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01-18-20 12:05 PM

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05-08-13 10:00 AM
05-08-13 11:33 AM

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Musha: Ellinor and Big Asia

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05-08-13 10:00 AM
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Musha Aleste: Full Metal Fighter Ellinor /
Metallic Uniframe Super Hybrid Armor
Requested By: Superdan

Musha first hit the gaming market in December of 1990. Developed by Compile, it was first published by Toaplan on the Sega Genesis. It was later (2008) released by Seismic Sega on the Virtual Console.

When Musha released in 1990, it drew a lot of attention and quickly became popular among the gaming community. Today, Musha still has its fair share of fans who have this game a rarity to find, causing it to fetch big bucks among game collectors.

But what exactly is Musha? Musha is a vertical scrolling shooter about a mech pilot named Ellinor who must single-handedly go against a rogue supercomputer controlling a colony named Dire51. The supercomputer, Big Asia, sends attack units in the beginning of the game to take out your team of five mech pilots. Ellinor (you) are the only survivor.

\Note that in Japan, Musha is named "Musha Aleste: Full Metal Fighter Ellinor," while in the North American version, the game was renamed to "Metallic Uniframe Super Hybrid Armor" or "M.U.S.H.A." for short.///

+++Graphics (10/10)
When designing Musha, Compile went above and beyond in the graphical arena. Musha features breathtaking backgrounds, attacks, attackers, mechas... even the opening scene for Musha is exemplary.

There are no noticeable breaks in the quality of graphics that Musha features. From the opening anime, which is crystal clear to Ellinor "evolving" in mid-battle and beyond, Musha clearly earns a ten of ten on graphics.

+++Sound (10/10)
You know how most video games play the same sound over and over until you mute your TV or video game system simply because you are sick of hearing it? Yeah, Musha is not guilty of the atrocious headache-inducing pain that most other video games are. Musha introduces great music that changes frequently throughout the game, keeping the music fresh and entertaining.

The sound effects of Musha are no less wonderous. Each weapon has it's own distinct sound effect when used - nevermind the AOE stuff, like explosions and the vehicles moving around. All in all, Musha deserves a ten of ten on Sound too, to accompany the ten of ten for Graphics.

+++Addictiveness (8/10)
I could easily get addicted to a game that is as fast-paced and wonderful as Musha. Musha scores an eight of ten on the addiction scale for me due to the fact that, while it is a blast to play - it can also be extremely frustrating since it becomes so difficult so quickly.

+++Story (7/10)
Musha provides a great backstory. However, little of it is actually expressed within the game. At the opening screen of the game, an anime briefly expresses the reason for why you are jumping into battle, ready for slaughter. After that, however, the story stays pretty quiet until Ellinor advances in the game. I awarded Musha with a seven of ten in this area due to the fact that while it has a great backstory but doesn't express it well, it is still only a vertical shooter... which gives it a little leeway. Especially since most games like it would lack a story and be simply for the gameplay.

+++Depth (10/10)
Musha offers loads of depth considering that it is an older vertical shooter. With three different power-ups for upgrading armor, weaponry, and firing rate as well as power-ups for obtaining drones that help you in battle... plus the mid-battle evolution, the variety of enemies and the variety of weapon types... well, basically, to make a longer story short - Musha offers a crapton of depth to anybody who is willing to give it a shot.

+++Difficulty (8/10)
While not impossible, Musha quickly scales in difficulty. The enemies get stronger, more stamina, faster, higher fire rates... oh, and the number of them simply multiply quicker than Diaboromon from Digimon: The Movie.


So, in essence:
Musha has a lot to offer any gamer willing to load up the cartridge and give it a whirl. With great graphics, sound, loads of depth and story... Musha is a game that (I think) will keep making fans for years to come.

So why don't you join the Musha fan-base and try it out?
North American Version:

Japanese Version:
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05-08-13 11:33 AM
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I am not a big fan of the genre but I do like MUSHA. It is one of the rarest games in the Genesis collection right now. You review was to the point and easy to read. Good job man!
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