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12-10-19 05:54 PM

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12-19-10 08:02 AM
01-09-13 12:02 AM

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Did your pet ever hurt you?


05-25-11 08:09 PM
Bintsy is Offline
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I'v been stroked or bitten my cats dogs and I think thats it. Most were just stubburn and the others were either in a bad mood or whatever lol
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05-30-11 05:38 PM
Marcmoney is Offline
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No, all pets love me. I would be mad at my pets if they ever did hurt me.
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05-30-11 07:45 PM
thenumberone is Offline
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my dog used to when he was a puppy,whenever he heard the bath running he'd hide,you'd just see a quivering pair of legs underneath a table or clothes get down on my knees and feel around for him,and then pull my hand back and curse cos hed just clamped his teeth into it.he loves food more than he hates water and knows theres a treat in it for him if he behaves,plus hes kinda given up trying to get away so its fine now.
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06-04-11 12:29 AM
YourMajestyKen is Offline
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The only aggressive pet I've had was a Pittbull I had when I was about 10 years old. One day I was kind of wrestling with it, unaware of it's savage Pittbull nature. Suddenly it felt like I passed out or something...I awoke inside an ambulance with my mother sobbing and the paramedics cleaning and bandaging my wound. I had no idea that I was bit in the face by my Pittbull until I was in the hospital getting stitches. I knew something was wrong, but I didn't suspect a dog bite on the face. I had a total of 14 stitches. My mother later gave the dog away to an animal shelter.
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06-04-11 08:35 AM
epic-san is Offline
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Natas : that's completely understandable. Toddlers can be worse than terrorists.

my Golden Retriever has never hurt me intentionally, but when I have him jump for treats, he sometimes accidentally scratches me. But he's very sweet all the time.
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09-03-11 11:23 PM
Sman is Offline
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The only times my pet ever hurt me was when I was pestering them.

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Registered: 07-12-11
Location: Burnaby, BC
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09-03-11 11:27 PM
tabbikatt13 is Offline
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My grandmother's dog has nipped at me before, but never seriously hurt me. And her cats in the past have scratched/bitten me, but only when playing. Haha. [= 
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09-06-11 03:30 PM
Eddy88 is Offline
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Not, but he tries

Looks like that he really loves my sister, because every time I start to chase her (Just for Fun, she like do the same too.) he Starts to bark  and wants bite me... Maybe it's because I don't give him the "Best" attention.
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09-11-11 08:39 PM
cooleo is Offline
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i have a lot scratches from last year that were pretty bad from my cat and iv'e been attacked by a dog before
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09-11-11 09:42 PM
DARKANINE is Offline
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oh yes my cat effin hates me always biting me scratching me eating my food and sometimes pulls my hair by biting it
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09-11-11 10:00 PM
rcarter2 is Offline
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My 2 dogs have never 'hurt' me. They are my little babies, and they know I'm their boss. They occasionally aren't careful when they are jumping around or over me, and they land on my stomach or the occasional crotch landing. They always feel bad when that happens. But they have never bitten me. Even when I stick my hand in their food bowl when they are eating.
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09-12-11 03:26 PM
Fishergirl7 is Offline
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My dads dog once ripped a chunk of my wrist off while I was picking something up near it. He left me with a 'lovely' scar.
My cat Snowball's tore up my hand pretty bad once. He was stuck in a drawer under my bed and panicked when I tried to help him out.
T.J., my other cat, bit my hand open leaving a scar along the base of my thumb. That's not unusual though. He's always biting, scratching, and pouncing on people. One second, he's curled up next to you, purring up a storm, the next he's chewing on your hand and tearing your arm open with his claws...He's such a sweetheart.
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11-09-11 03:27 PM
Dahaka is Offline
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Yes, my white rat has bitten me three or more times in my fingers, pain and many blood, of course is rabies-free so I do not care.
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11-10-11 09:42 PM
tj4bigred is Offline
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My brother once held up a porkchop to my dog's mouth. I think my dog got more meat from my bro's finger than from the chop.
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11-11-11 10:20 PM
RequiemHaunt is Offline
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DARKANINE : Actually all those things your cat does mean it loves you~  Biting is playing, eating your food that means your it's mommy, and eating your hair well that means your tasty~  My old cat Jack would constantly eat my grandpa's hair while purring.

Well my mixed dog has tendancy to attack when you make him do something he doesn't want to do.  I've gotten stiches on my arms and legs because of him.  I hate taking care of him.  We don't let him near my little sister at all or the other cats.  He's good with the other dogs and with us adults usually.  We don't trust him around kids though.

One time my little sister decided to open up his cage and we had to put her in time out because of that.  What if the dog didn't feel well he would of attacked her.  So ever since that she never has gone near his cage.  It's been 2 years since she was told not to do that.
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11-16-11 04:24 PM
StevenLanders is Offline
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My kitty Lacee does all the time. I'm always playing with her and she bats my hand and I sometimes get scratched.

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11-25-11 09:56 PM
NotJon is Offline
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My first kitten Theo only hurt me once - when he died. My shark fish that was part of the first pair of fish that I ever had killed his tankmate the first night that we brought them home and that made me cry. My grandpa's cat cut me in one of the few instances that I ever went upstairs to see him. Their dog hurt just about everyone in the house either with his claws or teeth. My current pet, Posey, scratches occasionally, climbs on my back, bites me, but she's very cute and she livens up the place so it's okay. Oh but when she touches my MacBook then she justifies any punishment.
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11-25-11 11:19 PM
Kistaro is Offline
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I own no pets, due to allergies, but my neighbor has a cat. Our deck is connected to theirs (this is a townhouse complex), separated by a fence; since it doesn't go all the way down, the boards are pretty far apart, and there's plenty of stuff to climb, it's not stopping the cat at all. (We put up chicken wire so it would stop the dog, though, because she was pooping on our deck.) We're fine with that; despite my allergies, I like cats.

Princess Fiona (no, her owners never saw Shrek, we never did get the story behind the name) is generally friendly and fluffy (and announces her presence with loud meowing outside our window), but occasionally she wants to attack something. She usually expresses this by biting the hand that feeds her, but we keep a roll of twine available for those cases. She doesn't bite very hard.

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Registered: 11-24-11
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11-27-11 01:10 AM
tj4bigred is Offline
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Sometimes, when I'm sitting watching TV, my dog will be sitting next to me. When she wants to get my attention, she literally hits me. She sticks her paw out and hits me. She's scratched me up a couple times.
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11-27-11 08:27 AM
qsxcft11 is Offline
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Dogs, my dogs always loved being petted and played with and never tried to hurt me. Cats : my cat hates being held at random she only likes being held when she lets you, but if you pick her up at random she licks you then waits then start to bite.
Mysterious Vendetta

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