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12-03-23 11:37 AM
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Vizzed Elite
Real Name: Suxy
Location: Fey Manor
Age: 25 (09-10-98)  Gender: Female
Registered: 11-04-11 02:59 PM (4411 days ago)
Posts: 842  Threads: 47
Post Words: 82,954 (99 word avg)
Viz: 23,108    Contribution Points: 9,220
Post Rating: 182   Trust Points: 23   Chat: 399
Level: 59    Experience: 1622859
Next Level: +50269 Exp    Per Post: 2891 Exp
Last Activity: 07-24-22 11:30 PM
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Last Post: 06-22-17 12:21 AM
  I'm on Vacation! I Should Be Having Fun!


Game Guides I've done:

The Sims, Bustin' Out Walkthrough
The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time Heartpiece Guide
The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time Golden Skulltula Guide
The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time Equipment and Sidequest Guide
Kingdom Hearts Puppy Guide
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All Guide
The Urbz, Sims in the City Walkthrough
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations Guide Pt. 1
Professor Layton and the Curious Village Puzzle Solving Guide

This is a test


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How to Watermelon:

[7:12 AM] mrfe: 'geyushuashuasha'
The above means "I want a bagel".

a:link{color:#cc6699;font-family:"segoe script";}a:visited{color:#b84ddb;font-family:"segoe script";}a:hover{color:#c0ffee;font-family:"segoe script";text-decoration:overline underline;font-size:15px;background-image:url("");}a:active{color:#000000;font-family:"segoe script";text-shadow:0px 0px 10px #cc6699;}table{font-family:"segoe script";background-image:url("");}td{font-family:"segoe script";color:#cc6699;}body{background-color:#000000 !important; background-image:url("") !important;background-repeat: no-repeat !important; color:#cc6699 !important; font-family:"segoe script" !important;margin: 0 !important;}fonts{color: #cc6699;}.tdbg1{ background-color: #000000 !important;background-image: url("") !important;}.tdbg2{background-color: #000000 !important; background-image:url("") !important;}.tdbgh{background-color: #000000 !important;background-image: url("") !important;}.tdbgc{background-color: #000000 !important;background-image:url("") !important;}tr{background-image:url("");}.table{box-shadow: #cc6699 2px 2px 10px;border-top: #000 1px solid !important; border-left: #000000 1px solid !important; background-color: #000000 !important;}.tbl{border-right:#000000 1px solid !important;border-bottom:#000000 1px solid !important;}>

Enneagram Test Results
Type 1 Perfectionism |||||||||||| 50%
Type 2 Helpfulness |||||||||||||||| 66%
Type 3 Image Focus |||||| 26%
Type 4 Individualism |||||||||||||||| 62%
Type 5 Intellectualism |||||||||||||||| 62%
Type 6 Security Focus |||||||||||||||| 66%
Type 7 Adventurousness |||| 14%
Type 8 Aggressiveness |||| 18%
Type 9 Calmness |||||||||||||| 54%
Your main type is 2
Your variant is self pres
Take Free Enneagram Personality Test
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Favorite people-quotes:

yoshirulez! : bab grammar lolz.

m0ssb3rg935 : What do you mean I look at you like I'm

m0ssb3rg935 : I got up, and looked around the room, to find the remote to turn the TV on.

m0ssb3rg935 : Garlic pudding is angry with me.

yoshirulez! : Baguette! Stop staring at Harry before I squish you! Your guts will explode everywhere!

yoshirulez! : OMIGOSH! RABID TOAST!

yoshirulez! : It's not THAT scalding!

yoshirulez! : EVIL FRUIT JUICE!!! AHH!!!

m0ssb3rg935 : It's a pringle, dude. It's not gonna spontaneously combust.

m0ssb3rg935 : Earworms! Earworms!!! Earworms!!!!! EARWORMS!!!!! EARWORMS!!!!!!!

yoshirulez! : This wirey stuff is poking my butt.

yoshirulez! : I'm gonna get Icequeab!!! Icequeab!!! Queab queab queab queab queab!!!!!!

yoshirulez! : I need a knife for this icecream!!!!


m0ssb3rg935 : It's like a chair, that's in an eggshell that's, like, (waving arms)... you know..

yoshirulez! : Wow! This spoon is sharp!!!

yoshirulez! : Are you gonna type what I said down?


yoshirulez! : It's "I'm hungry" O' clock

yoshirulez! : I oughtta dump a bucket of acid on you! "respect" you, bleh.

yoshirulez! : 10 past starving?

yoshirulez! : Type that down! Type that down type that down TYPE THAT DOWN!

yoshirulez! : I haven't exploded in awhile.

yoshirulez! : Austi used one of my quotes.

m0ssb3rg935 : Ninja is about as much of a verb as burrito.

yoshirulez! : I may be a fool but you're a jester so HA!

yoshirulez! : Amusement park in your nose! Amusement park in your nose! Amusement park in your nose!

yoshirulez! : She typed that and then I typed that and then she typed that

yoshirulez! : Why aren't the walls breathing?


yoshirulez! : You act like you've never seen a zombie before.

yoshirulez! : What ugly toast you have. It's gotta be the ugliest toast I've ever seen. Hold on, let me check who it is.

yoshirulez! : You're gonna let your cat eat Johnny Carson?!

yoshirulez! : I think my shoe is dissolving.

yoshirulez! : I don't trust you OR your armpits!

yoshirulez! : Would you stop sniffing your freaking armpits?!

yoshirulez! : Oh wait, I forgot to punch you in the face.

yoshirulez! : Yeah, well, go pick your own pizza's nose!

m0ssb3rg935 : We have to ban the letter 7.

yoshirulez! : I did NOT grill my brain!

yoshirulez! : I'm holding toast hostage.

yoshirulez! : Why is my toast fuzzy?

yoshirulez! : Why is the freezer so cold?

yoshirulez! : So you're going to nag me 'til my guts explode all over a hammer?!

yoshirulez! : Am I different colored?

yoshirulez! : I don't like chopping people.

yoshirulez! : Put the rocket launcher away.

yoshirulez! : You act like you've never seen a robot-zombie-ghost-alien before.

yoshirulez! : Let's just say a giant cake's falling out of the sky.

yoshirulez! : I dunno. But I do know about screaming demented villagers.

yoshirulez! : I forgot I said that.


