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11-19-19 09:08 AM

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10-21-12 01:32 AM
10-21-12 07:21 PM

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2012 Extinction : Doomsday According To The Mayan Calendar ( Real Or Fake )


10-21-12 01:32 AM
DeadlyFart is Offline
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Do you believe to the Mayan Calendar ? Do you think that the world / life / every thing will end up and will be gone on December 21 , 2012 ? .
The Doomsday on December 21 , 2012 is the end of the world may be true or false ; real or fake . The Mayan Calendar ends , planet x is arriving , solar flares ,Jesus Christ ,tsunamis ,floods ,earthquakes ,every 2012 theories regarding to the world's end maybe real but it has no real / strong evidences if based on science and scientists .

Do you believe on Dooms day coming for us ? Are you preparing for it ? Finding strong houses , building them of a high leveled land ? Do you think that all life form / every living things on earth will extinct / washed away by a great flood ? Burned by solar flares ? Die because of volcanic eruptions ? Sucked by giant black holes ?

For short , are you ready for dooms day on December 21 ,2012 ( 12 - 21 - 12 ) . Do you believe ? Can you promise me that you will still be living until Christmas ( 12 - 25 - 12 )? 

For me , I don't believe on doomsday . Maybe the calendar writer / maker got bored on writing all the days and stopped on December 21 of the year 2012 . I don't believe because I have a canned beans that the expiration date is of 2013 , that canned beans will live until the year 2013 and will survive any thing that will happen because it will expire on the year 2013 ! ( hahaha ) For you , do you believe on doomsday according to the Mayan Calendar ?
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10-21-12 06:07 AM
Ktanaqui is Offline
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I don't. There's been no real proof, for starters. They just assumed that the world would end because the calender was incomplete. They have no Mayan to question, nobody with ancestry running back to the Mayans who has the rumor in their family. It's just - they see the end of the calender, and that's what they call Doomsday. Okay. Well, By that note:

We have Doomsday planned every time our calenders end! At least, with the thinking of humans today, humans in the future will think it. All this Mayans-predicted-the-end-of-the-world is just hyped up myth, probably created by producers to get consumers to by more. I wonder how many bomb shelters popped up nearing this "doomsday" - how much more food and the like was bought/is being bought in preparation of a never-going-to-come doomsday.

Foolish, silly humans...
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10-21-12 08:03 AM
Oldschool41 is Offline
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This world is not going to end on December 21. We have had numberous threads talking about "Is the world going to end" or "What do you think will cause the world to end on the 21." Not trying to be mean or anything, its just we have some similar threads on the subject.
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10-21-12 04:34 PM
Eddy88 is Offline
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Another thread about this...

Meh, The world will not end on December 21. The reason of why the calendar is incomplete, is because the Mayan were conquered... They couldn't keep making it.

That's the reason of why it stopped on 2012.
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10-21-12 07:21 PM
rcarter2 is Offline
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There is nothing to be considered real or fake here. It isn't even a matter of the maker of the calendar getting bored. One detail pretty much anyone who believes this 2012 hokum is this: The Mayans were killed. Simple as that. Of course the Mayan calendar eventually ended. The person(s) making it can't continue making it if he/she/they are dead. Obviously, Demeber 21, 2012 was the last written down date before they were killed. 

But yeah, there are already like 3 of these threads around, so I have to close this.
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