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List of Video Game Characters in Fallout Franchise
Abel [Fallout],
Alan [Fallout],
Albert [Fallout],
Alex [Fallout],
Alya [Fallout],
Amber [Fallout],
Andrew [Fallout],
Anthony [Fallout],
Aradesh [Fallout],
Avery [Fallout],
Baka [Fallout],
Barry [Fallout],
Benny [Fallout],
Beth [Fallout],
Betty [Fallout],
Billy [Fallout],
Bob [Fallout],
Box [Fallout],
Brenden [Fallout],
Butch Harris [Fallout],
Cabbot [Fallout],
Calder [Fallout],
Caleb [Fallout],
Chris Avellone [Fallout],
Christine [Fallout],
Cindy [Fallout],
Cleo [Fallout],
Codsworth [Fallout],
Cougar [Fallout],
Curtis [Fallout],
Dane [Fallout],
Daren Hightower [Fallout],
Darrel [Fallout],
Decker [Fallout],
Demetre Romara [Fallout],
Diana [Fallout],
Doc Mitchell [Fallout],
Doc Morbid [Fallout],
Dogmeat [Fallout],
Dogmeat [Fallout],
Dr. Lorri [Fallout],
Dr. Wu [Fallout],
Dugan [Fallout],
Farsight [Fallout],
Flash [Fallout],
Flip [Fallout],
Francis [Fallout],
Gabriel [Fallout],
Garl Death-Hand [Fallout],
Garret [Fallout],
Gary [Fallout],
General Barnaky [Fallout],
George [Fallout],
Ghoul Leader [Fallout],
Gizmo [Fallout],
Greg [Fallout],
Gretch [Fallout],
Guido [Fallout],
Gustofer [Fallout],
Gwen [Fallout],
Harold [Fallout],
Harold [Fallout],
Harry [Fallout],
Heather [Fallout],
Hernandez [Fallout],
Ian [Fallout],
Iguana Bob [Fallout],
Irwin [Fallout],
Ismarc [Fallout],
Izo [Fallout],
Jacoren [Fallout],
Jain [Fallout],
Jake [Fallout],
Jarvis [Fallout],
Jasmine [Fallout],
Jason Zimmerman [Fallout],
Jelissa [Fallout],
Jennifer [Fallout],
Jeremiah [Fallout],
Jerry [Fallout],
Jo [Fallout],
John [Fallout],
John Maxson [Fallout],
Jon Zimmerman [Fallout],
Justin Greene [Fallout],
Kalnor [Fallout],
Kane [Fallout],
Katja [Fallout],
Katrina [Fallout],
Kenji [Fallout],
Kenny [Fallout],
Keri Romara [Fallout],
Kevin [Fallout],
Killian Darkwater [Fallout],
Krupper [Fallout],
Kyle [Fallout],
Larry [Fallout],
Lars [Fallout],
Lasher [Fallout],
Lemmy [Fallout],
Leon [Fallout],
Leone [Fallout],
Lieutenant [Fallout],
Lorenzo Giovanni [Fallout],
Lorraine [Fallout],
Lox [Fallout],
Loxley [Fallout],
Luke [Fallout],
Lyle [Fallout],
MacRae [Fallout],
Marcelles [Fallout],
Marcus [Fallout],
Martha Rastello [Fallout],
Mat [Fallout],
Mathia [Fallout],
Max Stone [Fallout],
Michael [Fallout],
Mick [Fallout],
Miles [Fallout],
Mister Handy [Fallout],
Mitch [Fallout],
Moore [Fallout],
Morpheus [Fallout],
Mrs. Stapleton [Fallout],
Nancy [Fallout],
Natalia [Fallout],
Neal [Fallout],
Nicole [Fallout],
Patrick the Celt [Fallout],
Peter [Fallout],
Petrox [Fallout],
Phil [Fallout],
Phillips [Fallout],
Razlo [Fallout],
Razor [Fallout],
Rebecca [Fallout],
Rhombus [Fallout],
Rhombus [Fallout],
Rick [Fallout],
Riddick [Fallout],
Robert House [Fallout],
Rock [Fallout],
Rutger [Fallout],
Sally [Fallout],
Sammael [Fallout],
Sarah [Fallout],
Sasha [Fallout],
Saul [Fallout],
Seth [Fallout],
Shark [Fallout],
Sherry [Fallout],
Sid [Fallout],
Sinthia [Fallout],
Skizzer [Fallout],
Slappy [Fallout],
Slummer [Fallout],
Smitty [Fallout],
Snake [Fallout],
Sophia [Fallout],
Stitch [Fallout],
Stumpy [Fallout],
Talius [Fallout],
Talus [Fallout],
Tandi [Fallout],
Tandi [Fallout],
Terry [Fallout],
The Courier [Fallout],
The Master [Fallout],
Theresa [Fallout],
Thomas [Fallout],
Thorndyke [Fallout],
Tine [Fallout],
Tolya [Fallout],
Ton [Fallout],
Tony Fry [Fallout],
Trish [Fallout],
Tycho [Fallout],
Van Hagan [Fallout],
Vance [Fallout],
Vault Boy [Fallout],
Vault Dweller [Fallout],
Victor [Fallout],
Vincent [Fallout],
Vinnie [Fallout],
Viola [Fallout],
Vree [Fallout],
Wiggum [Fallout],
Wilma [Fallout],
Zack [Fallout],
Zack Barstow [Fallout],
Zark [Fallout],
ZAX 1.2 [Fallout],

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