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03-30-20 04:07 AM

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10-20-16 07:09 AM
10-20-16 11:43 PM

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15 Reviews in 1


10-20-16 07:09 AM
thales720 is Offline
Link | ID: 1309252 | 1264 Words

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hello how are you? Today I have come to bring you guys a compiled reviews of various games, then have to prepare, because it has enough games here

1.Punch Ball Mario Bros.
who is true gamer knows that the first Super Mario game was not Super Mario Bros., right? actually the first game of Super Mario was the beloved Mario Bros.
this is a classic that has verssões to almost all the islands, even those fake that only obscure gamer see, but the focus today is Punch Ball Mario Bros. and it was something like what happened to Hudson (creator of Bomberman classic) has partnered with Nintendo to her power to verssões the classic to the epoch of the PC (at least I think it was like that) but WHAT happened were those 3 games mario the so obscure Punch Ball Mario Bros. Bros.Special Mario and Super Mario Bros.Special (I already did review here)
let's start now, Punch Ball Mario Bros. has a well legala difference from normal versions of the game, here you play a ball at the enemies, and then kicks them, it was a really cool idea and it made me think that one of the best versions of Mario Bros. but the game is pretty cool and worth playing.

2.Mr Mary.
this game is just the Mario Bros, only it is a pirated version for the clones, only the title screen that changes it, otherwise the game is all the same ...

3.Woof Blaster
as you can see by my photo I love this game, it's pretty cool, frantic and epileptic
In this game we control a dog that is behind your pizza that was stolen by his father and was given to the guardians (bosses) and now it's up to you to retrieve the pizza, the game is pretty crazy because it's all a lot of explosions and enemies and money coming from all sides, it is somewhat difficult to control at times and if you lose does not continue, and even extra lives, just wHAT is on the screen, you can buy rage forms (which are a supreme way to destroy all)
hearts to give more force against hits, power ups for you blow it up again when the fill bar and the type of shot (yes, we're talking about a dog that throws) and more, when you finish the game does not win anything new, but still can collect achievements

4.Mairo Maker
yes, it Mairo same and not Mario, if you're wondering what it is that game, I explain, is another one of those Super Mario Maker clones only on the PC, in the game you can create levels and play levels, but unlike many maker mario clones out there, that you have an online levels sharing system and equal in wii u even, let's start by the creator of levels, you you can create levels and legal, of course it does not have the amount of things to use as the wii u, but gives to play and have fun all the same, has the Super Mario Bros styles, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World, the creator was adding new things almost every month, but Nintendo was there and canceled the project (as always) but the servers are still open, so if you want to play there's still now how to play stages, it is quite easy to play the phases of all the world, just come and play, but the problem is that It has some stages that are very boring and uncreative, but has some that are incredible, new phases out today, and you guys can play too

5.Super Mix Maker
this is the Mairo Maker successor, this same game developer is promising enough, and soon will leave the new version of the game with new things, but here is no longer the Mairo (or Mario) in his classic style, because of bulletin autorda nintendo rights, but the sprite it was still more cool, now has two new styles, Super style (in the style of Super Mario Bros.) and Mega style (in Mega Man style) in the Super style you do not have many differences if not the sprites, but Mega Style you can shoot a buster like the Mega Man Classic, the powers were exchanged for and tanks (or almost) and you could log in, just that it went off the air, but in the new version believe to come back.

6.Somari 3D Blast 5
This game is a remake of Somari (nes) only on the PC, the mechanics were far better and less glitched in the old game, and also gives to play with Somari, Sonic and Hummer, the mascot HummerTeam that made the first game, also now the game runs without lags and the like, it was much more comfortable to play and now you do not die for nothing, not to mention that the movements were more fluid
one clone but with less lag and downloadable version on the desktop without counting that is much lower than

8.Sonic (DOS)
a Sonic game only for MS-DOS, this game is well glitched but is also somewhat funny, so you get 50 rings just skip that you ever seen Super Sonic, the heads are ridiculously hard and so you die too , the game is all in Spanish but it does not hurt ...

9.Sonic CD
Sonic CD is a very cool and beautiful game was the first Sonic Adventure in the world of CD, here you can only play with Sonic on Sega CD version and the old version of the PC, but in 2012, the new version is possible to play with Tails and even Metal Sonic (with mods) .This game introduced the sonic ability to travel to the past and present and also introduced Amy to the gaming world, and also this time you do not emeralds collection of chaos but timestones

10.Super Mario Bros. (Game & Watch)
this Mario game is pretty cool, is Super Mario Bros. only converted to a Game & Watch, it is a very different and also very rare and expensive game ...

11.Bloo Kid 2
Bloo Kid 2 is an indie game for different platforms starring a blue haired boy trying to save her baby, the game is very difficult and challenging to the easy way, but it is very fun to play, looks like a beautiful mixture of Mario, Sonic, Clastlevania and Adventure island, the game has 5 worlds and an end not as impressive, but cool

12.Sonic Blast
Sonic Blast is a pretty cool game and a little obscure for sega master system and game gear, contains knuckles as perssonagem playable for the first time in 8-bit and also double jump to Sonic, although many say he is a bad game I like enough of it and get to be one of my favorite sonic games

13.Super Angry Birds
is an almost perfect bootleg of angry birds to the famous NES, it is really fun and contains two worlds poached eggs and mighty hoax, is cool even for the console and its ability, has some locked but okay ...

14.Sonic Bros
one hack version of super mario bros but with the sonic or tails and also some new enemies

Thank you for reading this far these were the reviews today could not choose a game just so I made this list of reviews, and lenbrando translator I use, because I'm not fluent in English
bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye .........
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10-20-16 11:43 PM
Vanelan is Offline
Link | ID: 1309408 | 19 Words

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thales720 : This is like 1/15 of a review 14x... the last one isn't even about a game...
Please stop...
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