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10-17-19 08:43 AM

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07-25-10 03:44 PM
09-21-10 12:53 AM

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Which is better bleach or death note


07-25-10 03:44 PM
ROfull is Offline
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Honestly I like them both but tell me what you think
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07-25-10 06:33 PM
DarkHyren is Offline
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I think they both have their pros and cons.
Death Note ends on a really pathetic note (no pun intended) but if you ignore everything after episode 26 then the series is alot better.
Meanwhile, Bleach is a great series all up, though the New Captain Amagai season is a bit out of place falling in the middle of a major plotline.
But if you ignore it's placement and chuck it at the end of the existing plotline then it's ok.
I'll go with Bleach in the end for it's longevity, the whole series is pretty great all up ignoring what I mentioned already.
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07-25-10 06:44 PM
Zamiel is Offline
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If Bleach would've ended at the right time then maybe I would say Bleach but I liked Deathnote more since it ended before I started losing too much interest.
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(edited by Zamiel on 07-25-10 06:46 PM)    

07-25-10 07:09 PM
geeogree is Offline
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I love bleach... but the storyline is not unique whatsoever.... I still love the series and can't wait to watch the new episode every week...

the death note story felt so unique and unexpected for me that it drew me in and got me hooked like crazy. The twists were good and the story wasn't predictable.
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09-12-10 08:46 PM
Kerubi is Offline
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I enjoyed Deathnote because it was unique in its way but I also agree with what DH said about the ending. And I'm really enjoying Bleach as it has kept my attention the whole time, manga not anime(too many fillers for my liking) and the story has gotten to its high point now and its just blowing my expectations of it away. So I'm saying Bleach.
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09-17-10 03:22 PM
Kaiser19 is Offline
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I say Death Note. It's actually a decent detective story, and the characters are drawn really well. Also, Ryuk is a pretty darn awesome shinigami.
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09-17-10 04:21 PM
hnnn is Offline
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I like them bolth bolth have a great plot but I like bolth the same
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09-17-10 09:22 PM
Lagslayer is Offline
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To compare them is like apples and oranges because their focuses are so different to eachother. However, I'd have to give it to death Note because Bleach feels like it is stretching too much when it is starting a new story arc. Even the creator of Bleach said that he comes up with new characters when he runs out of ideas.

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09-18-10 12:37 PM
SilverMaestro is Offline
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I don't really have a really strong Opinion on this one, because they are both good animes. Death Note was good because it was an all around crowd pleaser, while Bleach has it's up's and down's, but if you stay with it, it can get Really exciting. (I Just Hate The Freaking Fillers They Throw In There!)
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09-18-10 01:48 PM
joshi1986 is Offline
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i have never watched bleach so now im goin to have to check it out since there being compared.and i didnt know what death note was until recently me and my girlfriend were in san francisco and she saw the human version movie of it and told me it was an awesome anime i needed to watch. as soon as i saw an episode i was addicted.the story was so cool i just wish kira didnt have to die and l was a cool guy until i watch bleach im goin to have to say death note is number 1.

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09-19-10 06:55 PM
jmc1097 is Offline
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Hmm...that's a toughie. In terms of plot, Death Note is best, but for most interesting show, it's Bleach. So if I had to pick, I'd say Bleach.
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09-19-10 07:35 PM
catfight09 is Offline
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ROfull : Bleach is definatly better cuz well for one thing, I've never watched death note.
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09-21-10 12:45 AM
NotJon is Offline
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Death Note was my favourite manga for a long time. I began reading it before most other people I knew did (August 2005). I loved the storyline. It was great. I never watched the anime (maybe one episode), but, the manga is one of the best that I have ever had the pleasure of reading.
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09-21-10 12:53 AM
nfldIce is Offline
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I never got to see death note yet. so can't really comment.
but i find bleach storyline is pretty good along with the battle techniques was well thought out. little sappy at times then i like but all in all i say out 10 it would be a 7.9

I will watch first 10-20 episodes and i will edit my post and put in what i think is the better anime show.

Enjoy the u day all

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