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12-14-19 03:10 PM

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04-04-13 10:36 PM
04-06-13 08:20 AM

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Should I buy an Ipod?


04-04-13 10:36 PM
Oldschool41 is Offline
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If this is not the right forum to make this thread then I give permission to move it.

So as you can all see by the title; I don't own an Ipod. Must be kind of wierd since Ipods have become quite inbedded into our culture. I've not owned an Ipod at all and I don't even know how it works.

The problem is that some of my family members for birthday gifts give me iTunes gift cards which I can't use since I don't own an Ipod or have an iTunes account. Not to mention I feel that I might hurt my family memeber's feelings if I "re-gift" the cards or give the cards back to them.

So after about 7 years or so of getting iTunes cards that I can't use, I'm debating if I should just give up with my "Apple boycott" and finally buy an Ipod. I don't really care much for Apple as I find their products not all that impressive as some of the "Apple fanboys" like to make a big deal out of the technology (not to mention I think the Apply stock is hugely bloated). So getting to the point.

Should I buy an Ipod?


You think its wierd that someone doesn't own an Ipod?
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04-04-13 10:43 PM
bill14 is Offline
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well to start i think you should buy the ipod if you think it will help and if it is affordable and worth the time you have to do to get the stuff you want on it also i don't think it weird if people don't have a ipod i dont i dont like the idea of having a $200 thing that break once it breaks 
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04-05-13 12:08 AM
port753 is Offline
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You should buy an ipod since they can keep your mind off of things. I myself have one of the original Ipods, for I do not need to look at messages or take pictures or watch videos on my Ipod. I only listen to music with mine, and that is it
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04-05-13 12:09 AM
marcus047 is Offline
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No you should not buy an ipod because they are incredibly outdated now and besides mostly every other device can play music.
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04-05-13 10:25 PM
iN008 is Offline
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iPods are a pure waste of money and were only made to milk money out of your pockets.
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04-06-13 08:20 AM
Barathemos is Offline
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I also do not have one but my parents just got a new one and I think that people should never pay that much for what the product is. It is just crazy.
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