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02-19-20 06:05 PM

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04-02-11 09:33 PM
04-10-11 04:34 PM

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battlefield or call of duty

Which franchise do you prefer Battlefield or Call of Duty? Just pick one
66.7%, 4 votes
Call of duty
33.3%, 2 votes
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04-02-11 09:33 PM
p8thegr8 is Offline
Link | ID: 360013 | 62 Words

Level: 22

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I personally prefer Battlefield because everything on the map can be destroyed. Also because you can choose your spawn point making it easier not die as soon as you spawn. The third feature i like is you can pilot any vehicle you see on the map. I feel the battlefield franchise is very much underrated and will soon dominate the fps world.
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04-03-11 04:41 PM
Sephitard9001 is Offline
Link | ID: 360680 | 90 Words

Level: 44

POSTS: 210/471
POST EXP: 27507
LVL EXP: 587830
CP: 653.8
VIZ: 62679

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I don't know who you're talking to, but Battlefield is definitely not underrated lol. It's widely recognized as a great game. I haven't really played much, because COD releases a game every year, but Battlefield doesn't, do it takes a while to get up to date. I might pick up Battlefield 3, which has been announced recently. It looks to be really good. Everyone I know is getting sick of the broken Call of Duty games, I hope they learn from their mistakes that they keep making so it's enjoyable.
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04-04-11 09:21 AM
noelia is Offline
Link | ID: 361029 | 21 Words

Level: 157

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CP: 1986.0
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This might fit more in Video Games -- Controversy, so I'll move it there.

[moved to "Video Games -- Controversy" forum]
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Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

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04-09-11 01:17 PM
billythekidmonster is Offline
Link | ID: 364754 | 47 Words

Level: 123

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POST EXP: 206588
LVL EXP: 20832952
CP: 381.9
VIZ: 95896

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Here we go again. I prefer Battlefield just because I always thought that it felt deeper where as Call of Duty too me feels shallow. They are both good games but I think I would rather play Battlefield 3 then Call of Duty: Blame The Russians 2.
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Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 08-16-10
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04-10-11 04:34 PM
zmasta is Offline
Link | ID: 365886 | 95 Words

Level: 33

POSTS: 211/236
POST EXP: 7796
LVL EXP: 221822
CP: 4.0
VIZ: 33929

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gotta be call of duty battlefield may be a good game with vast maps but call of duty is more faced pace close quarters fps game most of the time your shooting people you will be aiming shooting and moving and most of the time u or your target will be dead with in a second or so call of duty may be extremely overated but there like that cause well there just that good changed the tide in online gaming. no fps can top it expect maybe timespllitters 4 if that ever comes out
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