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06-19-19 07:55 AM

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03-10-19 07:21 PM
no 8120
03-11-19 06:40 PM

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Introducing DragonShark


03-10-19 07:21 PM
DragonShark is Offline
Link | ID: 1370459 | 210 Words

Level: 1

POSTS: 1/1
CP: 16.7
VIZ: 3010

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Hello, I am DragonShark. I picked that username because dragons are the most epic mythical creature ever imagined across multiple cultures and sharks are a fascinating real animal that live in the ocean which has a special place in my heart. I love fantasy, science fiction, mystery, role playing, reading, old school stuff, technology, creativity, imagination, the Bible, Jesus Christ, action movies, realistic art, nature, and music. I came to this website when I was looking for a good website to play older video games on. I wanted the website to actually care about potential copyright issues and the law. This website was it. I wanted to be able to play older games that I could not play when I was younger as well as play games I used to play for nostalgia's sake. I think this will be a fun website to be on. If you reply to this thread, please say why you picked your username, what you love, what you look for in a good retro gaming website, and why you want to play retro games. Also let me know if there any get to know me questions you might have about what I am like as a person. Just please do not ask about anything personal.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 03-10-19
Last Post: 100 days
Last Active: 40 days

Post Rating: 4   Liked By: Davideo7, jnisol, no 8120, vizzy900,

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03-11-19 12:52 AM
Davideo/ is Offline
Link | ID: 1370462 | 234 Words

Level: 127

POSTS: 5410/5412
POST EXP: 451078
LVL EXP: 23214616
CP: 18316.8
VIZ: 983316

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
Hello and welcome to  Vizzed.  I hope you enjoy your time here. I guess I better answer the questions you asked for the sake of decency.

Why I picked my user name
I like Sonic, I'm part Scottish and I like Muffins. That's all there is to it.. I don't use this user name really anywhere else anymore either as I registered 9 years ago

What I love?
I don't really "love" anything, I'm asexual and due to various reasons that I won't get into Feelings of Affection and the such revoke negative reactions just as nausea and distrust.  I guess I like gaming, anime and meeting new people though. If that helps

What do I look for in a retro gaming website
I don't really look for anything honestly. The community has to be decent though. I pretty much eat sleep and breathe games.. So regardless of what the site has to offer the thing that I appreciate the most is the people for sure.

Why do I want to play retro games
Because I like games... that's all. 

I don't really have any questions in return as you seem to want to avoid anything personal and well it's always hard to judge what people actually consider a personal question. If you want to ask anything else feel free though.. I'm usually an open book. 

Take care and once again enjoy the site. 

Site Staff
Content Writer
#1 Pointless title on Vizzed

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 02-26-10
Location: UK
Last Post: 46 days
Last Active: 41 days

03-11-19 01:20 AM
Sword Legion is Offline
Link | ID: 1370463 | 356 Words

Sword Legion
Sword legion
Sword egion
Level: 94

POSTS: 3019/3023
POST EXP: 697254
LVL EXP: 8236909
CP: 15541.4
VIZ: 81837

Likes: 1  Dislikes: 0
Dragonshark eh? You must mean something like Leviathan from the Bible then. : P

I came to this website for the same reason, although it's hard to get me to play any new games. Still, it's a small world and I've found myself coming back to these forums almost every day. Yeah, I played games with a cleaner conscious on here. . . though I do wonder about it at times. If I were honest, I don't think it's legal, but if the companies don't actively do anything about it, then I doubt it's a problem. Besides, many of the games on here are not being sold or made available in any other way aside from getting the old hardware which is no longer in production. Vizzed is a museum of respect in those regards. They also take down games when the companies that own them ask. It was a hack of A Link to the Past that actually first got me on this site. It's called Parallel Worlds--and it's pretty good! Fan made hacks were a major reason I loved retro games--their creativity added so much more life to games I already loved. Retro games tend to be harder, and that's also a huge plus for me. So many games today are boring and easy.

