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07-17-24 11:07 AM
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pokemon x

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Site Staff
  Minecraft Admin
Real Name: Weil
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Age: 26 (02-23-98)  Gender: Male
Registered: 02-17-13 09:03 PM (4167 days ago)
Posts: 15,636  Threads: 576
Post Words: 668,990 (43 word avg)
Viz: 897,462    Contribution Points: 46,605
Post Rating: 1,232   Trust Points: 15   Chat: 773
Level: 206    Experience: 126220123
Next Level: +1393256 Exp    Per Post: 12108 Exp
Last Activity: 07-08-24 07:35 PM


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Page Comments

supercool22 - 02-23-24 02:19 AM
Happy Birthday!
pokemon x - 07-29-23 11:44 AM
I didn't read but it is a 5 in my heart.
becerra95 - 07-25-23 08:56 AM
Rainbow looks good on me
becerra95 - 03-01-23 09:54 PM
You seriously had to reply and close the tdv thread? Really? I get the last word, what is wrong with you? Smh
supercool22 - 03-01-23 12:27 AM
i already miss rainbow bara
supercool22 - 02-23-23 01:13 AM
Happy Birthday
claytune - 02-23-23 12:42 AM
Happy Birthday!!!
supercool22 - 02-16-23 06:55 PM
Lots of old members coming back, but we need mohamsandwich to get his butt back on here as well.
Furret - 02-01-23 09:45 AM
worst timeline
supercool22 - 01-30-23 04:32 PM
Sorry for stealing the red jersey from you. Don't ban plz

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