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Does Anyone Else Do "Art Of Movement" Sports?
Like parkour, gymnastics, tricking, breakdancing, skateboarding, etc?
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05-09-12 04:58 AM
05-09-12 04:58 AM

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Does Anyone Else Do "Art Of Movement" Sports?


05-09-12 04:58 AM
SLEEKYx16 is Offline
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I just had a couple simple questions for everyone because of a talk I had with a friend earlier. Do you happen to do breakdancing, freerunning, parkour, gymnastics, dance, skateboarding, bmx, or ANYTHING even remotely related which would be considered an art of moment sport/activity? If so how did you start and what keeps you in it? Do you have any memories from it that really stick out to you such as experiences or events? How many people do you usually do these activities with? How many friends do you feel like you have through this? And lastly how much do you define yourself through this?

Just a few little things that came along on the thought train. Hope everyone has had some really great experiences. I just started rediscovering a specific community after moving back to my home state and I've really missed specifically breakdancing a lot. Never really knew that being into something for only a year could drastically change the way I define myself. I guess it makes sense in a way though. Maybe another reason is because I'm still fairly young and impressionable. Who knows. Anyways, I was just curious to see how people related to their "art of movement" sports.

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