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Universal Contact - Chapter 5
#5: Encounter with Footprint Forest
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10-12-16 03:32 AM
10-12-16 03:32 AM

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Universal Contact - Chapter 5


10-12-16 03:32 AM
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Universal Contact – Chapter 5: Encounter with Footprint Forest

Back at Alana and the others...

Alana felt a weird taste in her mouth. She woke up thanks to that taste and saw a shady figure with a hood standing there. It talked with a very, very low voice.

Shade: “Wake up. Must defend.”
Alana was looking very tired. She looked at the others. They weren’t here.
Shade: “Get up. Follow me.”
The shade went towards a forest with a lot of dead trees. Actually, all the trees are dead over there. The ground was made of dirt, but not very hard dirt. And the sky had dark purple clouds.
Shade: “You here, you help. We desperate.”
Alana: “Huh? With what?”
Shade: “With crystal. Gives trouble, must disappear. God there, refuses everything. God trouble, must disappear.”
Alana: “Ooh, a Destiny Crystal or something like that!”
Shade: “Destiny Crystal?”
The shade looked at Alana by turning its head 180 degrees. It still went forward as if nothing happened.
Alana: “Ouch... Eh... Yeah, a Destiny Crystal is a crystal that provides immense power or something. And there are 8 more.”
The shade turned its head back and was focusing on the path.
Shade: “How curious. Immense power, 8 more. Very interesting.”
Alana was thinking: Oh no... Not a good idea.
Shade: “Not good? Destiny Crystal, lays here. You here, you help.”
Alana: “Huh? Oh, you can read my mind... Great...”
Shade: “Read minds, I can. All day. Mortal humans. They victim. Like you.”
The two arrived in a small village, where the huts are made of wood from the trees.
Shade: “Wait here.”
The shade floated towards a hut, where his master probably was. 4 minutes later, the shade and a normal human came out of the hut. It was Master Suroniar, the evil lord from Chapter 3. He came up at Alana and inspected her. He grinned.
Master Suroniar: “Heh heh...”
He was walking back and forth in front of Alana. Then he suddenly kicked her against her left thigh really hard once he was on her left side. She fell on the ground from the pain and yelled it out.
Master Suroniar: “That’s what you get for reminding me of my brother’s daughter... Who was a traitor for her own planet. And that’s also for being so stupid to remind me of the 8 Destiny Crystals. Take her away!”
Two shades came up to Alana and picked her up. They brought her to a cage and threw (Yes, literally threw) her in the cage. They closed the cage and locked it. She was crying of the pain and hate Master Suroniar gave to Alana. The cage was getting pulled up by the shades their powers and was brought to a portal. They want to throw Alana in the portal, but...
???: “Stop right there, Suroniar.”
Alana looked up and saw the Master and Jessica standing there. Master Suroniar saw the Master too.
Master Suroniar: “Aah, brother... Little brother... It should be a shame for the girl to lose her master, right?”
Alana was looking with a shocked face.
Alana: “Wh-what...? Brother?”
Master Suroniar: “So, Paul... Pauleron... Are you going to attack me?”
The Master was ashamed to hear his name. Too ashamed to attack. No one ever knew his name, they always call him the Master. That’s it. But Jessica and Alana were surprised to hear his name being called out by his brother.
Master Pauleron: “...”
Master Suroniar: “Lost your tongue? Heh heh... I must admit: So far, you became stronger. And same goes to your apprentices Alana, Jessica, Draco, Jason... Et cetera. But I think the time has come now: One of your apprentices was my spy. And he pretended as if he was a normal hero like you, except for his grumpy mood... But he gave information to me about the location, the files, et cetera. And now we will take revenge... Here in Footprint Forest, an island I made by myself.”
The Master became angry and curious who the spy was.
Master Pauleron: “Grrr... Who is this spy!?”
Master Suroniar: “Didn’t you notice that already? Not that I sent Draco there?”
Everyone looked very shocked, even those shades that almost threw Alana in a portal.
Alana: “D-Draco is your spy all along?!”
Jessica: “...”
Master Suroniar went up to the cage Alana was in.
Master Suroniar: “You’re smarter than your hair color says... Yes, he was my spy. And now I sent lots of tanks there, to conquer the Treehouse Base.”
The Master thought of his daughter, who was resting there in peace. He attacked Master Suroniar (Who faced away from him) with his hands getting surrounded by electricity.
Master Pauleron: “NOOOOO!!!”
The Master tried punch Master Suroniar with his right fist, but he stopped him. Master Suroniar created dark matter around his fists. And they were ready to fight for the Treehouse Base. The Master tried to attack the whole the, but Master Suroniar blocked his attacks. Suddenly, after 1,5 minutes of blocking the Master’s attacks, Master Suroniar punched him and released the dark matter on The Master. The Master fell down... knocked out.
Master Suroniar: “Haha...”
Master Suroniar looked to Alana’s cage, but it was open. The shades were knocked out too and Jessica and Alana weren’t there anymore. Apparently, Jessica freed Alana and knocked out those shades.
Master Suroniar: “Grrrr...!!!”
Master Suroniar suddenly began to shake and stomped on the floor, creating immense earthquakes. He used his powers to teleport away. But where were Jessica and Alana? They ran away, to the shore of the dark island Footprint Forest. They stopped once they were on the edge of a cliff and saw land 300 miles away from them. They looked behind them, and saw an army of shades coming.
Alana: “Great, what now?”
Jessica: “Jump.”
Alana looked at the ocean below. They were pretty high above the ocean.
Alana: “JUMP?! Are you insa-...”
Jessica held Alana’s arm.
Jessica: “Yes, now I am.”
Jessica jumped and pulled Alana with her, so that they fell down together. Alana yelled and later, they splashed into the water. Once they could breathe above the water, they were swimming away. Towards the land they saw 300 miles away.


