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MESS Researcher and Configurator, Article Writer

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Atlanta, Georgia

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1432 days ago
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Site Staff
  MESS Researcher and Configurator, Article Writer
Real Name: Weil
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Age: 18 (02-23-98)  Gender: Male
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What Pokemon Are You?
What Pokemon Are You?
What Pokemon Are You?

[10:49 AM] Tails the Fox: The correct word is loo.
[11:02 AM] Tails the Fox: And I want Vodka!
[11:03 AM] SuperCrash64: Sends beer to barathemos.. go crazy
[11:56 AM] TornadoMudkip: I don't have both. Mudkipz only liekz Vizzed lol
[11:58 AM] TornadoMudkip: Mudkipz arez coolz
[11:58 AM] AceShock: Chuck Norris can Slam a revolving door.
[12:34 PM] mrfe: maybe I'll write something for them one day and you can post it for me.
me: I'm sure they'd adore that.
Singelli: okay, but what should I write? A story, a letter, a poem, what? haha
take a poll!
[12:44 PM] Frodlex: Wow, I'm hundry.
[7:13 PM] Eddy88: You all call this a Chat Room?
[7:13 PM] Eddy88: Lame.
[11:03 AM] mrfe: Funny thing is, I'm wearing a shirt that says "Caution: My Awesomeness may be Contagious"
[1:09 PM] Wet Dog with Beer: Man, Obama's a fraud
[3:30 PM] Tails the Fox: Beera, are you jealous of your sleeping foot?
[7:48 AM] Frodlex: Het Juliet.
TornadoMudkip: Because like Leggy said, I am a very weak Mudkip who faints too quick. Because I have a bad Trainer called Frodlex again.
[10:26 AM] becerra95: | (• ?•)| (????)| (• ?•)| (????)| (• ?•)| (????)| (• ?•)| (????)
[3:37 PM] iN008: [3:36 PM] Barathemos: god likes to giggle
[7:25 PM] Hidden Phantom: rule one of modding: get rid of sonicmcmuffin
[10:05 AM] vanelan: Aria, doesn't Animal Crossing just yell at you if you don't save?
[4:50 PM] zeross121: Please don't put me on the quote wall
[5:42 PM] Barathemos: *flips multiple tables* DONE *walks out of room*
[6:00 PM] Barathemos: *watches adult videos*
[6:01 PM] yoshirulez!: By adult videos he means videos with adult deer in it
[6:01 PM] Eniitan: I like my family tree even if its werid. I call loving bunch of vizzed families. ^^
[6:04 PM] Barathemos: I just donated $666 to Vizzed and got perma'd
[10:24 PM]Barathemos: Play, would you rather have a 25 year old Asian or 13 year old
[10:25 PM] play4fun:WHAT KIND OF A QUESTION IS THAT?!?!
[6:07 PM] AriaAngelDream: Van left to walk his eggplant
[6:10 PM] FunnyFurret: brb my dog is barking
[6:10 PM] AriaAngelDream: I bet van's eggplan is barking at it
[6:11 PM] AriaAngelDream: my piranha is well behave
[6:11 PM] AriaAngelDream: he never barks at anyone unless it's a danger to Athena :V
[6:12 PM] AriaAngelDream: my piranha also said happy birthday
[6:13 PM] AriaAngelDream: the snow on Play's profile burns when you lick it
[7:20 PM] pokemon x: Just if david gets red ask for a geeoburger and totts
[5:38 PM] yoshirulez!: Because dead bits was totally worth the time, pain, annoyance, barfing, and hard drive space.
Play4fun: It looks like your computer is moving slower than usual. There might be a virus in it. Click on this link so that we can have all access to your personal information so that we can help you fix the problem.
[6:04 PM] Makalya: ive got a nice ass
[7:04 PM] TheBWoods15: Seriously, I had no idea this part of Vizzed existed before. I feel like I entered the matrix or something.
[7:04 PM] Morsalbus: The Enzo Matrix
[7:27 PM] legacyme3: Barathemos 2016, Leggy Endorsed
[8:06 PM] m0ssb3rg935: merf, I was going to submit a 60,000 word review, but it would have been plagerism.
[8:06 PM] m0ssb3rg935: I didn't know I couldn't source from the wiki. :
[6:29 PM] Galacta: i taught a friend how to swim
[6:29 PM] Galacta: im so proud of myself
[6:29 PM] Tyrian Delirium: throwing a child into a pool isnt teaching
[9:08 PM] RDay13: if I had a dog and I was taking him to the vet, I wouldn't want some guy taking pictures of it and posting it to doge memer, a squirtle lover, a slinky, and a weed smoker
[10:11 PM] Barathemos: you found out that i'm Joe Biden
[10:11 PM] Morsalbus: I think in a way, we're all Joe Biden
[8:49 AM] A user of this: Going for the annual battle against the Hill People?

















Something I will never forget. Thank you goodboy for this:
Barathemos. Not just a friend, but family. Left Vizzed 9/28/13 at 5:11 pm (Vizzed time) after hitting 5k posts.

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