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List of Video Game Characters in Professor Layton Franchise
Adrea [Professor Layton],
Agnes [Professor Layton],
Albert [Professor Layton],
Amelie Chelmey [Professor Layton],
Angus [Professor Layton],
Anthony 'Anton' Herzen [Professor Layton],
Babette [Professor Layton],
Balsa [Professor Layton],
Barton [Professor Layton],
Beluga [Professor Layton],
Bruno [Professor Layton],
Capone [Professor Layton],
Chester [Professor Layton],
Damon [Professor Layton],
Deke [Professor Layton],
Don Paolo [Professor Layton],
Dorothea [Professor Layton],
Dr. Andrew Schrader [Professor Layton],
Flora Reinhold [Professor Layton],
Gabe [Professor Layton],
Giuseppe [Professor Layton],
Granny Riddleton [Professor Layton],
Grousley [Professor Layton],
Hank [Professor Layton],
Hershel Layton [Professor Layton],
Inspector Chelmey [Professor Layton],
Jacques [Professor Layton],
Katia [Professor Layton],
Kostya [Professor Layton],
Laurel [Professor Layton],
Lopez [Professor Layton],
Lucy [Professor Layton],
Luke Triton [Professor Layton],
Lulu [Professor Layton],
Martha [Professor Layton],
Mitzi [Professor Layton],
Mootilda [Professor Layton],
Pavel [Professor Layton],
Percy [Professor Layton],
Professor Hershel Layton [Professor Layton],
Prosciutto [Professor Layton],
Stachenscarfen [Professor Layton],
Sylvain [Professor Layton],
Zappone [Professor Layton],

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