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09-20-19 02:07 PM

Sell Stuff

Buy and sell Digital game codes for steam games, eShop and more. You can also find Vizzed items which can unlock site features. Codes are delivered instantly when purchased with Viz. (this feature is still in beta)

Vizzed Item Information

Listing Name:

The name of the item listing; leave this blank if you want to just use game name

Your item will no longer be available to you after you've listed it until you delist it.


Vizzed Item Pricing

Viz Price:

If a price isn't specified then the retail price (if available) will be used where US $1 = 1000 Viz
Cash Price:
Coming Soon
If you want to charge real money for the item, enter in the US dollar amount (you can do both)

Dynamic Viz Price:

This lets the price be based on dynamic variables. If you leave the Viz Price blank then the dynamic prices will be based on retail price, otherwise it'll be based on your Viz Price. This is completely optional.
Supply & Demand: Price depends on quantity available. 1 = 3 x Price; 2-3 = 2 x Price; 4-7 = 1.5 x Price; 8-15 = 1 x Price; 16+ - 0.5 x Price;
Weekly Price Drop #%: For every week the item is up, the price will drop by a percentage based on specified number.

Start Date: (timestamp)

If left empty, then the item will be listed immediately
End Date: (timestamp)

If left empty, then the code will stay up until it's sold

Auction Start Price:
Feature Coming Soon
Auction Type:
Feature Coming Soon

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