My username comes from two things. The first is that I loved the Darknuts, from the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. The idea of the Roman legions of soldiers and their consistent armor. I simply liked the thought of 6,000 armed men in the same uniform, bearing the sword as their weapon. The name simply fit me.

Here are my questions for you as a new member to the board.

1. You bring up the Bible right away? Brave! Most people don't care to mention it--which is shameful. We were told to proclaim that message--not in a mean way, but people should see that we are different. What inspires you about the Bible. Is there any particular wisdom in it that stands out to you?

2. What are you favorite video game franchises? What makes you like them so much?

Trusted Member
Dark knight of the blackened sun. I am Sword Legion, one of many. My mask is thick, and my armor is strong. All the more necessary in a world such as this. . .

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 09-27-12
Location: Faxanadu
Last Post: 19 days
Last Active: 12 hours

Post Rating: 1   Liked By: jnisol,

03-11-19 07:08 AM
EX Palen is Offline
Link | ID: 1370466 | 449 Words

EX Palen
Spanish Davideo7
Level: 113

POSTS: 4766/4855
POST EXP: 839011
LVL EXP: 15782347
CP: 117553.0
VIZ: 7345989

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
Welcome to the site! That was a very well thought introduction, and I like how you enticed us to also talk about ourselves and get to know the community better in just your first thread.

My username has no real mystery. Palen is a real life nickname of mine because it's half of my long surname, and I tend to like it more even than my name. EX is simply a prefix meaning "new", as taken from one of the legends of Excalibur, because I've been on a journey to rise from the darkness for the last 10 years or so and I wanted to reflect how I was emerging as an entirely new person by the time I came here.

There are just so many things I love. Prominently, I'll say music, because it absolutely helps me control my mood and also because I feel totally void when I'm outside without my MP3 player. I also love almost all kind of sports, and at this timing of the year they pile up so much that I can barely follow all the action. Lastly, I also love anime, though I don't follow that many series due to reasons, but I'm in awe at the job of most of their voice actors as I'm aiming to be one myself.

It's hard for me to say what I love about a place that makes me want to stay or return. Most of the time, it's just for what the place offers more than anything else. At first that was the case for Vizzed, as I came here to relive the very first consoles I got to own and play, but over time my reasons to stay here have changed drastically, to the point I don't use the RGR any longer.

I want to play retro games simply because of nostalgia. Some franchises have evolved to be overly complicated, and I've also lost most of the interest I had in videogames altogether (I used to be nearly addicted to them years ago), so I like the simplicity and the equally difficult challenge they pose. Plus, retro games were always complete, whereas nowadays games are released at 50% or so which then receive DLC or Season Pass or whatever rubbish they add post-release.

I think that should answer all your questions. As you can see, I have quite the wordy nature, and in fact I've struggled enormously whenever I've been told to synthesize my writing into a certain limit of words. I don't think being overly wordy was a problem in this post, though

Enjoy your stay! If you need help with anything, we staff are here to lend a hand anytime.
Local Moderator
Game Guide Manager, Content Adder
Vizzed #1 Scooter fan

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 07-03-13
Location: Barcelona
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03-11-19 10:25 AM
Fyredove is Offline
Link | ID: 1370467 | 409 Words

Level: 70

POSTS: 1453/1481
POST EXP: 104572
LVL EXP: 2902993
CP: 6548.5
VIZ: 88022

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
Hello there~ Welcome to the site! Glad you could join us, and even make a introduction thread! I cant say I've seen a lot of people who asked people who post a response to have some answers about ourselves too.

My old user name actually has more meaning to me then my current one actually. My old user name, Pokefreak219, I picked because I am a *huge* fan of Pokémon. Bunch of plush's, played multiple of the games multiple times and as far as the main reason why I bought a switch was for the new Gen 8. My current user name was because I felt like I outgrew my older one and needed a more original name. Not that my old one wasn't but... just something different. I don't have another specific reason then that.

