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Resident Evil: Revelations Review
My review for the very anticipated 3DS exclusive
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02-23-12 05:04 PM
02-23-12 05:04 PM

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Resident Evil: Revelations Review


02-23-12 05:04 PM
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Resident Evil: Revelations is a 3Ds exclusive entry in the survival horror series. Lately the series has gone from it's roots and become more of an action franchise *cough RESI 5 cough*. However, with the release of this game, Capcom has said that the objective of Revelations is to blend the trustworthy over the shoulder action that Resident Evil 4 and 5 brought us, while bringing back the classic survival horror gameplay complete with jump scares. I am happy to say that Capcom stayed true to their word and have brought a truly phenominal game.
First, the story. The game is very plot driven, you can expect to see a cutscene every 20 minutes or so. The story is very cenimatic and involving-I wouldn't say it's amazing, but it is nice and gets the job done. The characters are well developed and each are great. With, two..two exceptions. There are two operatives-Jackass and Grinder-that are supposed to provide comic relief. And they do, but after a while it gets annoying. An example of this is the overuse of saying stuff 'blows'. The rate of which you will hear grinder say how 'This blows!' or 'Man, this blows.' or 'Dude, you have no idea how much this blows' is so high that it's just really sad. Other than that minor complaint, its a solid story and gets the job done.
It's classic resident evil. Ammo is somewhat scarce, there's evil lurking wherever you go, and the atmosphere is creepy and perfect. Most of this takes place on a cruise ship and it's a great place for it to happen. How scary is it, you ,might ask? Not terrifying, but creepy nonetheless. There is a creepy atmosphere throughout the game, and at least five good jump scares will come for you. However, there are some action sequences where you will play as other characters in the story where you will be out of the ship and in a different area, such as the arctic wilderness. These sections aren't quite as scary. You're given tons of ammo, and the gameplay is more focused on action. It's decent fun, but I prefer the majority of the game, which are the survival horror cruise ship sequences. There is also a multiplayer mode that is very fun and can provide hours of entertainment. You can play alone or two player co-op. You play through sections of the story, and the zombies now have health bars and levels. You go through these segments and by doing this you gain experience points to get new weapons and upgrades. It's as awesome as it sounds and I really enjoy it. The game controls well without fault. The game is filled with great voice acting, if you don't count Jackass' freaking annoying voice. But his isn't even that bad. There are also achievements for the story and multiplayer that provide weapons, character skins, and more as rewards. Overall the gameplay is simply fantastic and a fresh return to the series. The length of the story is about 15 hours, which is pretty awesome and provides a console quality experience.
AHH my god the graphics. The graphics in this game are simply beautiful. The lighting, enviroments, and especially character models all look pheonominal. Best graphics on a handheld game that I've seen. Enough said.
The sound in this game is amazing. It really shows off what the 3DSs speakers can do. You will be suprised when you play it the quality of the music that you will hear, the gunfire, and zombie moaning. The strings sound great as well and the music always fits the mood of the game perfectly. The music alone can make you uneasy in the game.
This is a fantastic game. Mind blowing in quality. Easily the best 3DS game on the market, and with plenty to keep you busy there is no need to contemplate buying this game. I got it on the February 7th release date, no regrets. Happy gaming everyone.
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