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09-20-19 04:51 AM

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04-15-12 02:12 PM
10-22-12 12:35 AM

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Welcome to the Cars / Automobiles Forum


04-15-12 02:12 PM
septembern is Offline
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Well, after a few months of inactivity plus the inactivity of the actual "science" forum on Vizzed, the staff decided to combine the two together. Instead of letting this 50,000 Viz forum stay empty and go to waste (especially David has closed the option of actually letting users rent these), I have decided to let it stay under a totally different topic... Cars and Automobiles.

I have already given David the viz, so in just a short while the forum will be appearing on the main page again.

I hope the best for this forum and cannot wait to see how much activity it can muster for the board.

Feel free to start creating threads, polls, and the like on the forum.

Any questions, comments, etc. can be posted below.
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(edited by septembern on 04-15-12 02:13 PM)    

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04-15-12 03:12 PM
pacman1755 is Offline
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Its nice to see the resurrection of your forum Sept. This new idea of an automobile forum is pretty nice. It gives a lot more ideas of posts about cars, and other motorized vehicles. This should be a nice touch.
Vizzed Elite
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04-22-12 08:31 AM
sonicmcmuffin is Offline
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Hopefully this forum will get a lot more activity.

 I think it's a good idea and also should get the attention of new members.

Anyways I'll try and participate in this when i can.
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04-26-12 09:10 PM
jlh is Offline
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Ha ha, I see the new threads september and this was a really good idea. I plan on posting here and making a couple more threads if you don't mind. Good luck with your forum investment!
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10-22-12 12:35 AM
DeadlyFart is Offline
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This forum isn't that much famous . But I really love cars , I wish many more users make this forum more active !!
" If all you have is power , you are powerless " - Exdeath-

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