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List of Video Game Characters in Red Dead Franchise
Abigail Peppercorn [Red Dead],
Alden Pearce [Red Dead],
Alden Renshaw [Red Dead],
Alma Horlick [Red Dead],
Alwyn Lloyd [Red Dead],
Aquila [Red Dead],
Archer Fordham [Red Dead],
Arsenio Baldizon [Red Dead],
Asada [Red Dead],
Bad Bessie [Red Dead],
Bad Bob Larson [Red Dead],
Benicio Olivares [Red Dead],
Bernard Weaver [Red Dead],
Billy West [Red Dead],
Bloody Tom [Red Dead],
Cheryl-Lynn [Red Dead],
Chris Bailey [Red Dead],
Christina [Red Dead],
Colonel Daren [Red Dead],
Curly Shaw [Red Dead],
Eli [Red Dead],
Emilio Fortuna [Red Dead],
Espinoza [Red Dead],
Eva Cortes [Red Dead],
Falling Star [Red Dead],
Father Driscoll [Red Dead],
Fitch [Red Dead],
Gabby Brennan [Red Dead],
Gabriel Navarro [Red Dead],
Governor Griffon [Red Dead],
Grizzly [Red Dead],
Hank Pullman [Red Dead],
Hanz Kenyon [Red Dead],
Harmon Weinstein [Red Dead],
Holstein Hal [Red Dead],
Jacques [Red Dead],
Jason Cornet [Red Dead],
Jeb Blankenship [Red Dead],
Jenny Hamilton [Red Dead],
Jethro Greensleeves [Red Dead],
Jimmy Saint [Red Dead],
Jonah [Red Dead],
Katie O'Grady [Red Dead],
Longhorn Luke [Red Dead],
Manny Quinn [Red Dead],
Mathias Lampry [Red Dead],
Mr. Black [Red Dead],
Mr. Kelley [Red Dead],
Mrs. Bush [Red Dead],
Mrs. Ditkiss [Red Dead],
Mrs. Fortuna [Red Dead],
Muriel Scranton [Red Dead],
Nate Harlow [Red Dead],
Norman Deek [Red Dead],
Oliver Phillips [Red Dead],
Pick Axe Miller [Red Dead],
Professor Perry [Red Dead],
Ralph Clover [Red Dead],
Randall Forrester [Red Dead],
Rat Chavez [Red Dead],
Raul Zubieta [Red Dead],
Rico Pedrosa [Red Dead],
Roberto Pedrosa [Red Dead],
Rose Harling [Red Dead],
Sam [Red Dead],
Sam Odessa [Red Dead],
Sergeant Marquez [Red Dead],
Sheriff Bartlett [Red Dead],
Sheriff O'Grady [Red Dead],
Smitty [Red Dead],
Victor Melendez [Red Dead],
Walton Lowe [Red Dead],
Woodrow Klein [Red Dead],
Zhou [Red Dead],

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