Chat quotes :3

[5:24 PM] Annette: i carried my mac blueberry down the stairs a few months ago and i almost died.

Gingercream1: shoots lover with gun

[6:05 PM] Belinni: Ara thought bubble: I wonder if the pudding pop will zip boop bibbity bop the wahooey

[7:00 PM] Belinni: mrfe <4

Zeross121 says(6:53 PM):
I guess it's just a BAHd day

[9:46 PM] Big Enzo Matrix: I Guess My Question Are Stupid

[9:47 PM] Camaro66: Your Grammar Are Also Stupid

[9:49 PM] Big Enzo Matrix: Cam How You BACK OFF MRGABREATH

vanelan: hugs van

[9:43 PM] Annette: mormons are phoning me!!
[9:43 PM] Annette: HELP

[9:58 PM] UFC: and i say eh wheres the spaghetti and spray on tans

[10:06 PM] Flibbith: i bought a cigar that smells like chocolate

[10:06 PM] UFC: i bought a chocolate that tastes like cigar

[1:03 AM] Frodlex: Holy panties, User left.

[2:16 AM] YOSHIRULEZ!: I don't reember a thig

[11:11 PM] Gingercream1: my dad told me democrats are people who want stuff for free

Gingercream1: fackdesks

[11:24 PM] Annette: |(• ?•)| (????) ~

[11:48 PM] Eniitan: is a pleasure to see you again like awlays. ^^

[4:51 PM] zeross121: *HUGS zero*

[7:16 PM] Nzip: Lobster nuke with a butter gun

[7:20 PM] zeross121: You killed me

[7:18 PM] Nzip: Choclate bread and gravy

[7:26 PM] Eirinn: I'm pretty sure as a Mod, I have to warn you not to kill any more members,, sux

[7:30 PM] mrfe: Robots with heartburn?

[12:12 AM] A user of this: I'm a princess now

[12:16 AM] AriaAngelDream: for everyone one!

[12:23 AM] nzip: diareah

[12:30 AM] zeross121: "What you gonna do stab me ?" *Gets stabbed*

[12:45 AM] Camaro66: You're weird, Sux.

[5:06 PM] SunflowerGaming: been sitting too long, my butt hurts lol

[5:12 PM] A user of this: Does this mean I never died?
[5:12 PM] A user of this: And I'm not a princess?

[7:52 PM] shanezer: the word that I said was sparkling barbies

[7:55 PM] shanezer: they warn you for saying sparkling barbies

GameBoy1023: face SUX2BU

manicman66: facehoofs

[2:19 AM] Gingercream1: now mrfe won't kill me

[2:21 AM] mrfe: I see eirinn's brain wheels turning

[2:22 AM] Eirinn: Speak up! I can't hear you. I gots oil in my ear

[2:36 AM] Eniitan: But...its not the same without bacon...

[2:37 AM] manicman66: but pork is pork

[2:40 AM] mrfe: Do I need to kick you in the katooshkie?

[2:41 AM] manicman66: but I feel human for once.

manicman66: fires gun into crowd

[2:42 PM] Annette: this calls for some pentagrams

[2:43 PM] Kopeck: mrfe am i forgivered?

[2:44 PM] AriaAngelDream: why are we talking about satan???

[2:51 PM] deg2000: cherrychunga chimmycherry

[2:59 PM] Annette: SHHH, go to sleep little baby *smothers cat in blanket*

[11:38 PM] A user of this: I'mma tell you the story of about how I became Nicolas Cage

[11:49 PM] Gingercream1: goomy can go sparkling barbies a cactus

[11:53 PM] GameBoy1023: [11:53 PM] A user of this: [11:52 PM] SUX2BU: [11:49 PM] Gingercream1: goomy can go sparkling barbies a cactus

[12:02 AM] manicman66: haha he called ME lerf

[12:11 AM] Gingercream1: I am not responsible if your eyes bleed, okay? :V

[12:31 AM] Gingercream1: I LOVE TACOS.

[12:51 AM] A user of this: It's turned to sparkling barbies now if you ask me

[9:16 PM] Flibbith: did anyone poop in the tuba?

[9:26 PM] manicman66: sux rules

[10:01 PM] nzip: so your not adam sandler zero?

[4:34 PM] bobq: my ass falls asleep from time to time

[8:11 PM] manicman66: fkksdfkaslfksadl;ksdk

[7:09 PM] bobq: when I first tried cooking I was terrible at it, when I last tried cooking, I was still terrible at it

[7:23 PM] Galacta: i dont think i have taste buds anymore

[12:45 AM] play4fun: brb* need to get some cheese on top of cheese dipped in blue cheese

[2:45 PM] zeross121: I enjoy getting licked

A user of this
(12-31-2013 10:18 PM)
My heart may explode from cuteness.

[4:55 PM] mrfe: OoooOOOOOoooooOOOOOoooooo

[9:55 PM] sloanstar1000: I'd punch someoen for some waffle fries

[9:59 PM] sloanstar1000: I bought an english muffin maker this chrismas for my mom, I kept it for myself

[11:28 PM] Gingercream1: I want to have carpal tunnel syndrome

[11:32 PM] vanelan: omg! i have pie

[11:32 PM] vanelan: pie and ice cream =^.^=

[11:49 PM] mrfe: mrfe is the epitome of sexy

[11:57 PM] mrfe: chocolatey

[11:58 PM] mrfe: merfy is quotey

[12:02 AM] A user of this: I eat Vicodine like mnm's

[3:16 AM] mrfe: "Now remember kids, always couch before you cough!"

[3:18 AM] bobq: relish is pickle diahrea

[7:04 PM] tgags123: Girl in my math class last year thought I was a vampire

[12:25 AM] bobq: do you ever see cats with monkeys riding on their backs?

[5:03 PM] play4fun: sometimes I am here and I don't talking

[5:19 PM] A user of this: *And hung anyone wanting one *

[8:03 PM] patar4097: Drew, I already told you, stop playing around in the trash!

