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12-10-19 08:19 PM

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I got Super Mario Maker 3DS, but i'm really, really sick too...
(WARNING: Gross details) I'm discussing current situations again... -.-
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12-17-16 06:14 AM
01-12-17 10:54 PM

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I got Super Mario Maker 3DS, but i'm really, really sick too...


12-17-16 06:14 AM
MarioLucarioFan64 is Offline
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WARNING: If you are afraid of the details used in situation 2 or if you can't stand disgusting details, do NOT look there!

Hi guys. I want to discuss some situations i had to live in. One is good, one is horrible. So... Lets start?

Situation 1: I got Super Mario Maker for the Nintendo 3DS. It's really funny how Nintendo made it for celebrating Mario's 30th year in 2015. But i also was wondering: Can it provide you online functions? Our beloved Lexatom wondered that too and i decided to check it for him.

Lexatom : Online functions are not supported, buddy... Only Wii U players can share levels online... That's even what the trailer said.

Situation 2: I got a disease suddenly since yesterday. I was going home as usual in 2 weeks of time. I got hungry and from all my friends, i was the ONLY person who didn't encounter a fever yet. But as i got hungry, my parents and i bought me a meatball in some bread from a super market. Then i went home and was chatting on Vizzed, roleplaying with Tama10 : and checking my stuff on YouTube. But i got a stomach ache and became very sick. Later on, i almost threw up because i became that sick. I laid on the couch and my body temperature increased to 38,7 degrees Celsius. I had to throw up after i knew my body temperate but again, it was no use. Then i had to throw up AGAIN, 15 minutes later. I succeeded. But my parents were sort of worried about me. They knew i would be sick one day, but THAT sick? Later on, i threw up blood as well. I remember that the last time i threw up because of a disease was almost 6 years ago. I ate poisonous food back then. But then yesterday, at 19:00 PM, i accidentally gave so much pressure when throwing up, that it even went through my nose... of which felt disgusting. And every time i ate something or drank water, i hurried to our toilet again. And i slept horrible too. I woke up at 22:00 PM, 0:30 AM, 2:00 AM and 6:00 AM... all that because i had to throw up and couldn't sleep properly because my mom turned on a light to let me find the way out. I finally woke up at 10:00 AM, and felt no stomach ache anymore. My stomach had no food or anything anymore, so i had a slight stomach ache left. And now (at 13:10 PM), i am feeling much better. I have to eat biscuits and drink water, so no chocolate today. But it's for a good thing.

Sorry if that went too far. Mods, if this thread is indeed too much, feel free to edit this thread. (i don't know who the page staff is)

Made with a Nintendo 3DS.
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12-17-16 09:49 AM
Lexatom is Offline
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I said I knew about the online functionality the entire time lol. That's why I'm getting the Wii U version.
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12-17-16 10:55 AM
Boured is Offline
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MarioLucarioFan64 : If you have homebrew or CFW for the 3DS then there is an app that serves as a makeshift online course uploader. Course it's in early stages not to mention it requires at least homebrew which on newer versions of system firmware is hard to get into without money.

Without that then yes, SMM for 3DS has no way to upload levels normally.
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(edited by 18mlivingston on 12-17-16 10:56 AM)    

01-12-17 09:18 PM
TheFadedWarrior is Offline
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Darn, you made it sound so gross but then it turned out just to be throwing up blood...

Joking aside, that really sucks. I have been very sick multiple times myself and I know how it feels. One time I woke up at like 4am and then puked super hard out of my nose and it stunk so i tried to clean it but i gave myself a nosebleed

those who know me know that i get horrible nosebleeds

so i was puking out my mouth and nose and bleeding out my eyes and mouth and nose and i basically couldn't breathe
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01-12-17 10:54 PM
zanderlex is Offline
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Being sick is horrible. My suggestion is just stick to NyQuil. No matter what ls wrong, as long as you can get a good nights sleep, you always start feeling better. Always helps me out whether I'm sick, nauseas, or whatever.

I've always wanted to play Super Mario Maker, but like most 3DS games, it's too expensive for me.
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