Crystal and Jason were still at Lotus Lake, experiencing another earthquake.

Jason: “Woah... That was one big earthquake.”
Crystal: “Mm-hm. But I’m sure they will be over once. I mean, I know some heroes named Alana and Jessica. And a leader, who they call The Master or something.”
Jason: “I know, I recognize them.”
Jason was thinking: Crystal is pretty nice. I want to know what she’s thinking about. He tried to read Crystal’s mind (because he can do that a bit) but heard nothing. He tried it again and focused more, but again: Nothing.
Crystal: “So... What now?”
Jason realized Crystal is a robot. Only robots are immune for what Jason did. Because they have no organic brain or mind.
Jason: “Y-you’re... A robot?”
Crystal sighed.
Crystal: “Now you know... Yes, I’m a Hubot, a human replacement if humans get eliminated.”
Crystal went off a bench they sat on first.
Crystal: “I hope you understand...”
Crystal went away. She was pretty disappointed in Jason.
Jason: “Crystal! Wait!”
Crystal looked around. But she didn’t return.
Crystal: “No, sorry... I don’t want to be in your way...”
Jason jumped in the air, disappeared and appeared in front of Crystal. Crystal went back a bit.
Crystal: “Woah.”
Jason: “Look, there is nothing wrong with being a robot. Especially if you will replace humans once they’re not here anymore. I like you, and I didn’t even notice you were a robot until I was reading your mind. And you’re not in my way. Honestly.”
Jason was looking at Crystal. She had pure green eyes and leaf green hair, but her clothes are kind of the thing that ruins her look.
Jason: “You’re very attractive, I’ll give you that. But I’m not your perfect love... I mean, we’re too different... But I can help you find yourself a better person, though.”
Crystal hugged Jason. She held him tight.
Crystal: “But... I want you. I don’t want a better person. You’re perfect already.”
Jason was thinking: This is going to get hard... Suddenly, he got an idea.
Jason: “Crystal, what factory are you made in?”
Crystal: “In ‘Robot Works’, but how does that relate with our conversation?”
Jason: “I think I know how you can turn into a human...”
Crystal was holding her laugh. Yeah right, a robot turning into a human? No one succeeded in that before.
Jason: “It’s true, I know a place where every wish can come true.”
Crystal: “Oh let me guess: Destiny’s Temple?”
Jason: “Yep. There, every wish you make comes true. However, you may only make three wishes and you need Destiny’s trust to even enter the temple.”
Crystal: “I know, I know the myth. But is it true?”
Jason: “Yes. I was there and I wished for a better life, a better job and a better haircut. And look at me now!”
Crystal laughed.
Crystal: “Haha! You wished for a haircut?”
Jason: “Yep... I still regret that... Anyway, let’s go!”
Jason grabbed his Protice and teleported Crystal and himself to Destiny’s Temple.

Meanwhile, at ‘Robot Works’...

Metalblade, his brother, his sister, a black robot with a white cape and two arms (of which could be split in a total of four), a female with a green, glowing eye and lime green hair (wears black, ripped clothes) and Master Suroniar on a hologram were all six around a long table, discussing what to do next. The white robot slammed his split arm on the table. He talked with a low voice as well, but his voice sounded as if he couldn’t breathe well. Good enough he still could breathe. Well... if he was human, that is.