[8:20 PM] supernerd117: Anything with "General" in it is bound to have drama. Take "General Hospital" or "Dollar General", for instance.

[10:57 PM] manicman66: you cna go to hell mouse

[11:39 PM] Jordanv78: stupid ostrich lol

[4:58 PM] deg2000: it was a barbie dool

[4:58 PM] AriaAngelDream: no stabbing innocent children

[5:09 PM] Jordanv78: Woot!


[5:21 PM] becerra95: if you own a plsuststion ... play it

[5:22 PM] becerra95: anyway... MRGE

[5:22 PM] becerra95: I nref mrge

vanelan says(10:21 PM):
eats corpse

vanelan: breaks into dance

[10:36 PM] vanelan: slushy will give up his time for you

[1:28 AM] Gingercream1: [1:46 AM] Gingercream1: only one person has quoted me D: *cries in a corner*

[1:29 AM] Gingercream1: [1:28 AM] Gingercream1: [1:46 AM] Gingercream1: only one person has quoted me D: *cries in a corner*

[1:29 AM] Gingercream1: [1:29 AM] Gingercream1: [1:28 AM] Gingercream1: [1:46 AM] Gingercream1: only one person has quoted me D: *cries in a corner*

[9:53 PM] A user of this: I AM CHILL DANGIT!!!1! *eye twitch*

[11:24 PM] Gingercream1: I'M A HUMAN :V

[11:16 PM] The Mother of Mother 3: I don't want to leave either. Sleeping is for non-vampires, right?

[4:53 PM] SUX2BU: u just jelly of my not-you-ness

[5:22 PM] A user of this: Sux, when yoshi falls asleep, draw a turnip on him. 3

[6:31 PM] The Mother of Mother 3: I'm a space robot cyborg sheriff who blasts godzilla-outlaws in space.

[9:29 PM] tabookodak5: If i get a son and its a boy i will name it Milo or matthew

[10:52 PM] mrfe: fahlfkjdshakljfdhsakjflsd

[2:41 PM] mrfe:

[7:43 PM] TheFadedWarrior: Her address: 1234 North, 9999 South, 543543543 West, 84305803985043805430 East, Wall Street

[10:06 PM] IgorBird122: I'm a banana

[12:45 AM] Gingercream1: [12:45 AM] SUX2BU: [12:44 AM] GameBoy1023: [12:44 AM] Gingercream1: [11:53 PM] GameBoy1023: [11:53 PM] A user of this: [11:52 PM] SUX2BU: [11:49 PM] Gingercream1: goomy can go sparkling barbies a cactus

[7:30 PM] mrfe: Son of a baconater

[7:30 PM] mrfe: Protip: Don't say 'Son of a Baconater' around your mom

[6:36 PM] legacyme3: Pepperoni Pizza

[10:03 PM] zanderlex: Congraderlashons

[10:34 PM] zanderlex: How do you fix a broken drink?

[4:52 PM] deg2000: milkshakes are my favorite thing in the world one time i drank 5 the i hurled

[10:23 PM] mrfe:

[10:28 PM] A user of this: Patar, contact Reggie Fils-Amie. I'll kidnap Nicolas.

[10:33 PM] A user of this: [10:32 PM] yoshirulez!: Sux can have my turn

[11:23 PM] SUX2BU: Is your cat's name Neko, Van?
[11:23 PM] vanelan: Well, he wouldn't tell me, so I had to name him myself
[11:24 PM] vanelan: Although, I do regret not naming him Chairman Meow

[12:15 AM] mrfe: flib came into chat, and injected SUX with brains


[2:11 AM] Frodlex: There are miniature titans eating me.

[2:19 AM] Frodlex: I wanna wrap my luscious lips around you Mrfe.

[2:19 AM] mrfe: *gets hit with pipe*

pokemonlover159: "roses are gray violets are gray I (L) you I am a dog"

[7:20 PM] GameBoy1023: how else would i be slowly eating your brain and giving you gifts

[7:30 PM] GameBoy1023: I have a radioactive stomach

[7:33 PM] zeross121: Head on, apply directly to the forehead

[8:03 PM] zeross121: somehow the conversation ALWAYS goes to how Sux is awesome

[8:21 PM] zanderlex: *Slides stick of TNT into Users sneakers*

[5:01 PM] Eniitan: *jumps around like a bunny happily* ^-^

[12:30 AM] zeross121: whyw as I quoted ?

[12:31 AM] zeross121: I love you Sux

[12:47 AM] vanelan: ?You've lost, that loving feeling...oh that loving feeling...You love that LOVING FEELING now its gone....gone...gone....oh oh ohhhhhh?

[1:06 AM] vanelan: user! my hero! :-*

[2:26 AM] manicman66: shake it shake it booty quake it

[12:03 AM] mrfe: "I am referring to one of my many sugar rushes, this particular one occured a couple weeks ago. Ignore all the others that happened around that time, because I am only referring to one of them."

[12:08 AM] vanelan: mrfe, will you be my mourning bf?

[1:10 AM] mrfe: I'M HIGH ON PINKIE PIE

[8:30 PM] zeross121: weiner or wiener.. i before e except after c except when sounding like a in neighbor and weigh and you'll always be wrong no matter WHAT YOU SAY

[8:35 PM] Sakura Pryde: My dad and I have been addicted to Brawl as of late. He may be 72, but holy sweet n' sour chicken on a spork, he KNOW what he's doing with Fox, Link and Kirby.

[1:30 AM] A user of this: if by gay you mean I like killing things, then yes ginger.

[1:31 AM] GameBoy1023: we are all happy gays we live in a grey town............................
Suxsuxsuxsuxsuxsux is an evil corn dog.

[3:46 PM] Annette: lol yoshi is a demon child


[3:39 AM] bobq: yes, I know you have annette.. I remember hearing "I like to get strangled" in a hilarious awkward silence

[1:25 AM] A user of this: I am addicted to milk duds.

[1:30 AM] Annette: if someone filled a bathtub full of nutella and peanut butter i'd sit in it

[1:50 AM] mrfe: aw nards

[1:51 AM] bobq: now put both legs behind your head at the same time and then fart in your face

[7:10 PM] deg2000: yay lingerie

[4:08 PM] EideticMemory: What you're doing is nothing. Gameboy once spent 6 hours straight on chat trying to kill me.

