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List of Video Game Characters in EverQuest Franchise
Alliz Onu [EverQuest],
Antonia Bayle [EverQuest],
Aradune Mithara [EverQuest],
Ayonae Ro [EverQuest],
Beno Targnarle [EverQuest],
Bertoxxulous [EverQuest],
Bolgin Serilis [EverQuest],
Brell Serilis [EverQuest],
Byzar Bloodforge [EverQuest],
Canloe Nusback [EverQuest],
Cazic-Thule [EverQuest],
Celsar Vestagon [EverQuest],
Derris Zek [EverQuest],
Drinal [EverQuest],
Druzzil Ro [EverQuest],
E'ci [EverQuest],
Eestyana Naestra [EverQuest],
Ehayae [EverQuest],
Emperor Ganak [EverQuest],
Erollisi Marr [EverQuest],
Fennin Ro [EverQuest],
Firiona Vie [EverQuest],
Ghonic Erharn [EverQuest],
Innoruuk [EverQuest],
Jemoz Lerkarson [EverQuest],
Karana [EverQuest],
Kyr'Tok [EverQuest],
Kyrtoxxulous [EverQuest],
Lady Vox [EverQuest],
Lanis Herion [EverQuest],
Lanys T'Vyl [EverQuest],
Lasydia [EverQuest],
Lord Nagafen [EverQuest],
Lucan D'Lere [EverQuest],
Luclin [EverQuest],
Master Wu [EverQuest],
Master Yael [EverQuest],
Mithaniel Marr [EverQuest],
Morell Thule [EverQuest],
Pained Soul [EverQuest],
Povar [EverQuest],
Prexus [EverQuest],
Quellious [EverQuest],
Rallos Zek [EverQuest],
Rizlona [EverQuest],
Rodcet Nife [EverQuest],
Rolfron Zek [EverQuest],
Sahteb Mahlni [EverQuest],
Saryrn [EverQuest],
Solusek Ro [EverQuest],
Sullon Zek [EverQuest],
Tallon Zek [EverQuest],
Talysra [EverQuest],
Tarew Marr [EverQuest],
Tayla Ironforge [EverQuest],
Terris-Thule [EverQuest],
The Nameless [EverQuest],
The Rathe [EverQuest],
The Tribunal [EverQuest],
Theron Rolius [EverQuest],
Tholius Quey [EverQuest],
Tholuxe Paells [EverQuest],
Thurion Desius [EverQuest],
Tifanah [EverQuest],
Torvonnilous [EverQuest],
Trakanon [EverQuest],
Tunare [EverQuest],
Ulkorruuk [EverQuest],
Vallon Zek [EverQuest],
Varig Ro [EverQuest],
Vazaelle Kaleine [EverQuest],
Veeshan [EverQuest],
Xegony [EverQuest],
Xev Bristlebane [EverQuest],
Xktkez [EverQuest],
Zebuxoruk [EverQuest],
Zordak Ragefire [EverQuest],

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