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List of Video Game Characters in Mass Effect Franchise
Admiral Steven Hackett [Mass Effect],
Admiral Tadius Ahern [Mass Effect],
Adrien Victus [Mass Effect],
Alud Ochren [Mass Effect],
Aria [Mass Effect],
Armando-Owen Bailey [Mass Effect],
Ashley Williams [Mass Effect],
Balak [Mass Effect],
Captain Kirrahe [Mass Effect],
Commander Shepard [Mass Effect],
Conrad Verner [Mass Effect],
David Anderson [Mass Effect],
Diana Allers [Mass Effect],
Donnel Udina [Mass Effect],
Dr, Chloe Michel [Mass Effect],
Dr. Amanda Kenson [Mass Effect],
Dr. Ann Bryson [Mass Effect],
Dr. Chakwas [Mass Effect],
Dr. Gavin Archer [Mass Effect],
Eve [Mass Effect],
Gabriella Daniels [Mass Effect],
Garrus Vakarian [Mass Effect],
Geth VI [Mass Effect],
Greg Adams [Mass Effect],
Grunt [Mass Effect],
Harbinger [Mass Effect],
Henry Lawson [Mass Effect],
Ish [Mass Effect],
Jack [Mass Effect],
Jacob Taylor [Mass Effect],
James Vega [Mass Effect],
Javik [Mass Effect],
Jeff 'Joker' Moreau [Mass Effect],
Kai Leng [Mass Effect],
Kaidan Alenko [Mass Effect],
Kasumi Goto [Mass Effect],
Kate Bowman [Mass Effect],
Kelly Chambers [Mass Effect],
Kenneth Donnelly [Mass Effect],
Legion [Mass Effect],
Liara T'soni [Mass Effect],
Matriarch Benezia [Mass Effect],
Maya Brooks [Mass Effect],
Miranda Lawson [Mass Effect],
Mordin Solus [Mass Effect],
Morinth [Mass Effect],
Nyreen Kandros [Mass Effect],
Oleg Petrovsky [Mass Effect],
Padok Wiks [Mass Effect],
Rana Thanoptis [Mass Effect],
Richard L. Jenkins [Mass Effect],
Samantha Traynor [Mass Effect],
Samara [Mass Effect],
Saren Arterius [Mass Effect],
Sovereign [Mass Effect],
Steve Cortez [Mass Effect],
Tali'Zorah nar Rayya [Mass Effect],
Tali'Zorah vas Neema [Mass Effect],
Tela Vasir [Mass Effect],
Thane Krios [Mass Effect],
The Illusive Man [Mass Effect],
The Shadow Broker [Mass Effect],
Urdnot Wrex [Mass Effect],
Vidinos [Mass Effect],
Wilson [Mass Effect],
Zaeed Massani [Mass Effect],

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