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01-19-18 01:16 PM

Vanelan's Profile -

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Vanelan is Offline

  Mod Manager, CP & Viz Manager, MESS Researcher and Configurator
Location: New Yawk
Age: 33 (06-11-84)  Gender: Male
Registered: 05-05-13 04:31 PM (1719 days ago)
Posts: 7,693  Threads: 129
Post Words: 289,926 (38 word avg)
Viz: 887,884    Contribution Points: 53,176
Post Rating: 1,216   Trust Points: 27   Chat: 3849
Level: 134    Experience: 27983108
Next Level: +603866 Exp    Per Post: 5456 Exp
Last Activity: 01-19-18 01:22 AM
  Viewing Concerns
Last Post: 01-16-18 05:02 PM Live Streams on Twitch and Hitbox


A user of this: That's how I'd want to go.
A user of this: That, or how I was born.
A user of this: Screaming and covered in someone else's blood.
Morsalbus: What makes a person a "real man" exactly?
vanelan: If professional wrestling has taught me anything, little red underwear and no shirt
Morsalbus: I'm beginning to think pro wrestling hasn't taught you anything after all.
Morsalbus: After all this time, I still can't smell what the Rock was cooking.
UFC: heh i heavent been to a buffet in years
UFC: except for the trash cans
yoshirulez!: How does the easy button work?
m0ssb3rg935: You press it and you get whatever you want.
yoshirulez!: Really?
m0ssb3rg935: long as its office supplies.
[2:20 AM] AriaAngelDream: awkward seeing moss in a wig acting like a queen

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