[5:02 PM] A user of this: Coffee is good yo

[5:35 PM] deg2000: radioactive children? going on my qoute wall
[7:02 PM] becerra95: fepends patat

[3:48 AM] yoshirulez!: *stares at rock wall* Whoa, is that a lizard?

[1:31 AM] zeross121: is it a game where we light the females on fire ?

[9:00 PM] yoshirulez!: Everyone exploded into diamonds.

[12:24 PM] Annette: if i had a brother i would kiss him

[12:28 PM] yoshirulez!: User, you are queen latifa

[12:31 PM] yoshirulez!: IT DONT MEEN A TIHGN
[12:31 PM] yoshirulez!: IF IT AINT GOT DAT SWENG

[12:46 PM] yoshirulez!: Mors has unseeable sexyness

[12:57 PM] yoshirulez!: cute as a rabid squirrel >.>

[1:03 PM] becerra95: annette, love me. I lost interest with sux. Blame yoshi

[1:04 PM] yoshirulez!: Bec, aint no way you had a chance with my sis anyway

[1:07 PM] kirbmanboggle: RED HEADS ARE EVIL0

[1:17 PM] yoshirulez!: I like those mexican soap operas with the hot chicks

[1:23 PM] yoshirulez!: WE ARE BROTHER LADIES

[1:25 PM] yoshirulez!: *moons sux*

[1:25 PM] yoshirulez!: we are two peas in a can

[1:41 PM] A user of this: *douses yoshi's clothes in gas

[1:41 PM] A user of this: It's gonna get all hot...*Lights match*...Up in this hizzy

[1:47 PM] SUX2BU: *Sobs* I'm always fighting my little brother for guys

[2:31 PM] yoshirulez!: MOORE THAT A FEELIG
[2:31 PM] yoshirulez!: I BUTCHERED THAT

[3:21 PM] yoshirulez!: WOAHHH WERE HALF WAY THERE

[3:21 PM] yoshirulez!: WOAHHH WERE HALF WAY THERE

[3:57 PM] yoshirulez!: Its not my fart though

[3:58 PM] yoshirulez!: *shakes booty*

[3:58 PM] yoshirulez!: SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE

[3:58 PM] yoshirulez!: SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE

[3:58 PM] yoshirulez!: SHAKE YOUR BOOTEH

[9:14 PM] Morsalbus: Hate is a string word.

[5:42 PM] mrfe: *okey okey i wont maek u bom meh

[9:52 PM] Fourthmeal: Flibbith sounds like someone trying to say Elizabeth with a mouth full of pudding

[12:18 AM] maguc: ...Or a pasta demon trying to eat your face.

[5:30 PM] GameBoy1023: TASTE DIRTY SOCKS
vanelan: slaps bec

[5:30 PM] GameBoy1023: The smell of the socks and van's puppy slap killed him.

8:04 PM] Eniitan: *whacks bec on the head*

[5:01 AM] Eniitan: great uncle are you drunk? '-'

[5:01 AM] yoshirulez!: Uh...

becerra96: kills sux

[1:17 AM] mrfe: SEXY SUXY IS SEXY

[1:18 AM] A user of this: SEXY SUXY

[1:36 AM] A user of this: Mrfe, don't listen 2 him. ur beautiful gurl.

[1:52 AM] legacyme3: There are people who think that drinking out of a toilet is sexy

[2:12 AM] A user of this: And fight an inter dimensional deamon bent on starting an interdimensional war

[2:17 AM] A user of this: Like I said before. We make two halves of a moron (L)

[1:23 AM] Flibbith: dont forget to smear chocolate all over your mouth
[1:23 AM] Flibbith: and say
[1:23 AM] Flibbith: "i bought you some chocolates, but i ate them on the way over"

gb whoever did ur profile stuffs i leik him i want to kiss him and marry him OwO ~yoshirulez!

[1:06 AM] Monstrous: In yellowstone park, there are trees that only can grow if they are lit on fire.

[1:24 AM] mrfe: SUXY don't break the silence
[1:24 AM] mrfe: darnit suxy
[1:24 AM] mrfe:
[1:24 AM] mrfe: lol I waited the whole time so I could say that as you posted

[1:29 AM] mrfe: I'm feeling quotey!

[1:30 AM] mrfe: I wonder if I have a secret stalker who quotes everything I say...
[1:30 AM] mrfe: Oh wait, I do
[1:30 AM] mrfe: YOSHI!!!!!!

[1:31 AM] mrfe: Plot twist: SUX is yoshi

[1:31 AM] SUX2BU: I quote most of the things you say, merf... *feels ignored*
[1:31 AM] mrfe: o sorry sux
[1:31 AM] mrfe: I won't forget you
[1:31 AM] mrfe: never gonna let you down

[1:32 AM] mrfe: Did you know that brain has the same number of letters as mrfe?

[1:56 AM] mrfe: Why does nyan cat fart rainbows?
[1:57 AM] A user of this: Because skittles
[1:57 AM] mrfe: Ah
[1:57 AM] mrfe: Thanks for explaining it
[1:57 AM] A user of this: You're welcome

*MAKES VIDEO* WHY CANT I HEAR SOOOOUNNDD? *Looks at mixer* OH. ~GameBoy1023

[3:52 AM] Davideo7: we only promote users so that we can get satisfaction from demoting them

[4:15 AM] legacyme3: David is gonna promote me to Supreme Ruler of Earth

ABarandananananana yea? ~yoshirulez!

[12:15 AM] yoshirulez!: Funny? Jazz nyan is catchy. It's like nya nya nya nya nya nya, y'know?

[12:43 AM] yoshirulez!: *Drinking soda* baloogaloo

[11:52 PM] Frodlex: Oh dear god in heaven I would eat as many Mc Chickens as I could stuff down my throat, force myself to puke, recover, and eat some more.

[11:54 PM] manicman66: no no, take abit of mayo off, tell them to ass cheese

[11:58 PM] Frodlex: I'm an a** h***

[11:58 PM] Frodlex: I'm a superb a** h*** in Flibs eyes.

