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05-30-24 05:01 AM

Luigi442wii is Offline

  I'm back.
Previous Name: Rosey Lumina
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  bad thread title


Oh hey. Who would have thought I was here.

I'm barely on anymore, and was one of the intakes from the surge of people that suddenly took an interest in the Acmlmsphere in 2014 (most of whom were early Discord adopters). I've long since distanced myself from them though, and this name is pretty much one of the only legacy assets I have leftover, it's a miracle I was even able to login because I trashed most stuff in 2020/2021 that I had.

Don't expect all that much. Hope you like this profile though, disabling all the useless tacked-on bulls*** reminds me of pre-2017, before that s*** was added. I miss when this site wasn't totally cluttered to be honest, I think that put me off posting here, but I'm not entirely sure. My most active days are definitely past me either way considering how cumbersome this place is to use and how broken some things are, I'd love a proper option to disable the stupid sidebars and whatnot but I doubt it'll ever happen.

(By the way, most of the people in the reverse friend list, I have cut ties with. I wish there was a way of hiding that. Same goes for removing the referrals, one of them is a rereg of me and the other one is an ex-abuser.)


Page Comments

claytune - 01-22-23 02:44 PM
If they've been closed for over a year people can go ahead and remake the thread.
claytune - 01-22-23 08:32 AM
Yeah it's depressing how many threads that were really good got closed due to inactivity D:
Mynamescox44 - 01-04-17 02:04 AM
I saw your "I'm back" thread, and just wanted to let you know the Netplay Item isn't required for multiplayer. It costs a small amount of Viz (like 50 or 100), but anyone can make Netplay sessions as long as the system's emulator supports it.
legacyme3 - 09-28-16 01:43 AM
MarioLucarioFan64 - 09-24-16 01:45 PM
Had a nice birthday?
Yuna1000 - 09-21-16 10:18 AM
Happy Birthday! =)
RDay13 - 09-21-16 07:44 AM
Happy Birthday
Snodeca - 08-01-16 05:24 AM
Nya 1 Nya 2 Nya 3 Nya 4 Nya 5 Nya 6 Nya 7 Nya 8 Nya 9 Nya 10. Now I won't spam Nya anymore