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08-21-19 03:08 PM

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Divine Aurora
07-19-13 02:04 AM
10-23-13 07:35 AM

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Pokemon Cyrstal all about the game

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07-19-13 02:04 AM
Divine Aurora is Offline
Link | ID: 850525 | 402 Words

Divine Aurora
Level: 82

POSTS: 696/2279
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CP: 11441.7
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Gamefreak Inc.
Really did go above and beyond what was expected of them and managed
to improve upon graphics,and features. Some new features introduced in
Pokémon Crystal version is the day & night feature, pokegear, the
telephone and for you female fans of the Pokémon franchise, for the
first time in Pokémon games you can choose your main character to be a
The story is simply phenomenal , complete edge of your seat excitement
and fun so enjoy. The story takes place years after what happened in
Kanto, your a raising young man or lady and you have just turned 12
today so it's time to set off on your grand adventure/ journey. The
Pokémon Professor Elm has asked you to come down to his lab so you can
do a small favor to him and upon doing that he gives you your first
Pokemon.So your off and set on your grand new adventure in the Johto
region where many new and tough challenges await you and your Pokémon,
a(n) all new elite four challenge, if you think is going to be another
cake walk like what was seen in the Kanto region you are sadly mistaken.
In addition you think you have gotten rid off and disbanded the evil
origination know only as team rocket by simply defeating there boss once
back all those years ago back in Kanto well they are back and better
than ever with all new seemingly invincible Pokémon and are rage bent on
capturing and enslaving all Pokémon and people in the Johto region.
Well Pokémon Crystal is a relatively big game, it has over 10
gyms both from the new region of Johto and the old region of Kanto.
Pokémon Crystal has a decent amount of legendary Pokémon to hunt down
and capture, all three legendary dogs(Entie, Suicone, and Riaku), and
the game also gives you the choice to catch either Ho-Oh, or Lugia(they
can be found in their respected locations that they were found in
Pokémon Versions Gold & Silver). The game takes a considerable
amount of time to beat with all the little side actions you have the
option of doing, you'll be occupied fishing here and there, catching
Pokémon in tournaments, or doing so gambling winning coins in the game
corner to buy exclusive items, and Pokémon and not to mention batting
over 10 gyms and taking on the elite four.

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07-19-13 02:08 AM
malkin77 is Offline
Link | ID: 850528 | 61 Words

Level: 38

POSTS: 185/390
POST EXP: 18051
LVL EXP: 363832
CP: 364.2
VIZ: 3608

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I think crystal is one of the best Pokémon game they have ever made. It needs to be remade but only redone graphic wise, leave the story and everything else they do to games these days alone. Crystal was the first Pokémon game I ever played cause I stole my brothers game boy color one day and decided to play it.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 07-12-13
Location: Michigan
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09-10-13 07:37 PM
wiiuman is Offline
Link | ID: 883233 | 6 Words

Level: 8

POSTS: 6/11
LVL EXP: 1822
CP: 113.2
VIZ: 7486

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The best pokemon gen 2 game

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10-07-13 09:20 PM
SacredShadow is Offline
Link | ID: 900551 | 115 Words

Level: 139

POSTS: 3225/7580
POST EXP: 945741
LVL EXP: 32398221
CP: 33853.3
VIZ: 925183

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I think that this is personally one of the best games ever, but that is just me. I really like this game and I think that this is just a  very well made game to be honest. I agree with malkin, if they re did it in just the graphics area, i think it would just be the best game ever. That is the only thing I would change, edit or improve upon the game, is just the graphics. Other than that, I think the game itself is awesome the way it is and I think it is simply perfect and to this day one of the best pokemon games. At least in my opinion. 
Site Staff
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10-07-13 09:27 PM
Divine Aurora is Offline
Link | ID: 900558 | 75 Words

Divine Aurora
Level: 82

POSTS: 1819/2279
POST EXP: 187205
LVL EXP: 5163989
CP: 11441.7
VIZ: 398886

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 1
Razor-987 : Lol I made this last TDV's(Tour de Vizzed) as part of my scheme to gain word count towards yellow jersey ^^ and Personally I think generation 2 games by far had the most depth to them considering they had two regions, Johto and Kanto and you could battle all the gyms in both and you ould battle Pokemon trainer Red from Kanto which he is by far the best trainer in Pokemon period lol.
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10-11-13 10:24 PM
steel_attacker is Offline
Link | ID: 903402 | 19 Words

Level: 64

POSTS: 43/1281
POST EXP: 43985
LVL EXP: 2134062
CP: 2420.4
VIZ: 72363

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In my opinion, this is the best GBC game ever. It can even beat Fire Red. Anyway, good review.
Trusted Member

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10-23-13 07:35 AM
zanderlex is Offline
Link | ID: 913285 | 35 Words

Poor Davideo7
Level: 230

POSTS: 971/25252
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LVL EXP: 186315965
CP: 121295.2
VIZ: 3964463

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Crystal was a great game, did you know that it was the first pokemon game for the game boy color and that gold and silver were labeled as color games even though they were not.
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