[11:59 PM] Frodlex: Like I said, I'm an a** h***.

[12:19 AM] zeross121: I'm pregnant. Advice ?
[12:19 AM] manicman66: dont give your soon to be kid yellow snow
[12:19 AM] zeross121: I read that as "dont give your soon to be yellow kid snow"

[12:21 AM] zeross121: I'll go and visit sux and yoshi and m0ss. and end up blowing myself up in a trailer

[12:22 AM] zeross121: *plays with frod's hair*

[9:40 PM] A user of this: Manic is doge?

[9:45 PM] manicman66: hah me and leggy look too much alike
[9:45 PM] legacyme3: You copied me, ass.

[12:50 AM] A user of this: I frafed so hard I choled.

[01:06 AM] Flibbith: i used to throw potatos are trailer parks

[11:30 PM] yoshirulez!: You wouldn't know polka if it devoured your liver!

[02:46 AM] mrfe: darnit, now I have to quote that. Thanks obama

[04:27 AM] mrfe: oreos and facebook = keys to a healthy lifestyle

[02:25 AM] GameBoy1023: Actually, my ass is where my legs begin

[02:39 AM] GameBoy1023: Yoshi is garilc

[11:51 PM] A user of this: Is yushee enjoying his bird flesh?

[12:56 AM] maguc: So we made a club. The No Whistle Club. No GUys allowed. Except Sux is the only girl...

[12:57 AM] GameBoy1023: It doesn't make any BAHAHAHA sense.


[8:34 PM] GameBoy1023: [8:34 PM] SUX2BU: [8:33 PM] GameBoy1023: [8:33 PM] A user of this: [8:33 PM] maguc: [8:33 PM] SUX2BU: [8:32 PM] GameBoy1023: Yoshi's crotch

[8:45 PM] Flibbith: *sets a flaming bag of dog poo on lily's doorstep*

[8:53 PM] Flibbith: *picks nose*

[8:54 PM] Flibbith: i actually had someone pick my nose before

[10:02 PM] Flibbith: sux is the THE cat person

[11:40 PM] yoshirulez!: So my BREATH smells like feet! so I win!

[2:52 AM] Frodlex: And Twilight had a DBZ battle with a satan centaur?

[8:19 PM] GameBoy1023: *Mutes germany*

[9:20 PM] mrfe: sux, I guess it sux2bu

[4:49 PM] GameBoy1023: Sexy suxy

[4:53 PM] becerra95: hey sexy, I mean suxy

[6:49 PM] maguc: Did you guys know that Elvis was alive before he died?

[7:19 PM] styrofoamboots: "My butt looks like potato chips" - Lily 2014

[7:20 PM] GameBoy1023: "Lays" - Lily 2014

[7:20 PM] maguc: "omg its QUOTE LILY NIGHT" - Lily 2014

[7:20 PM] styrofoamboots: "[7:20 PM] maguc: "omg its QUOTE LILY NIGHT" - Lily 2014"

[7:21 PM] maguc: "my ass doesnt look like ruffles" - Lily

[7:21 PM] lilythetigerkity: because apparenty my ass is fasanating

[7:22 PM] maguc: "because apparenty my ass is fasanating" - Lily

[7:22 PM] Blubcreator: "because apparenty my ass is fasanating" - Lily - maguc

[7:22 PM] maguc: "because apparenty my ass is fasanating" - Lily - maguc -Blubcreator

[7:23 PM] styrofoamboots: "Why do they keep repeating the same dang thing!" - Lily

[7:23 PM] maguc: "I like my women like I like my coffee. With styrofoamboots in it <3" - Lily

[7:27 PM] SUX2BU: My hands smell like soap
[7:27 PM] zanderlex: Thats terrible SUX

[7:28 PM] play4fun: I'm not high

[7:47 PM] yoshirulez!: Bushywushy is a goodkittybearmoewwoofy

[9:46 PM] maguc: Women are 100% more likey to get pregnant than males

[9:56 PM] maguc: I didn't even wanna see Lily's saggy gross boobs

[9:58 PM] Frodlex: Play, stop idling you damn lion man.

[10:37 PM] GameBoy1023: SEXY SUXY
[10:37 PM] GameBoy1023: Sexy sudx

[10:42 PM] maguc: Fun Fact: Eating pickles does not improve your chances of becoming a dog

[10:43 PM] soldierboi159: Styrofoamboots has a bubble butt


[6:11 PM] GameBoy1023: It's dangerous to go alone! [6:10 PM] sonicthehedgehog57: *hands dish full of brownies* take this.

[7:02 PM] yoshirulez!: Sitting on this armrest hurts my butt

[12:48 AM] patar4097: Just stealing VGM, sux. I MEAN FINDING VGM!

[1:57 AM] A user of this: GB, he was the kind of friend you could say "You smell" to, and he'd go take a shower.

[1:58 AM] Gamin'Gal: *cleans up brain matter*

[4:03 AM] yoshirulez!: I'm not a big poster.

[2:05 AM] Frodlex: Hah!
[2:05 AM] Frodlex: I wasted him.
[2:06 AM] Frodlex: I ripped him to shreds.
[2:06 AM] Frodlex: Also I killed him.
[2:06 AM] Frodlex: A lot
[2:06 AM] Frodlex: Die some more please?
[2:06 AM] Frodlex: Swordy slices.
[2:06 AM] Frodlex: Yay~

[3:53 AM] The Planned Accident: sux2bu are you cute

[5:00 AM] zerothesaint: *Play resets chat, "OH BOY" floods all of Vizzed* Tragedy news at 8

[5:02 AM] GameBoy1023: No one ever even quotes me?
[5:02 AM] GameBoy1023: was it something i said
[5:02 AM] GameBoy1023: or was it that i'm dusty

GameBoy1023: gets shot
[5:04 AM] play4fun5690: EM, you have my permission to mute gameboy

[12:25 AM] cnw64: Last time Patar said chat was dead and Play shot him.

[8:31 PM] Barathemos: Who here thinks I should mail play4fun 3 32G bras?
[8:32 PM] Frodlex: But Play doesn't have large breasts.
[8:32 PM] Frodlex: He needs a smaller size.

