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List of Video Game Characters in The Simpsons Franchise
Abe Simpson [The Simpsons],
Agnes Skinner [The Simpsons],
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon [The Simpsons],
Bart Simpson [The Simpsons],
Bumblebee Man [The Simpsons],
Carl Carlson [The Simpsons],
Cletus Spuckler [The Simpsons],
Comic Book Guy [The Simpsons],
Dr. Julius Hibbert [The Simpsons],
Dr. Nick Riviera [The Simpsons],
Fat Tony [The Simpsons],
Groundskeeper Willie [The Simpsons],
Hans Moleman [The Simpsons],
Homer Simpson [The Simpsons],
Itchy [The Simpsons],
Jasper Beardly [The Simpsons],
Kent Brockman [The Simpsons],
Lenny Leonard [The Simpsons],
Lisa Simpson [The Simpsons],
Luigi [The Simpsons],
Maggie Simpson [The Simpsons],
Marge Simpson [The Simpsons],
Milhouse Van Houten [The Simpsons],
Moe Szyslak [The Simpsons],
Mr. Burns [The Simpsons],
Ned Flanders [The Simpsons],
Nelson Muntz [The Simpsons],
Patty Bouvier [The Simpsons],
Professor Frink [The Simpsons],
Reverend Lovejoy [The Simpsons],
Rich Texan [The Simpsons],
Scratchy [The Simpsons],
Sea Captain [The Simpsons],
Selma Bouvier [The Simpsons],
Seymour Skinner [The Simpsons],
Sideshow Bob [The Simpsons],
Snake [The Simpsons],
Squeaky Voiced Teen [The Simpsons],
Waylon Smithers [The Simpsons],

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