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06-20-11 04:13 AM
07-10-11 05:15 AM

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But its tradition.......


06-20-11 04:13 AM
ryanaustin is Offline
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Ok so I'm an English guy living in Poland for the last 5 years and over that time naturally ive noticed some big deference's when it comes to tradition, for an example Polish people like to drink shots of vodka and eat herrings and picked gherkin's, where as English people like to drink beer and eat fish and chips  
But my main point is when it comes to weddings, I was at my friends wedding over the weekend and for an English guy the wedding party lasts until around 3am and everyone goes home and that's it, ....NOT in Poland no way, the wedding was on Saturday and the party finished on Sunday night, it was free food for two days enough to feed a small country and there was so much vodka I think you could of lit a match in the room and it would of gone BOOM man the vodka fumes was crazy I spent most of my time outside as could not drink any more straight vodka and if I tried to mix it then everyone would laugh, TRADITION!!!!!!! More like torture he he he he so what other countries have strange traditions or just any thing funny you have noticed?

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06-20-11 09:56 AM
warmaker is Offline
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The United States is so large there are specific areas and groups that do things differently.

One thing we do is riot when sports teams win championships or big games. 
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06-20-11 11:10 AM
RequiemHaunt is Offline
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Well this is just between families.  My biological family the siblings never fight!  My brother and I never even hit each other or yelled at each other.  On the other hand my step mom's family her children and her siblings all fight!  It's constant!  My step mom can't go a day without insulting some one or yelling at some one....  I find it quite rude and annoying..  Funny thing is my brother, cusins, and I freak out my step brother and sister on how nice we are to each other!  One time my step mom got so freaked out by the niceness we all shared that she decided to throw a hissyfit and say no one was paying attention to her!  

I guess even families have different customs even if they are part of the same area.  One family constantly fights, and another is always nice.
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06-20-11 11:22 AM
Cyro Xero is Offline
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Cyro Xero
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Good god, man!  You gotta stand up to them Polish folk!  Next time you get invited to an "end up in the hospital" Vodka party you bring in some good 'ol English beer and you challenge everyone to a drinking contest.  Chances are they won't be used to it, will fill themselves up so much and won't be able to drink anything else for the rest of the night(s). Then YOU proceed to drink as much as their Vodka as you can and if they give you a funny face you say to them with a great big shrug, "Hey mates, nobody else is drinking this.  Looks like I gotta finish your job for ya.  Your loss."

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06-21-11 06:21 AM
UserMike is Offline
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Wow that the funniest thing I have ever heard, and interesting to as I am a little distant with my Polish roots. I am here with my mum and dad who are both from Poland, while all this other family in in Europe. My parents talk about stuff, but nothing like that, not really sure why, but man is that funny I am not completely fluent seeing as living here in California,USA I use English a lot. Would you say in 1-2 years would do me really well to improve my Polish? not to mention 5..
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07-10-11 05:15 AM
POKeMAD is Offline
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haha sounds kind of russian with all the vodka, in Peru where my mum comes from theres a tradition to eat and drink alchol and party alot tbh lol i met these peopel and within 10 minutes i was invited to this party, Peruvians always aim to party in their free time its ridiculous hard to keep up lol Peru's such a brilliant country though Poland sounds cool too
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