[7:22 PM] SUX2BU: I'm 16 next month
[7:22 PM] becerra95 DeathKid3: people under 16 are idiots fyi

[7:44 PM] Galacta: its rude to kill people

[11:57 PM] mrfe: He'd probably make me eat his knife again

[11:58 PM] mrfe: I'ma celebrate by watching the walking dead
[11:58 PM] mrfe: oh wait, I do that every night
[11:58 PM] mrfe: well, then I guess it's a ritual
[11:58 PM] A user of this: Lolol
[11:58 PM] mrfe: I watch the walking dead every night; I'm not dead
[11:59 PM] mrfe: Obviously I need to keep watching it to stay alive
[11:59 PM] A user of this: Mrfe, are you training for how you'll lead us once RGR newbies become zombies on vizzed?
[11:59 PM] mrfe: yup
[11:59 PM] mrfe: it's an art form
[11:59 PM] A user of this: k
[11:59 PM] mrfe: I must perfect it
[11:59 PM] A user of this: You must

[11:59 PM] mrfe: art can't be made from farts

[1:21 AM] A user of this: *burp*

[8:39 PM] Galacta: except i gotta watch her hands because she might choke me with a marshmellow again

[10:12 PM] megamanmaniac: so why are you quoting your brother so much?
[10:12 PM] megamanmaniac: i thought you attacked each other with peanut butter bars

[12:16 AM] mrfe: that's one sexy chip

[12:22 AM] pray75: Colors are coming out of my nose that I'm not sure are supposed to exist.

[12:02 AM] megamanmaniac: I've ehard the legend of the SUX2BU hair. It sucks to be whoever tries to see it, because they will fail.

[3:29 PM] zerothesaint: And maybe Skipping about in a field of daisies Skipping about in a field of daisies up just a little for fun. >w>

[6:09 PM] AriaAngelDream: think of Light Knight and MMM dancing together in a field of daisies while yodeling

[7:05 PM] deg2000: Sux >l#=3

[8:21 PM] yoshirulez!: MaverickMan666 likes eating people

[8:25 PM] yoshirulez!: Got places to goo gotta fallow my rainchinese

[8:35 PM] zerothesaint: SUDX is the main cornerstone of society. Its what runs us, moves us all. We flow one with the SUDX. And when the day comes we pass our very essence will return to SUDX and repeat the worldly process all over again.

[8:38 PM] zerothesaint: 5. SUDX

[8:43 PM] zerothesaint: IF theres one thing I love its that Suxy always quotes me

[8:43 PM] megamanmaniac: I never get quoted by anyone

[10:25 PM] vanelan: And I heard the Mcbathsalt is on the menu for spring

[11:36 PM] IgorBird122: You need to try more on trying things like trying

[12:03 AM] vanelan: Why is that ice cream wearing a hat?

[12:39 AM] IgorBird122: Ok, Sebrex read my mind and you stole his idea and I said this

[12:42 AM] IgorBird122: So wait, I mentiond that GB stole an idea Sebrex had who stole my idea who stole Gebe's idea who stole another user's idea
[12:42 AM] IgorBird122: Tell me on how that works

[1:01 AM] mrfe: Singelli used her power to change me into a Llama from China
[1:01 AM] mrfe: then she decided I was boring, so she added silliness
[1:01 AM] IgorBird122: Breaking News: Merf is just a llama in real life
[1:01 AM] mrfe: MAAAAAHHHHH
[1:01 AM] mrfe: *spit*
[1:01 AM] vanelan: A silly llama apparently
[1:01 AM] mrfe: From China
vanelan: puts a party hat on merf
[1:02 AM] mrfe: Silly Chinese Llama from partyville
[1:02 AM] mrfe: o/
[1:02 AM] mrfe: and I"m also a potato
[1:02 AM] mrfe: I think
[1:02 AM] vanelan: merf is fabulous!
[1:02 AM] vanelan:
[1:02 AM] mrfe: Oh gurl, you should see my nails
[1:02 AM] mrfe: they're gorgeous!
Welcome to General Chat, m0ssb3rg935!
[1:03 AM] vanelan: xD
[1:03 AM] IgorBird122: brb
[1:03 AM] mrfe: got my party hat and my fancy coat on
[1:03 AM] mrfe: I'm fa-bu-lous!
[1:03 AM] m0ssb3rg935: is that an alpaka?
[1:03 AM] mrfe: no
[1:03 AM] mrfe: Llama
[1:03 AM] m0ssb3rg935: close enough..
[1:03 AM] vanelan: have more than 1 coat?
[1:03 AM] mrfe: Shhhhh
[1:03 AM] vanelan: And its removable?
[1:03 AM] vanelan: O.o
[1:04 AM] mrfe: It was my grandfathers
[1:04 AM] m0ssb3rg935: my mom always talks about putting her face on....
[1:04 AM] m0ssb3rg935: >.>
[1:04 AM] mrfe: woah moss
[1:04 AM] vanelan: :O
[1:04 AM] mrfe: you should tell her that faces aren't supposed to be removable
[1:04 AM] vanelan: ZOMBIE!
[1:04 AM] mrfe: she should probably see a doctor
[1:04 AM] mrfe: ^^
[1:04 AM] mrfe: exactly
[1:05 AM] m0ssb3rg935: im pretty sure she talking about makeup, but i still get the mental image of a secret basement full of jars of pickle faces she stole from her murder vitoms...
[1:05 AM] m0ssb3rg935: pickled*
[1:05 AM] vanelan: victims*
[1:05 AM] m0ssb3rg935: victims*
[1:06 AM] vanelan: mmmm....pickled victims....
[1:06 AM] mrfe: tastes like chicken
[1:06 AM] m0ssb3rg935: i thought you said people taste like pork?
[1:06 AM] vanelan: That's what the robot said
[1:06 AM] mrfe: That's bacon you're referring to
[1:06 AM] mrfe: oh
[1:06 AM] mrfe: Robot
[1:07 AM] mrfe: Robots like pork
[1:07 AM] vanelan:
[1:07 AM] mrfe: Humans like bacon
[1:07 AM] IgorBird122: Back
[1:07 AM] vanelan: Let's hope robots don't develop a taste for bacon
[1:07 AM] vanelan: WB IB!
[1:07 AM] IgorBird122: Bacon, someone say bacon
[1:07 AM] vanelan: WBIB!
[1:07 AM] mrfe: BACON
[1:08 AM] m0ssb3rg935: *eyes black out*
[1:11 AM] IgorBird122: What happened to this chatroom
[1:11 AM] mrfe: I just got mistaken for thin1
m0ssb3rg935: wakes up next day with human femur under his pillow
[1:11 AM] mrfe: wut
[1:12 AM] vanelan: He had a bacon blackout
[1:12 AM] mrfe: m0ss
[1:12 AM] mrfe: I hate to break it to you
[1:12 AM] m0ssb3rg935: uhhhuhuh..?
[1:12 AM] mrfe: but that's your femur
[1:12 AM] m0ssb3rg935: !!!
[1:12 AM] m0ssb3rg935: awe man! that the third time!
[1:12 AM] vanelan: auto-canabilism?
[1:12 AM] m0ssb3rg935: aw*
[1:12 AM] mrfe: lolololololol van
[1:13 AM] m0ssb3rg935: its a rare auto immune disorder.
[1:14 AM] vanelan: What if people taste better than bacon but there is a stigma against it so people don't start making human farms? :V
[1:14 AM] m0ssb3rg935: what does stigma mean?
[1:14 AM] vanelan: Its like...extreme disapproval
[1:14 AM] m0ssb3rg935: oh.
[1:15 AM] m0ssb3rg935: actually, i had that image.
[1:15 AM] m0ssb3rg935: while me and sop were debating legal canibalism.
[1:16 AM] m0ssb3rg935: an image of me in the store, picking up a pack of ground meat that says "USDA grade A organic human
[1:16 AM] m0ssb3rg935: "*
Welcome to General Chat, rafi1456!
[1:16 AM] m0ssb3rg935: too this day im still deeply disturbed by that conversation...

