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Dee front-flipping leet that detail now!
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01-15-17 09:52 AM
01-15-17 09:52 AM

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Dee front-flipping leet that detail now!


01-15-17 09:52 AM
MarioLucarioFan64 is Offline
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Hey guys. Today i made up this forum game. Here, you basically describe an object. It can be anything: Furniture, plants, toys, accessories, animals... Etc. And you must leave away an important detail. (it doesn't actually matter if you accidentally forget details now) For example, Bill describes his object like this:

Bill "It is a wooden object with a keyhole and some hinges."
Will "You forgot the knob of the door. My object: It is black and it has a black beak. It's not a very big one of its kind."
Phil "You let away the wings. But it was a crow, right? My object: It is a cube with six colors, on each side one different color. And it's a puzzle."
Jill "A Rubik's cube? I don't know... My object: ..."

And so on. Jill had it wrong, she said what it was. But Phil let away the fact that a Rubik's cube exists from 3 x 3 x 3 tiny cubes. So Jill could've known that quickly.

Should i start? It is made from metal and it says it's cola. What did i miss?

(Gotcha with the title. Sorry if that was unnecessary)
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