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02-27-20 01:48 AM

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war has come to your town what role do you take?
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odd gamer
06-28-10 08:12 PM
12-06-10 12:17 PM

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What role would you follow if a war broke out in your town? Killer is more meant as a scene of greed and also may not kill someone like a little kid where a nut like me would just slit anyone's throat.
Killer for hire. who cares who lives or dies just give me my pay.
31.2%, 5 votes
Run for the hills i'm to scared, or peaceful, to handle that kind of place
25.0%, 4 votes
Hero. help those too young or weak to stay alive on their on in these awful times. At the same time you try to stop the war even at the cost of your life.
12.5%, 2 votes
I caused the war and i'm quite enjoying the fruits of what i did.
6.2%, 1 vote
The nut. Your either that guy screaming it's the end of the world, or like myself just killing who ever you like even for free taking anything you wish.
18.8%, 3 votes
None of the above
6.2%, 1 vote
Multi-voting is disabled

06-28-10 08:12 PM
odd gamer is Offline
Link | ID: 202706 | 34 Words

odd gamer
Level: 9

POSTS: 5/13
LVL EXP: 2792
CP: 4.0
VIZ: 21406

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
Not looking for hate or anything just seeing how many people are on the side of light around here and even if who doesn't wanna try and save the world against people like me?

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 06-09-10
Last Post: 3311 days
Last Active: 2496 days

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06-28-10 10:36 PM
scorpion347 is Offline
Link | ID: 202773 | 23 Words

Level: 33

POSTS: 212/243
POST EXP: 8852
LVL EXP: 227136
CP: 4.0
VIZ: 8179

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
I think this should probably be in the crazy house.

But anyway, I like to think of myself as the honorable hero type.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 04-24-10
Location: Alabama
Last Post: 3337 days
Last Active: 2579 days

06-29-10 07:52 AM
noelia is Offline
Link | ID: 202839 | 69 Words

Level: 157

POSTS: 1370/8748
POST EXP: 304654
LVL EXP: 49334344
CP: 1986.0
VIZ: 439382

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
I voted none of the above.
I think that I'll take care of all the significant people in my life, and make sure that they'll be safe whatever the cost!
Because my life would be meaningless without them!

By the way, I think that scorpion347 is right about this poll, I think that it fits better to crazy house, so I'll move it there.

[moved to "crazy house" forum]
Vizzed Elite

1st Place in the July 2010 VCS Competition!

Affected by Tomb Raider syndrome

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 03-15-10
Location: Croft Manor
Last Post: 2935 days
Last Active: 2935 days

06-29-10 01:42 PM
big fat cat is Offline
Link | ID: 202967 | 34 Words

big fat cat
Level: 105

POSTS: 94/3427
POST EXP: 84865
LVL EXP: 12019556
CP: 1154.3
VIZ: -7059

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
I would like to think of myself of the hero type but most people I know(not on vizzed) would think of me as the killer for hire as my ruthless nature would prove this

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 04-30-10
Location: fukken wales
Last Post: 2569 days
Last Active: 2551 days

06-30-10 10:58 PM
SarothCyngus is Offline
Link | ID: 203463 | 53 Words

Level: 58

POSTS: 633/851
POST EXP: 31413
LVL EXP: 1543231
CP: 199.7
VIZ: 55621

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
The mercenary, no contest. If there were even such a situation where something like this were to happen, I wuld ALWAYS take the mysterious, shadowed, ruthless, powerful, mercenary for hire. That is a VERY prominent part of my personality, I even based one of the main characters in my book off of it.
Embodiment of lightning. Also a MegaMan fanatic.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 07-29-09
Last Post: 3162 days
Last Active: 2365 days

07-01-10 12:38 AM
BreakDown is Offline
Link | ID: 203493 | 116 Words

Level: 77

POSTS: 1321/1679
POST EXP: 97046
LVL EXP: 4144659
CP: 21.0
VIZ: 48515

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
I would be the Hero. I would help those too young or weak to stay alive on their on in these awful times. At the same time you try to stop the war even at the cost of your life.

It would be cool to be a magician or sorceror hurling out fireballs, freezing enemies, and summoning thunder and lightning. I would be like the greatest magician ever to be fighting along a great game to help those in needs. I would also be a medic and take care for people, but my heart belongs in the battle field fighting for justice.

I would also be like to be a sword sheilding, stealthy hero.
Vizzed Elite
The Legendary

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 03-21-10
Location: The UnderGround
Last Post: 3455 days
Last Active: 3126 days

07-01-10 02:13 AM
Annette is Offline
Link | ID: 203503 | 43 Words

Level: 95

POSTS: 287/2735
POST EXP: 168974
LVL EXP: 8629853
CP: 996.9
VIZ: 711658

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
If there's war then I'm out of here. I'd either run away or go hide in solitude maybe with some of my friends or family. I'm a small girl, I don't think I could fight or risk saving anybody without dying instantly.
Vizzed Elite

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 03-10-10
Location: Hyrule
Last Post: 1398 days
Last Active: 602 days

07-02-10 06:12 PM
MegaRevolution1 is Offline
Link | ID: 204520 | 14 Words

Level: 114

POSTS: 370/4170
POST EXP: 274021
LVL EXP: 16296278
CP: 2141.9
VIZ: 21120

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
If multi voting wasn't disabled I'd choose hero and that I caused the war.
Vizzed Elite
I asked for it. This is what I wanted.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 02-16-10
Last Post: 2417 days
Last Active: 2407 days

08-05-10 06:43 PM
bob92 is Offline
Link | ID: 219039 | 10 Words

Level: 31

POSTS: 29/199
POST EXP: 4661
LVL EXP: 168463
CP: 91.1
VIZ: 12812

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
im kind,but ill kill if it pays good enough
Trusted Member

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 04-18-10
Location: valley mills,TX,USA
Last Post: 3095 days
Last Active: 2386 days

08-07-10 02:56 PM
majesticvulpix is Offline
Link | ID: 219716 | 12 Words

Level: 38

POSTS: 159/337
POST EXP: 10808
LVL EXP: 366442
CP: 22.0
VIZ: 28728

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
I'll run away. Too wimpy to be in that kind of stuff.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 07-20-10
Last Post: 2690 days
Last Active: 1277 days

12-05-10 02:59 PM
soldierboi159 is Offline
Link | ID: 289623 | 11 Words

Level: 40

POSTS: 56/380
POST EXP: 12322
LVL EXP: 438654
CP: 1150.6
VIZ: 72545

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
I would run.

I think the world has too many wars.
Trusted Member

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 07-22-10
Location: Cornfieldia
Last Post: 1561 days
Last Active: 232 days

12-06-10 10:31 AM
iceape8 is Offline
Link | ID: 289969 | 30 Words

Level: 43

POSTS: 163/430
POST EXP: 12613
LVL EXP: 531842
CP: 93.9
VIZ: 6138

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
I think I would be the nut. But the only way to know if that is true is to start a new war, and that doesn't excite me very much.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 06-01-10
Location: Reykjavík, Iceland
Last Post: 2445 days
Last Active: 874 days

12-06-10 12:17 PM
DAEDAE is Offline
Link | ID: 289995 | 16 Words

Level: 22

POSTS: 49/97
POST EXP: 3993
LVL EXP: 56287
CP: 17.3
VIZ: 995

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
I'd be a perfect person to be a killer, I'm already heartless and greedy so BAM!
Mizore Enthusiast

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 08-26-10
Location: Oxnard, CA
Last Post: 2460 days
Last Active: 1731 days