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12-14-19 02:35 AM

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03-13-11 02:13 PM
03-14-11 04:14 PM

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Jailbreaking an ipod


03-13-11 02:13 PM
0ii0 is Offline
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Is it legal? If yes how do you do it?

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Registered: 12-23-10
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03-14-11 10:30 AM
M!cH@3l 001 is Offline
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M!cH@3l 001
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I think jailbreaking anything is illegal but if you want to know how to do it you can probably google it and you will find something on how to do it.
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03-14-11 12:47 PM
girachu852 is Offline
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well if its a familys ipod it is legal, if anyone elses its ilegel and googleing it might cause you to go to a virusey website have mcafee avg or norton ready if you are going to google it
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applez burn my lipz, cheez burgerz are zo good, zonic lieks mudkeip

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03-14-11 02:36 PM
MegaRevolution1 is Offline
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Yeah, Apple made it legal awhile ago. BUT, they said that they will not be held responsible if it breaks. Meaning they wont replace it or anything. If you want to quickly do it on the iPhone/iPod touch, go to all you have to do is slide the bar it says to.
On a side note, I'll move this to the help section for any reference needed, and if you still need help, since it isn't related to video games.
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I asked for it. This is what I wanted.

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03-14-11 04:14 PM
alexanyways is Offline
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It's not illegal, but Apple wants you to think it is.

It just voids your warranty, making sure that they won't fix it if you do anything wrong with it.

You can do it by going to limera1n. I wouldn't really advise it if you aren't careful with your things.
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