POST EXP: 124962
LVL EXP: 4747357
CP: 2761.6
VIZ: 117616

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Wow, and this is your third post? This is great.  This was a good review, and it's divided into different sections. You explained all of these points nicely and thoroughly. I really like this review, especially because it's your third post.

Keep it up, dude! 
Trusted Member

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09-24-13 04:12 PM
IgorBird122 is Offline
Link | ID: 889872 | 34 Words

Level: 131

POSTS: 1301/6379
POST EXP: 521557
LVL EXP: 25810856
CP: 40997.2
VIZ: 795216

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dizzlefoshizzle : This is a pretty nice review, well worded and got them all categorized which is a great thing whenever making a review, I hope you can keep this up with future reviews c:
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