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02-17-20 10:47 PM

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Remakes: Good or Bad
Are Remakes good or bad?
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10-08-10 03:28 PM
04-29-13 03:29 PM

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Remakes: Good or Bad


03-30-13 01:31 PM
penzycubone is Offline
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The only remake that comes to the tip of my head is karate kid, which i find Superior to the original.
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03-31-13 08:04 AM
EvilAlu is Offline
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I will admit that there are some remakes that just flat out destroy original movies. But in some cases remakes can actually blow the original out of the water, when it comes down to it thou, it all comes down to the actors involved and who directs it.
That and with technology growing every day in CGI and stuff, it can make that tough competition for an original movie.
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Registered: 07-19-12
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04-01-13 09:57 PM
thenoobtester is Offline
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I like remakes if the remake isn't as much of a completely follow the same plot line, but branches off into different things while keeping the same overarching idea. It depends on the movie a lot. If a old movie is only good because it is cheesy, a remake would be terrible, while it can work well for something else, like Batman. 
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04-01-13 10:24 PM
marcus047 is Offline
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I think remakes are good because they take older movies and bring them up to date with newer formats and better resolution and sound quality.But for like remakes of movies that don't follow the plot of the original normally are crappy and unappealing.
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04-02-13 04:52 PM
supercool22 is Offline
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Every remake of any movie is great so far , let how many more remake are they going to be made .
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04-03-13 03:39 PM
sonicbros is Offline
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Some remakes can be good,some can be bad,an example of a good remake is David Cronenberg's remake of The Fly,very different from the 1950s original and John Carpenter's The Thing,a truly horrifying sci fi horror that is much better than the original film,although the original is still a decent chiller of a film,a bad remake is Psycho,absolutely pointless,just see Hitchcock's original
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04-05-13 01:44 AM
port753 is Offline
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remakes are usually good being they have better graphics that the originals
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04-29-13 03:29 PM
SacredShadow is Offline
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It honestly depends on the movie that is being remade that determines if it will be good enough. If you mean like re done in like blu ray then yes, because the picture becomes sharper and the graphics get a whole lot better and more recent. It is especially good if maybe you have a VHS of that movie, and you want to upgrade to a nice blu ray dvd, then yeah I think they are good because all the old movies you might have can finally get watched once you have them in a dvd form. But if you mean like different versions of the same movie then it really depends, some are okay and some are better. Most of the time the originals are better, and some times the new remake is better, it all depends on the movie really, and how old it is.
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