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09-18-20 04:03 PM
Online Game Details
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03:31 AM
Sega 32X

Players: 1-2
Hack Of:
Knuckles' Chaotix
Hack Type:

Game Genre:
Game Perspective:
Platform, Side-Scrolling

Play Sonic in Chaotix Online 32X Rom Hack of Knuckles' Chaotix - Sonic in Chaotix (32X)

Play Sonic in Chaotix online with Sega 32X browser emulation for free! Sonic in Chaotix is a rom hack of Knuckles' Chaotix (32X). Play it with our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

Sonic in Chaotix

Sonic in Chaotix Title ScreenSonic in Chaotix Screenshot 1
Sonic in Chaotix Screenthot 2
Rating: 9.1
(68 votes)
Plays: 17,814
Filesize: 1,808kb

Sonic in Chaotix Game Description

Sonic in Chaotix is a hack of Knuckles' Chaotix for the Sega 32X by JJFTails. By replacing Mighty's sprites with those of Sonic, Sonic is now a playable character in the game.

The Title screen sprite comes from a Sonic in Chaotix hoax which was created earlier. The sprite in the side-scrolling stages comes from Sonic Crackers and the bonus stage sprites come from Sonic the Hedgehog CDs Special Stage. Some custom sprites were made by KojiChao.

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Sonic in Chaotix Featured Review

Sonic in Chaotix Review by: BlueBlur93 - 5.6/10

Chaos in Chaotix
mnixon's BlueBlur score = 34/60
Rank = C
Overall Rating = 5.6/10

This time I am reviewing Knuckles' Chaotix, and first impressions were not too bad game play, neat graphics, smooth fps, professional looking, music isn't the best. OK down to business!

Graphics 9/10

The graphics are highly detailed in all zones and looks like a next generation (classic 2) sonic style game. However the layouts of the zones aren't very well thought out. There are 5 zones, with 5 acts per zone, and for each act of a zone it seems like you're playing the same act 5 times with minor changes, like palette changes, difficulty, subtle layout changes, and it can get rather boring as it seems rather repetitive.

Sound and Music  6/10

The music isn't as catchy and memorable as previous sonic games, and on 4/5 zones the music just does not quite fit the atmosphere. Amazing Arena's music does actually fit the atmosphere with like a clockwork style theme, also the Special Stage theme may not be catchy but it fits quite well.

Addictiveness 6/10

This is game is like Marmite, you love it or hate it, for quite a lot of people, for me it's quite good in some perspectives, and is good to play once I have played / completed it several months ago, but I can not keep on playing it on such a short duration.

Story 4/10

There is a form story line, not very noticeable but you know it's there (if that makes sense ). Eggman and Metal Sonic have captured the 6 Chaos Rings and have taken over the Chaotix machine. Knuckles and friends must collect all the rings, and defeat Eggman and Metal Sonic.

Depth 4/10

This game is a large game for a sonic game, but it's not necessarily a good thing, as I have mentioned, this game includes 5 zones, 5 acts per zone, 6 Special Stages, and also a Bonus Stage. There may be 5 acts per zone, but again I have mentioned that the acts seem very repetitive, and can get boring leading to less and less enthusiasm to play the game. So for the depth itself I have given it a 7/10, however because of the repetitive feeling I must reduce the score to a 4/10. It may be a long game but not in a good way!

Difficulty 5/10

The game isn't too difficult nor too easy. I think the most challenging thing about the game is to move to higher places when there's no other way. The later special stages can be quite annoying when you automatically run down and have to turn left at the same, due to the camera being directly behind the player, the polygon platforms can be quite hard to see, so you fall off and that's it end of Special Stage.

Overall 5.6/10

Overall, I think this an ok game to play for a 1st time or after several months after last play, nice graphics, disappointing music, basic story line, repetitive gameplay, and balanced difficulty, I give this game an average score of 5.6/10. I don't dislike the game nor like the game, I like it just as a one of game, which, not surprisingly, it is.

Thanks for reading my review!
  Graphics 9   Sound 6   Addictive 6   Depth 4   Story 4   Difficulty 5

Sonic in Chaotix Reviews

Overall 9.1    Graphics 9    Sound 7.5    Addictive 7    Story 3.5    Depth 6    Difficulty 5.5

Chaos in Chaotix   BlueBlur93
mnixon's BlueBlur score = 34/60 Rank = C Overall Rating = 5.6/10 This time I am reviewing Knuckles'...
  Graphics 9   Sound 6   Addictive 6   Story 4   Depth 4   Difficulty 5

      Review Rating: 4.3/5     Submitted: 06-24-13     Updated: 06-25-13     Review Replies: 3

Sonic In Chaotix   mario4245
Sonic In Chaotix Is A Hack Of Knuckles Chaotix. What It Does Is It Replaces Mighty's Sprit...
  Graphics 9   Sound 9   Addictive 8   Story 3   Depth 8   Difficulty 6

      Review Rating: 4/5     Submitted: 11-13-12     Review Replies: 1

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Game Characters in Sonic in Chaotix

Comments for Sonic in Chaotix

EmeraldCat 04-19-15 - 10:08 AM
 When i get sonic as a partner the game freezes ._.
homelessgoomba64 10-17-14 - 07:31 AM
MysteriousGamer 06-10-14 - 05:57 AM
 this game is fun wait not fun its awesome
DANTOINE5 09-06-13 - 11:50 PM
killer??? 08-10-13 - 02:55 PM
 what happens when you get all chaos rings
FuyokoTheLeader 02-21-13 - 10:56 PM
 some one needs to get a sonic mars rom and put in here
Xevious035 11-28-12 - 04:17 PM
 @gigahammerplus: Useless comment is useless!
Vizzedgamer! 10-06-12 - 11:44 AM
gigahammerplus 06-25-12 - 09:28 AM
IceKirby 06-05-12 - 08:35 AM
 I saved Dream Land And Planet Pop Star!
IceKirby 05-30-12 - 04:15 PM
 You can get Heavy or Bomb. Cuz they're special characters.
Skellodude7890 05-28-12 - 11:01 AM
sonic the hedge.. 05-25-12 - 09:00 PM
 ice i named kirby a sonic game
IceKirby 05-23-12 - 05:48 PM
 I got all of the Chaos Rings!
IceKirby 05-23-12 - 01:53 PM
 Kirby in Kyurem's Chaotix
dark sonic110 05-20-12 - 07:25 PM
 yea this is so awesme i herd mighty going in sonicx saying why he left
shadic_x 04-30-12 - 07:17 PM
 cool no
shadic_x 04-30-12 - 07:06 PM
 sonic in chaotix perfect
commander shepe.. 04-29-12 - 06:54 PM
luppy97 04-28-12 - 03:19 PM
 does this game take a while to load?
Biggestsonicfan.. 04-23-12 - 04:55 PM
 You suck matko
Awsomepower200 04-17-12 - 08:32 PM
 ssoooo fun
ilappy486 04-05-12 - 01:11 PM
 dont get heavy or bomb
Toto127 04-02-12 - 06:21 AM
 file version info
Toto127 04-02-12 - 06:21 AM
 i cant play the game its said error to download the server