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List of Video Game Characters in Phantasy Star Franchise
Adan [Phantasy Star],
Alair [Phantasy Star],
Alfort Tylor [Phantasy Star],
Alis Landale [Phantasy Star],
Alys Brangwin [Phantasy Star],
Alys Brangwin [Phantasy Star],
Amy Sage [Phantasy Star],
Anna Zirski [Phantasy Star],
Aron [Phantasy Star],
Ayn [Phantasy Star],
Chaz Ashley [Phantasy Star],
Chaz Ashley [Phantasy Star],
Chelsea [Phantasy Star],
Crys [Phantasy Star],
Dark Force [Phantasy Star],
Dr. Dorson [Phantasy Star],
Emilia Percival [Phantasy Star],
Ethan Waber [Phantasy Star],
FOmar [Phantasy Star],
FOmarl [Phantasy Star],
FOnewearl [Phantasy Star],
FOnewm [Phantasy Star],
Fullyen Curtz [Phantasy Star],
GH 470 [Phantasy Star],
Gryz [Phantasy Star],
Gwen [Phantasy Star],
Hahn Mahlay [Phantasy Star],
Hal [Phantasy Star],
HUcaseal [Phantasy Star],
HUcast [Phantasy Star],
Hugh Thompson [Phantasy Star],
HUmar [Phantasy Star],
HUnewearl [Phantasy Star],
Hyuga Ryght [Phantasy Star],
Izuma Rutsu [Phantasy Star],
Josh Kain [Phantasy Star],
Kalum Ryme [Phantasy Star],
Kanal Tomrain [Phantasy Star],
Kara [Phantasy Star],
Karen Erra [Phantasy Star],
King Lassic [Phantasy Star],
Kraz Muehler [Phantasy Star],
Kyra Tierney [Phantasy Star],
Laia Martinez [Phantasy Star],
Lashiec [Phantasy Star],
Laya [Phantasy Star],
Leogini Santosa Berafort [Phantasy Star],
Liina Sukaya [Phantasy Star],
Lou [Phantasy Star],
Lucaim Nav [Phantasy Star],
Lumia Waber [Phantasy Star],
Lune [Phantasy Star],
Lutz [Phantasy Star],
Lyle [Phantasy Star],
Maia [Phantasy Star],
Maya Shidow [Phantasy Star],
Mieu [Phantasy Star],
Mika [Phantasy Star],
Miun [Phantasy Star],
Mother Brain [Phantasy Star],
Myau [Phantasy Star],
Myun [Phantasy Star],
Nei [Phantasy Star],
Neifirst [Phantasy Star],
Nial [Phantasy Star],
Noah [Phantasy Star],
Odin [Phantasy Star],
RAcaseal [Phantasy Star],
RAcast [Phantasy Star],
RAmar [Phantasy Star],
RAmarl [Phantasy Star],
Remlia Norphe [Phantasy Star],
Renvolt Magashi [Phantasy Star],
Rhys [Phantasy Star],
Rika [Phantasy Star],
Rika [Phantasy Star],
Rolf Landale [Phantasy Star],
Rudolf Steiner [Phantasy Star],
Rune Walsh [Phantasy Star],
Rune Walsh [Phantasy Star],
Ryan [Phantasy Star],
Sari [Phantasy Star],
Sean [Phantasy Star],
Shir Gold [Phantasy Star],
The Vol Brothers [Phantasy Star],
Thea [Phantasy Star],
Tonnio Rhima [Phantasy Star],
Tyler [Phantasy Star],
Vivienne [Phantasy Star],
Wren [Phantasy Star],
Wren [Phantasy Star],

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