GameBoy1023: barfs on mrfe
[1:41 AM] GameBoy1023: thanks for posting that

[8:50 PM] generalspleen: hows the baby seal killing going for u bob?

[8:40 PM] jack3604: sux 2 suk

[12:02 AM] megamanmaniac: anyways have fun figuring out what bodily organ you are in chat

[12:18 AM] AriaAngelDream: thought I heard Play say "let me go, I'm too beautiful" in his sleep

[12:27 AM] AriaAngelDream: this one mii said "You're right, it's a masterpiece. I'm a genious" in his sleep
[12:27 AM] SUX2BU: lolol
[12:28 AM] AriaAngelDream: and this mii is skipping around
[12:28 AM] AriaAngelDream: I thought MMM was shaking his butt for a moment
[12:28 AM] AriaAngelDream: he was actually exercising
[12:28 AM] AriaAngelDream: mrfe went to bed
[12:29 AM] AriaAngelDream: I'm gonna draw on mrfe's face

[12:29 AM] IgorBird122: Someone wake up Merfy
[12:29 AM] SUX2BU: Meeeeeeeeeeeeeerfyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wake up
[12:29 AM] SUX2BU: IB's orders
[12:29 AM] SUX2BU: I don't think it worked :/
[12:30 AM] AriaAngelDream: I'm drawing on your face
[12:30 AM] AriaAngelDream: you're talking to yourself in your sleep
[12:31 AM] AriaAngelDream: mfre is dreaming of overthrowing me and becoming the ruler of the island
[12:32 AM] AriaAngelDream: "Why am I the only one here, and why am I in my underwear?"
[12:33 AM] AriaAngelDream: whoops, mrfe's eyes and mouth are gone
[12:33 AM] AriaAngelDream: shouldnt have pressed clear :V
[12:33 AM] AriaAngelDream: now mrfe only has a nose :V

[1:01 AM] play4fun: you poor little girl

[2:05 AM] Flibbith: i wish i had a daughter just like sux

[5:09 AM] zerothesaint: He's like a sexy shirly temple
[5:09 AM] zerothesaint: Or however you say that broads name

[5:16 PM] shanezer: When i came in Sux was on top of teh chat
[5:16 PM] shanezer: She has lost her crown
[5:16 PM] shanezer: but she has kept her pride :V

[5:17 PM] shanezer: Im decent..

[5:46 PM] vanelan: You're drinking with Kevin Spacy?

[4:55 PM] thing1: anybody up for TOS?
[4:56 PM] vanelan: I love Terms of Service!

[5:13 PM] AriaAngelDream: happiness = swimming in a pool of brooms

[1:22 AM] The Planned Accident: I was watching Dora the Explorer the other day
[1:22 AM] CheesyUsername: wow, i love that anime

[1:48 AM] mrfe: Sux... as your former husband, I can safely say that you're never innocent.

[3:18 AM] yoshirulez!: So mrfe is sudx's husband who jumped off a bride which turned out to be a pain and reincarcerated as a teenager rat star like makerel only white and then reinconcentrated as a husband

[4:01 AM] yoshirulez!: *shoves chicken nuggets in sux's pockets*

[4:04 AM] Flibbith: *eats the nuggets out of sux's pocket*

[6:23 PM] shanezer: Sux you know what really sucks?
[6:23 PM] SUX2BU: Besides my username? No, what? :3
[6:24 PM] shanezer: I see this beautiful person... and everytime I try to hug him... my face hits a mirror
[6:24 PM] shanezer: XD

[8:27 PM] A user of this: Cory in the House was the greatest anime
[8:27 PM] A user of this: Of all time

[9:47 PM] mrfe: hi wife I remarried after I widowed after I jumped off a bridge that turned out to be an airplane while I was married to and then reincarnated as a teenage rap star like lecrae only white

[7:38 PM] thing1: I just know where the position is, and that's a new contract for G4S security
[7:39 PM] GameBoy1023: do you work at a pizzaria with animatronic bears out to kill you

[7:55 PM] Enzo Matrix: Thing Is A StupidDipswitch

[7:56 PM] m0ssb3rg935: ike and catpain falcon.

