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    Somewhere in America
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    21 / 12-02-93

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    Replying to 'How long is your hair?' Thread

Last Post: 01-28-15 11:56 PM
    in Official NFL 2014-2015 Discussion Thread (Sports)
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Cyro and thign1 taking that shot on thing\'s 21st birthday.

thing1's Profile Comments (Show 100 Comments)
(1-27-2015 11:35 PM)
Don't worry, I'm going to give it all tomorrow and all the way to Saturday, I mean give it all.
(1-27-2015 9:34 PM)
Thanks for reading and liking that article, man. Means a lot to get feedback on those.
(1-25-2015 1:40 PM)
*Looks at the TdV stats* I'mma gonna getcha :3
(1-22-2015 10:08 PM)
Ohhhhhhhhhh, my bad. What's your idea?
(1-22-2015 3:37 PM)
You're more than welcome to share your ideas, but we aren't adding anyone in at this time.
(1-21-2015 11:33 PM)
Thanks for the reply, Thing. Yeah, don't worry about me smoking. :P
(1-20-2015 11:53 PM)
sorry, i cant get onto streams from my phone.
(1-19-2015 4:57 PM)
(1-18-2015 8:39 PM)
sorry about the ninja post, I'll reveal whether anyone has gotten it right whenever mrfe gets back
(1-18-2015 4:49 PM)
By the way, the problem only happens on the Pokemon Emerald page. All other aspects of Vizzed are fine, and my internet connection is great.
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Quote Wall from Chat
[6:58 PM] The Planned Accident: I speak english AND American

[7:22 PM] Belinni: So today I learned that midgets don't like to be called People McNuggets. I had no prior knowledge of this.

[5:26 PM] Belinni: Use the "I want to see this movie but I don't wan to lose my man card" excuse.

[4:42 PM] sonicmcmuffin: Stalking non married people is fine... but stalking married people i'm totally against.

[8:38 PM] Sephitard9001: For the love of the Dark Lord Satan yeeesssssss

[5:17 PM] ender44: If we live in a world where singelli smokes, then half of us would be in Federal prison

[2:34 PM] mvhupsel: Dead chat... I like dead things, they don't trouble you with problems.

[7:16 PM] crazycatpup: you people are gonna make my hair go grey xD

[6:26 PM] YourMajestyKen: Thing1 > all of you

[9:53 PM] Flibbith: jerked beef
[9:53 PM] Flibbith: jerked chicken
[9:53 PM] Flibbith: jerked porn
[9:53 PM] Flibbith: PORK*
[9:53 PM] Flibbith: damn typos

[11:52 PM] Annette: mark this day on the calendar as the ressurection of thing1

[11:34 PM] pacman1755: Either a late worker, or Septembern syndrome

[7:50 PM] maguc: taste like 8-day old hippy

[1:46 AM] bostonblokhed1: "If God needed money, why didn't he just write a second bible? the first sold many copies."

[10:14 PM] bigger0gamer: gotta derp em all!!!! INTERNET!!!!!!!!

[5:16 PM] maguc: you have to be on drugs to understand what's going on in this chat room.

[5:06 PM] sonicmcmuffin: High school over here is basically "let's put a bunch of people hitting puberty in a confined space"

[1:27 AM] Gingercream1: one day we will all be cats :p
[1:27 AM] pokemon x: One day we will all be dead.

[1:51 AM] lilythetigerkity: i think it is a requirement to loose your sanity to be on vizzed

[7:39 PM] Galacta: download higher internet speed

[1:26 AM] A user of this: What is this, solitary confinment simulator 2006?

[8:37 PM] paper luigi: Sanity? Most of us didnt have that to begin with.

[6:08 PM] on3on: how dare you have a life

Davideo7: thing1 gets banned for 11 months. thing1 gets post constipation. thing1 gets unbanned and lets it all out. thing1 lets out a lot of posts.

[2:39 AM] GameBoy1023: there are no toilets permitted in the chat at all times

[11:34 PM] bobq: tattooing onto squiirels and releasing them into the wild
[11:34 PM] vanelan: I'm pretty sure that's animal cruelty
[11:35 PM] bobq: not if the squirrel is 18 and has its parents permission

[2:08 AM] sonicmcmuffin: Here lies tyri, the magical talking mare
She died of boredom in Vizzed chat, and her brain rotted there
Alas thing1 was watching anime, so little did he recognize
The awful smell that a rotting mare gives after it dies.

[2:09 AM] sonicmcmuffin: MMM Is a moderator that leaves work to others
He'd rather be watching tv about generic lovers
For as you see, he is pretending to care, it's all a lie
His one true loves is igorbird- senpai!

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