???: “This is ridiculous! We have been waiting for too long! We must act now!”
Master Suroniar: “Silence, general Absordion! Your turn is almost, you better prepare your secret weapon! We only need to locate Crystal again and once we got her, we have those 100.000.000 robots made!”
Metalblade’s sister, Roseleaf, went off from a chair. She talked with a young female human voice.
Roseleaf: “But what in Aeronother’s name is Mrs. La Poisonne doing here?! If she has no role, she has no use and then we must elimina-...”
The female with the green glowing eye went up and grabbed a bazooka insanely fast. It was loaded with a cannonball full of poisonous matter and she aimed for Roseleaf while standing on the table with one foot and on her seat with the other one.
La Poisonne: “You say, madame?”
Roseleaf went back on her seat.
Roseleaf: “...weirdo...”
La Poisonne grabbed her poisonous sword and pointed at Roseleaf.
La Poisonne: “Madame, I don’t think you would offend ze La Poisonne, madame of ze toxique!”
La Poisonne said “toxique” with the “I” as in “leaf” or “wee”. Well, how it sounds like. Roseleaf went up again. She stuck out her robot hand.
Roseleaf: “Alright, sorry.”
La Poisonne wanted to grab Roseleaf’s hand, but Roseleaf pulled her hand back quickly.
Roseleaf: “Never mind, too slow. Haha!”
La Poisonne wanted to attack Roseleaf, but Metalblade went between the two.
Metalblade: “ENOUGH! I have been watching this a while and now you two go too far! Look, Roseleaf is immortal and La Poisonne is invincible! There, you two are equal so fighting is useless!”
La Poisonne: “Oh non non non, madame Roséleaf is not immortal, but can be rebuilt.”
Roseleaf: “Get my name right! “Roséleaf”... What the hey!”
Master Suroniar: “Heh heh heh...”
The others looked at the hologram of Master Suroniar.
Metalblade: “Master?”
Master Suroniar: “Can I tell you my plan now?”
La Poisonne: “That would be fantastique!”
Metalblade: “Sure. Not that I can decline it...”
Master Suroniar’s hologram projector had wheels and started to roll to Metalblade.
Master Suroniar: “Metalblade, you can decline it, but then you will be as small as you were when you still were a bolt.”
Metalblade: “*gulp* Uh... G-go on...”
Master Suroniar went back to the end of the long table.
Master Suroniar: “I needed those 100.000.000 robots to re-create this world. I know it has been going bad with Destiny lately and that means that we must act before Destiny destroys life here. However, they are war machines as well, and that’s where I used you three, Metalblade, Roseleaf and Ultrabolt.”
Metalblade and Roseleaf were listening, but didn’t hear their brother Ultrabolt. They looked at his seat and he was set to stand-by. Roseleaf went up to him and turned him on again. Ultrabolt shaked and twitched a lot once that happened and his processors started to work again.
Ultrabolt: “G-g-g-g... Aah thanks, Roseleaf. Now... Where is that little monkey...”
Master Suroniar: “Monkey?... There is no monkey here, Ultrabolt.”
???: “KEE!!”
The six looked up and saw indeed a monkey. It was a small monkey with brown fur. And he was wearing a red cap backwards. Yes, it was a he.
Ultrabolt: “Yo, brother, is that thing yours?”
Metalblade: “No... Roseleaf?”
Roseleaf: “Nope, I don’t have any pets, luckily.”
The monkey jumped 12 feet down while holding a pretty heavy chain and he was swinging down. But once he released the chain, La Poisonne grabbed him.
La Poisonne: “There! Ze monkee is no danger anymore. I’m curious for zis plan you were talking about, monsieur Suronair... Uh... Suroniar.”
General Absordion: “Bwaha! You said the master’s name wrong!”
A hand grabbed general Absordion’s cape and pulled him up. It was a giant robot claw, meant to transport wooden crates. Absordion was yelling “Put me down!”, but he was taken away to another room. Everyone looked surprised.
Master Suroniar: “Hmm... Suronaire or Suronair sounds better... I’ll change my name to that if I become the ruler of Aeronother.”
La Poisonne went outside and put down the monkey. She saw his name tag: Mr. Bananas. She opened the mailbox from both sides (the inside and outside). Then Mr. Bananas went through the mailbox and was released into the wild.
La Poisonne: “Au revoir, mon ami!” (Bye bye, my friend!)
La Poisonne went inside again. The other looked mad at her.
La Poisonne: “You need to be nice to ze strangers sometimes too.”
Master Suroniar: “*ahem* As I said, the plan is to re-create the humans on Aeronother once Destiny freed the entire planet from its life. Then, I can rule the planet with Destiny on my side! And no one will stop me!”
Metalblade: “But the earthquakes?”
Master Suroniar: “Ha! They don’t know I was the source of those! I learned a magic trick to release my powers on the floor below me, to create earthquakes!”
Master Suroniar was walking away to a window on the hologram.
Master Suroniar: “Oh, and I have even sent Draco back with our new slaves! They’re going to pass the Great Divide soon. There, another factory like this one is getting used. But I need to focus on now, I see two people I want to... WHAT?!”
Master Suroniar was looking on a radar on his side of the hologram, and saw two red dots (enemies) in the ocean and a massive red dot behind them, according to their direction.
Metalblade: “What is it, master? We’ll handle it, just tell us.”
Master Suroniar: “Haha... You even failed in bringing Crystal back... La Poisonne, you go to Pirate’s Route 3 and take care of this!”
La Poisonne went away, sticking her thumb up. She accepted the mission. She put on some jet boots and picked her weapons to go to Pirate’s Route 3, one of the six big oceans on Aeronother.

Back at Alana and Jessica...

The two were still swimming to the land they saw. Suddenly, it became dark.

Jessica: “Geez, is it that late?”
Alana: “*huff* No, it’s... Urgh... Still day...”
Alana’s arms were starting to hurt. Her clothes were as wet as a wet sponge.
Jessica looked around and stopped swimming.
Jessica: “Then what could it... *gasp*”

To be continued...
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