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06-12-21 02:49 PM
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Released: 7-01-07
Players: 1-16

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Brain Age 2 (DS) - DS

Brain Age 2 is a Puzzle game published by Nintendo in 2007 for the DS.

Brain Age 2

Brain Age 2 Title ScreenBrain Age 2 Screenshot 1
Brain Age 2 Box Art Front
Rating: 7.5 (3 votes)

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Brain Age 2 Featured Review

Brain Age 2 Review by: EideticMemory - 8.2/10

Ouch, My Mind is Sore!
Ouch, My Mind is Sore!
Released in 2007,
Brain Age 2 provides a unique set of tests and practice activities to boost your brain power by training your mind. Various activities train different faculties of the mind, including listening, mental mathematics, and memory.

By practicing each day, your ultimate goal is to lower your calculated brain age as close to 20 as possible.

Since I’m reviewing an educational game, my approach will be different.

So without further ado, let’s jump in!

Graphics (Presentation) : 9 / 10 -- Is the presentation successful?

With a simple format and clear text, the game eliminates potential distractions. Meant for use by both kids and adults, the design was made for simple use. Buttons are large and easy to press and there aren’t any flashing lights or tiny text.

In between games, the face of Dr. Kawashima appears and gives helpful hints. The amusing, animated face adds to the fun, but it also makes the time you spend on the game similar to a session with a mental trainer.

In educational games, simple and unobtrusive graphics may be a plus, but it the case of this game there is no doubt about it; they help the game.

With an impressive presentation to all ages, the game scores 9 / 10.

Sound / Music: 10 / 10 -- Does it detract or contribute to the learning atmosphere?

While I find the main title music a little annoying, the music within and between the mini games play softly and slowly, perfectly complementing the learning atmosphere of the game.

Sound effects are heard throughout the game, whether you solved a question correctly, started a game, or during questions themselves. Although sound effects play often, they do not play excessively nor are they annoying. In fact, they are noteworthy for their ability to keep players engaged with more than one sense.

In minigames where voices are spoken, the clarity of voices make them easy to understand. The only difficulty appears during the mini-games themselves, where you may have to separate two words spoken together at the same time to train listening.

Apparent with every soundtrack and effect within the game, the Sound / Music impressively contributes to the learning atmosphere. 10 / 10.

Addictiveness: 7 / 10 -- Does it entice long-term, consistent play?

While the game does provide for long-term play through use of a calendar and systematic guidelines for exercises, its only enticement is the intellectually fun nature of the games. Otherwise, it’s up to you to keep training and practicing.

From my own experience, the variety of games and challenge of them, kept me playing for several weeks when I first bought it. While it doesn’t make a good game for a binge, it does make you want to log on each morning to receive the stamp for the day. The activities are quick, so the idea of improvement with so little time spent does make the experience more addictive.

In general, none of the mini-games are addictive by themselves. It’s the combination of them that creates interest for them. In other words, you are more likely to get addicted to the idea of achievement than the games themselves.

I do find that sharing the game among several people does make the addictiveness last longer, since a spirit of competitiveness starts. You will each try to set high scores for the games and get the lowest brain age. The game facilitates this type of friendly competition, which can easily addict your whole family or group of friends.

Over the long-term, chances are that you forget to play for one day and before you know it, a week has passed since you last received a stamp. The nature of its addictiveness only has this downside.

This addictive game only has a few minor issues with addictiveness that lower the score to 7 / 10.

Story: N / A -- Is there a goal?
Without any true story, the game has only one goal: Improve your brain beyond it’s current limits. As long as you keep improving, you’re fulfilling the object of the game. Of course, everyone hits a plateau at some point. Then you should focus on finding ways to work past that limitation, and you’ll continue to improve.

Depth: 7 / 10 -- Are there a lot of activities to do?

With at least sixteen counted activities and the once-a-day brain age test, the game does provide depth. On the other hand, the games are very small and only last a few minutes each.

It is quite possible to complete all possible activities within two hours. This further shows that while there are plenty of activities, they do not have depth themselves.

Since there are enough activities to prevent the game from losing your interest, the depth rates 7 / 10.

Difficulty: 8 / 10

While the difficulty of certain activities depend on the specific person, the game, as a whole, tries to push everyone to their limits, no matter how well you perform at the start.

While I found myself strong at some activities, I was dreadfully weak at others. At the time I started playing the game, I struggled with the memorization of numbers. After practicing, it became easier. After improvements, you can choose to play harder levels of the same game.
Because the game provides hard challenges from a wide breadth of mental challenges, the difficulty scores 8 / 10.

Overall: 8.2 / 10

Graphics (Presentation) : 9 * 15% = 1.35
Sound / Music : 10 * 20% = 2
Addictiveness : 7 * 15% = 1.05
Story : N/A * 0% = 0
Depth : 7 * 25% = 1.75
Difficulty : 8 * 25% = 2

SUM = Overall Score = 8.15

My mathematical comparison of important categories leads to an impressive overall score of 8.2 / 10.

The game consists of all strengths and no pronounced weaknesses. Minor weaknesses prevent categories from reaching perfect scores, but they are easily overcome by the strengths. The largest weakness of the game was enticing users to play daily, while the largest strength was the challenge the game poses to each player individually.

I received the game as a gift, but I would not mind paying for it. I would recommend it to anyone.

You might especially want to buy it if you:
1. find brain training interesting or necessary

2. want to buy an educational game that’s actually fun

3. need to give a present that parents would approve of (and could possibly play in the future).

In these three cases, I have no doubt that you’ve come across the right game.

I loved examining
Brain Age 2. If you have played it or have something pertinent to say, please comment!

Thank you for reading!
  Graphics 9   Sound 10   Addictive 7   Depth 7   Difficulty 8

Brain Age 2 Reviews

Overall 7.5    Graphics 9    Sound 10    Addictive 7    Depth 7    Difficulty 8

Ouch, My Mind is Sore!   EideticMemory
Ouch, My Mind is Sore! Released in 2007, Brain Age 2 provides a unique set of tests and practice act...
  Graphics 9   Sound 10   Addictive 7   Depth 7   Difficulty 8

      Review Rating: 5/5     Submitted: 02-10-14     Updated: 02-11-14     Review Replies: 3

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