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The Human Centipede
Your opinions?
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02-06-12 03:48 PM
02-08-12 02:41 AM

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The Human Centipede


02-06-12 03:48 PM
Marcmoney is Offline
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I just watched The Human Centipede and it was good.  I would not call this a scary movie, it is more like a messed up movie that would freak you out.  I am surprised that this turned out good.  So good that they need to make another movie about this.  What is your opinion on it?
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02-06-12 10:52 PM
ZeldaKidnapsGanon is Offline
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A sequel has already been made for this movie.  I haven't seen the sequel and am not planning on it.  The first movie is just disturbing, that's what it is.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

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02-08-12 01:55 AM
SunflowerGaming is Offline
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I watched the preview for this movie and I have to say, the preview alone grossed me out. I've never been into gorey horror as it is. But I've given a few a chance in the past and those weren't too bad. But I get grossed out very easily. I have to say, I highly doubt I'll ever watch this one.
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02-08-12 02:41 AM
YourMajestyKen is Offline
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I haven't seen The Human Centipede but I've heard positive feedback.

By the way, this seems like a duplicate of the following thread.

So I'll have to close this.

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