As I said above, I'm a huge fan of Pokémon. I also love Anime (Dragon Ball, Naruto, Psycho-Pass, Death Note), Giraffes, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Greek Mythology, And Science-y stuff. I would put more, but I'm kind of blanking.

I'm not even going to lie, I don't exactly know what made me stay way back when I joined the site Wow I can't believe It's been almost 7 years now. But I can at least say I'm glad I did. The reason why I did join was because I was going to race a friend on mine through a game on the site, but never ended up finishing the game since we kinda gave up on the same night. I would probably look for how well the site was run and then the amount of games they had to offer that would be of my interest.

I'm fairly fascinated by them. I know I'm only 19, I'm not going to get much nostalgia from playing older games since I didn't even really get into video games in general until I was 8-9. I don't find graphics or all that overly important, more of the story they convey. And how far technology has come from where it started. And just how much they were able to do at the time that was considered amazing. And I feel like to understand some things in today, you have to understand things from yesterday, if that makes any sense.

I probably would only have one question for you. What particular games would you find yourself enjoying/playing on this site?

I hope you enjoy Vizzed and everything it has to offer~
Local Moderator
Minecraft Admin

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 05-11-12
Location: Neko Isle
Last Post: 45 days
Last Active: 17 days

03-11-19 12:19 PM
Mecha Leo is Offline
Link | ID: 1370468 | 228 Words

Mecha Leo
Level: 64

POSTS: 1260/1292
POST EXP: 188300
LVL EXP: 2116427
CP: 6830.4
VIZ: 159445

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Aeiou, welcome to the board! I look forward to potentially having someone new around the board! Now to fill out my resume form.

My name is straight to the point, it is my name* and the word Mecha duct taped in front of it. I just liked the idea of robots in an age past.

I love tales of epic adventure, mythology from across the world, culture, cartoons, and of course the elephant in the room, video games. Also string instruments, drums, and chiptunes.

For a long while, Vizzed let me feel like part of a bigger family, you come to know a lot of the users here and just talk about whatever, without these traits, Vizzed would be just another rom website, and I wouldn't have much reason to stay here in comparison to whatever other big website for roms there is. It kinda amazes me that, through it all, Vizzed is actually still going. And hey, if the games here keep me occupied over the course of the week, that would certainly be of help.

That's all from me, though I would like to get more of a feel on what kind of person you are, so as a completely random question, you ever had one of those weekend mornings where it seems like everything is doing a team effort to keep you from being lazy?
Trusted Member
What does it mean to lose all meaning? That's not a goth thing, it just sounds like something that would make a robot explode.

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03-11-19 06:40 PM
no 8120 is Offline
Link | ID: 1370470 | 261 Words

no 8120
Level: 42

POSTS: 453/468
POST EXP: 38836
LVL EXP: 513303
CP: 93122.9
VIZ: 3905208

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
DragonShark : Hello and welcome to Viz this is actually the first time I have read an introduction like yours so I thought I would answer your questions first of all about my user name it,s just a random number I chose when I first joined Viz almost 7 years ago because at the time I could,nt think of any other user name to use so I just decided to call myself 8120 like you I also love jesus as well as nature,animals and classic video games there is nothing in particular that I look for in a retro game site in fact before I joined Viz I was just going to some random game sites such as the 80,s site and playing older games but once I discovered the friendly community that Viz has I decided that this is the place I wanted to be since there are no other game sites that are like viz  which to me makes Viz the best website on the internet for gaming I enjoy playing retro games mostly because of the memories some of these games bring back to me back in the 80,s I used to collect video games and had a chance to play many of the classics and while nintendo had all of the mario,zelda and donkey kong games removed it,s nice to see that many games are still available  I can,t think of anything to ask you but if there is something you want to know feel free to ask me. take Care and I hope you enjoy the site
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