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03-29-20 02:06 PM

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E-Cig and Tobacco Legalities
Age being moved to 21 and the new ban on flavors
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01-28-20 09:04 PM
02-03-20 01:56 AM

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E-Cig and Tobacco Legalities


01-28-20 09:04 PM
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Really the title tells all about what this thread is about.

So recently there has been a federal law passed by the president that the new legal age for any nicotine based products age to be 21. While few states were already in the process or have already successfully moved it to 21, this is now a country wide thing where if you are not 21 or older, you may not buy any form of cigarettes, cigars, chew or vapes. As well as overruling the exemption of military personnel. Can't drink? Well now you can't smoke.

And just a few weeks after the new law being passed and in full force, the FDA then put a national ban on any flavored e-cig or vape products besides Menthol and Tobacco and giving stores just a month to stop sales and get rid of such products. However, I did read that there will be a temporary "leave" if you will, for shops that specialize in vape products to allow anything that is considered a re-fillable juice to still be sold until early May. So lets say JUUL Mango pods? Can no longer be sold. A bottle filled with mango e-juice that can be poured into a refillable pod? Can still be sold until May.

I am mostly putting this here to get the opinions of other people. And Ill be the first one to say my views might be a little biased considering my age and situation.

I am 20 years of age and I am shamefully to admit that I have some addiction to nicotine, which puts me currently in a predicament due to the new age laws. While its not as bad as my co-worker who is 18, soon to be 19, and is in the same boat as I am but still a problem none the less.

I personally feel like they should've done something a little more progressive or at least something that wasn't so sudden. Because now its caused a problem for people under the age of 21 but above the age of 18 who are addicted to nicotine products to go through a sudden withdrawal. While I understand that for people like myself, its our own fault for getting on such a ride knowing the consequences and how its become more of a thing to stop such addictions all together throughout the nation, I still feel like its more of a moral thing.

While I do agree that it will help with under-aged people to have a harder time to get their hands on such an item, it still effects those who were perfectly above the age at the time hit a rough patch in their life.

As far as the whole ban on flavored nicotine juices, I won't say much on it. Because there has been a lot of research on it that shows young adults are more likely to get hooked onto nicotine from more fruity flavors or "good" tasting flavors besides tobacco and menthol. I suppose it still kind of sucks that we cant have a wider span of items to choose from with newer technology and almost feels like we are restricting ourselves from what technological advances can give us. That and I also feel like the new age restriction sort of already "fixed" the problem while this is just kind of an add on.

I will also make a side note that CBD products however had not seen an age change, still sitting at 18. Which I find kind of odd, but I suppose I don't make the rules.

So, What's your take on this all?
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01-29-20 08:31 AM
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I don't really know much about E-cigs but back where I used to live they used to be rather popular, there was at least 4 separate shops for them and their flavours alone so it feels kinda weird not seeing them everywhere anymore since the move. XD I don't think that I will be trying it sometime soon for personal reasons but I have seen people my age having them when they really shouldn't but I've also seen them have normal cigs too so it's kinda not really a surprise that if they can get their hands on one then they can do the other one too. I think that they should focus more on making it harder to get normal cigs for people underage first instead since they are much more dangerous health wise over E-cigs.
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02-03-20 01:56 AM
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I'm in favor of raising the age to 21. I remember having easy access to cigarettes growing up because older kids had friends that graduated school, and sold them for a dollar each. Think about it. You're 14 when you start high school, but you're 18 when you finish. You could make friends that end up smoking and still be in school with an addiction. This would definitely curb access for school aged youth. Since the frontal lobe doesn't finish developing around mid-20's, I'd say that's a healthier time to start consuming adult intended products.

Cigarettes need to be eliminated. Nicotine, without the harmful substances, though? While certainly addictive, there are a few studies out there that compare it's use to caffeine. For centuries, we've been killing ourselves with our vices, and only recently has a device come around that could finally end it.

When you decant marijuana into an oil, you need to add a chemical to give it a consistency that allows it to be used in certain cartridges to vaporize the oil. Some black market marijuana oil sellers were using a chemical, commonly called vitamin E acetate, that is liquid at a high temperature, but solidifies at a lower temperature and this caused some sicknesses and a few deaths.

These illnesses are being blamed on an entirely different and unrelated product, nicotine e-juice. Nicotine e-juice is the most successful smoking cessation method ever invented, and millions of people have quit smoking because of it, which means no longer buying cigarettes that generate millions of dollars in tax revenue. Most elderly people who have quit smoking by vaping have stated that the flavor options were the most major factor in deciding to quit, and adults appreciate maintaining the social aspect of smoking, alongside satiating the hand-to-mouth impulse. Compare the 8%-12% success rates of lozenges and patches to the 93% success rate of electronic cigarettes. Reminder that cigarettes kill one person every 15 minutes and 4000 illnesses, even if caused by nicotine e-juice, in stark contrast is millions of times better. If you thought the youth vaping epidemic was bad, I can easily assure you that the youth smoking epidemic was far more harmful. Not to say it is a good thing for people who never smoked or for youth, but the panic over something that is stopping both adults and youth from smoking should rather be celebrated, yet instead we get the tired "gateway" argument from news media.

Many people who vape understand that Juul is a closed system that offer zero cessation benefits and WAY too much nicotine for quitters and is majority owned by Altria, which owns Marlboro, Phillip Morris, and every anti-vaping advocacy group you see in the news. This company has made many anti-consumer and toxic moves. Never before has such a boon to public health been met with such unworthy hysteria and demonization. While people in the US are panicking about "the children," hospitals in the UK have been opening vape shops.

I'm massively in favor of an open system being available to consenting adults as a cessation tool and hobby, and it's very clear that flavored eliquids are the reason why so many adults have quit smoking. Have you ever smelled a cigarette? If you've ever smoked one, you definitely feel it. It's a real nasty taste, and the separation while maintaining the habit is a big key to quitting. There are 85 year old ladies that smoked their whole life getting turned into fans of froot loops flavored juice. And as long as there's no negative health benefits, who is to complain?

Frankly, we shouldn't even be mad that youth are vaping at a heavy rate, there's studies out there that show that these kids would have been the ones to smoke cigarettes, yet we're astounded that the youth smoking rate is so low? We're astounded the world smoking rate has coincidentally gone down with the increase of electronic cigarette use? I'd say be happy with the bait and switch and finally get to killing the world's biggest killer.

Attached below are science both true and clearly not real. I mentioned more stuff throughout my post that isn't included here. (tested at inhuman levels)
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