[9:11 PM] zerothesaint: *huggle-glomps Sux and drags her off to his cuddle collection*

[10:51 PM] AriaAngelDream: now stop running around naked :V

[7:00 PM] m0ssb3rg935: ^D>

[7:55 PM] GameBoy1023: [7:55 PM] thing1: full chat room
[7:55 PM] DarkHyren: i thought this was alcoholics anon

[8:36 PM] SUX2BU: What about me? WHat does everyone think I look like?
[8:36 PM] jack3604: someone that sux
[8:36 PM] TheJmsGamer: You are a hot girl that looks just loke that creepy girl on your profile picture
[8:37 PM] TheFadedWarrior: a babe
[8:37 PM] patar4097: I think sux looks like...... a girl maybe.

[8:43 PM] TheFadedWarrior: why don't you go get sux so we can all marvel at her exceptional attractiveness

>[12:39 PM] calebjudah: I played as snake in that one beat-em-up-with-yoshi game!
[12:39 PM] calebjudah: ... super smashy brothers or somethin. None of you have heard of it, I'm sure.

[12:46 PM] Frodlex: Totally Zero Suit Samus.
[12:46 PM] Frodlex: Just saying.
[12:46 PM] Frodlex: Nice mid and close range.
[12:46 PM] Frodlex: Good mobility.
[12:46 PM] Frodlex: Etc.
[12:46 PM] calebjudah: she has a nice mid, I'll give you that
[12:47 PM] calebjudah: wait... we're talking about attacks? ooops

[1:02 PM] SUX2BU: [12:58 PM] bostonblokhed1: I am the king of terrible puns
[1:02 PM] SUX2BU: Sorry Boston, User's the king of terrible puns
[1:02 PM] Mega Mewtwo X: ^'
[1:02 PM] Mega Mewtwo X: 2 bad
[1:02 PM] Mega Mewtwo X: SUX decides all
[1:02 PM] SUX2BU: That I do
[1:03 PM] bostonblokhed1: *shanks user and takes over throne
[1:03 PM] Mega Mewtwo X: boston
[1:03 PM] Mega Mewtwo X: Sux can just dethrone you
[1:03 PM] Mega Mewtwo X: sux is chat god
[1:04 PM] Mega Mewtwo X: i guess you could say "Sux is love, Sux is life"
[1:04 PM] Mega Mewtwo X: so uh yeah
[1:03 PM] SUX2BU: Goddess, you mean
[1:04 PM] Mega Mewtwo X: :C
[1:04 PM] Mega Mewtwo X: here
Mega Mewtwo X: sacrifices boston
[1:04 PM] Mega Mewtwo X: you good?
[1:04 PM] SUX2BU: Boston, you're hereby dethroned, and User is unshanked
[1:04 PM] SUX2BU: That works, too xD

[1:05 PM] Frodlex: Oh mighty chat goddeess...
[1:05 PM] Frodlex: Please... Answer my call...
[1:05 PM] Frodlex: And fall before my might.
[1:05 PM] Frodlex: Sux is only a demi-god.
[1:05 PM] Frodlex: I am a god.
[1:06 PM] Frodlex: Then there are the high gods.
[1:06 PM] Frodlex: Which even I fear.
Frodlex: coughs.
[1:06 PM] Frodlex: Admins.
[1:06 PM] Frodlex: Admins and globals = High gods.
[1:07 PM] Frodlex: Locals = Gods.
[1:07 PM] Frodlex: Staff = Demi gods.
[1:07 PM] Frodlex: Everyone else = Pathetic mortals.

[1:08 PM] Galacta: i dont need to be a god when im already king of chat
zanderlex: Pukes on Gal

[11:22 PM] AriaAngelDream: I feel drunk from my lack of energy
[11:22 PM] vanelan: I don't....FEEL drunk....
[11:23 PM] AriaAngelDream: you look drunk
[11:23 PM] AriaAngelDream: eggplants can't look drunk though :V
[11:23 PM] vanelan: That must mean I am REALLY drunk
[11:23 PM] megamanmaniac: van...i think you need to go to sleep

[11:28 PM] megamanmaniac: where in the world do you live
[11:28 PM] megamanmaniac: live*
[11:28 PM] megamanmaniac: oh wait no i typed it in right

[11:40 PM] AriaAngelDream: I read patty in there, and I started thinking of a Patar ice cream
[11:40 PM] AriaAngelDream: with goomy sprinkles
[11:41 PM] vanelan: :V
[11:41 PM] vanelan: But IB is ice cream
[11:41 PM] On3On: goomy ice cream would taste like ass
[11:41 PM] On3On: just saying

[11:41 PM] AriaAngelDream: Patar is a banana :V
[11:42 PM] patar4097: Still a banana, huh? :V
[11:42 PM] AriaAngelDream: he dressed himself in a banana suit in my game
[11:42 PM] AriaAngelDream: Yep :V
[11:42 PM] AriaAngelDream: and my cousin dreamed of you

[11:42 PM] pokemon x: I am like legit over 100% bored.
[11:43 PM] pokemon x: Must procastinate more
[11:43 PM] megamanmaniac: procrastinate poke
[11:43 PM] megamanmaniac: you can do it

[11:43 PM] AriaAngelDream: I imagined we were all sprinkles in a Goomy popsicle
[11:43 PM] AriaAngelDream: and Van destroyed us all with his magical girl powers
[11:43 PM] AriaAngelDream: with Kyubey right by his side
[11:43 PM] patar4097: lolwut

[11:44 PM] Natesilvad: Were we familiars on a goomy popsicle witch?

[5:59 PM] TheFadedWarrior: Caps gameboy
[5:59 PM] TheFadedWarrior: Caps james

[6:21 PM] vizzy900: this will fit into when ever a pokemon trainer comes into a gym leader

[8:14 PM] yoshirulez!: Go arrow face yourself

Words of wisdom from inspirational people in my life:

"vbbbbbboppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp9vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv874444444r" ~Yoda, my cat

"Blarggllrlgrrr" ~Pat

[8:37 PM] legacyme3: I've never seen your butt though so maybe it's prominent

Video Game Quotes:

Sly Cooper, Sly2 : Okay, I Have no idea what you just said. and your suit sucks.

Tank Grunt, The Sims 2: Chug Chug is Yum Yum *Gulp*

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