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Universal Contact - Chapter 4
#4: The survival begins
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Universal Contact - Chapter 4


10-05-16 10:22 AM
MarioLucarioFan64 is Offline
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First of all, i have no idea if i get DQ'd from TdV if i post stories. If not, this wasn't meant for TdV anyway, honestly. See second thing.

Second, i make this for fun, but have no clue how much chapters are going to be there... I even think of a sequel, just like The Alternative Stories. Probably will make 8 or more chapters.

Universal Contact – Chapter 4: The survival begins

Alana and Jessica ran away from the Treehouse Base, but Alana didn’t ran away for the others... She thought Jessica was going to kill her too.

Jessica: “ALANAAAA!”
Alana ignored Jessica and ran towards a beach without knowing it. There only was ocean, so she was ‘trapped’.
Jessica: “Alana! I just want to help you!”
Alana wasn’t planning to swim away. That would take too much time.
Alana: “Please... Have mercy...”
Jessica: “Alana, like I said: I want to help you escape. Trust me, I’ve never did something like killing someone before and I never will. And what Draco said isn’t true: Outsiders aren’t the problem of our planet. But one thing he said is sort of true: Due to safety of the Outsiders themselves, we needed to lock them away until they could return. Most of them were stuck for the rest of their life. But not you. You are, apparently, very special to the Master. He believes in you and trusts you.”
Alana went up to Jessica. She left a tear.
Alana: “I want to go home... *sniff* I miss my mom, my brother and sister... I don’t find this fun anymore...”
Jessica laid her arm over Alana and they sat down in the sand, facing the sunset. Yes, it was getting dark, but there was still enough sunlight. Alana laid her head against Jessica’s shoulder. She started to cry because she missed her family a lot and knew she couldn’t return.
Jessica: “It’s okay... We all are close to at least one person or pet in our lives... And it can be a friend, a pet or, in your case, family... I can assure you that you can return. They probably miss you too, but I’m certain you guys can unite again.”
Suddenly, some noises came from the bushes behind them. They both looked up and at the bushes. A young female with grey clothes and green hair came out of the bushes.
???: “...”
Jessica: “Uh... Hi.”
Alana was wondering why he was wearing those clothes in such a boring way: The color was grey and there was no print on her shirt. On the left side of her chest was a small print, but it was impossible to read it from a distance.
???: “Sorry, I was interrupting your conversation. My apologize.”
The female was about to go already, but...
Alana: “Wait, miss!”
The female stopped. She turned around and went up to Alana. She went next to her on the ground.
???: “Yes?”
Alana: “Uh... My mind says me I know you from somewhere. I... felt like saying that.”
Jessica saw the small print on the female’s t-shirt. It said ‘CRY196STA700L’ in a small font.
Jessica: “Why would they give you a number, miss... uh...”
???: “Call me, Crystal. They said I was a failure. But what do they mean with that?”
Alana and Jessica were looking at Crystal with a confused expression on their face.
Crystal: “Your expression tells me you do not know. That’s typical for humans.”
Jessica went up.
Jessica: “You’re a robot! Holy...!!! I didn’t even notice!”
Alana: “Me neither.”
Crystal: “I must agree with the fact that it’s impossible to keep me separate from other humans. But I have other problems. You see, my creator tried to destroy me in the ‘Robot Works’ factory. I used my strength to flee from those horrible people and escaped. Now the leader of my siblings is hunting me down.”
Alana: “Join us, we won’t harm you. Honestly.”
Jessica sighed. Alana looked around, as Jessica was on her left and Crystal on her right.
Alana: “Huh?”
Jessica: “It’s true what you say, Alana, but really? We can’t just take a robot from the enemy with us.”
Alana: “But she’s alone. And if she would attack us, we would notice that already, right?”
Jessica: “There indeed are no hiding spots for her siblings...”
Suddenly, a bunch of human-looking robots went out of the ocean, and were walking towards the three with a hostile face. One robot had black hair and a grey cape. It talked with a low voice.
???: “Crystal, you must return. Metalblade is furious about your disappearance.”
Crystal: “No, I will not return. Not if Metalblade destroys me, Will.”
Jessica and Alana were confused.
Alana to Jessica: “Who’s Metalblade?”
Jessica to Alana: “I don’t know, apparently their leader...”
One of the robots came up to Alana and Jessica. Crystal’s hand turned into a small machine gun that rapidly shot tiny energy beams once requested.
Crystal: “Stand back. I protect these humans.”
The robot went back three steps. His (yes, it was a lookalike of a male) feet turned into jets and he flew away in the distance. Toward the sun that was going down.
Will: “Whatever you want. Then they’ll be destroyed as well.”
Jessica said to Alana to catch a device. The device was a pair of small gloves with a metal cylinder-shaped thing attached to each glove.
Jessica: “Alana! You ready?”
Alana was equipping the gloves, and as soon as she made fists, lightsabers came out of the metal cylinders. Alana almost cut off her hand, but luckily, she didn’t.
Jessica: “Oh yeah, forgot that those were lightsabers. Anyway, just pretend you use two swords and remember: defense is important next to attacking. Block or dodge every attack the enemy does!”
Alana: “Understood.”
Jessica grabbed a lightsaber (a single one) and turned it on. Crystal’s machine gun was getting reloaded and extended with an iron blade, to attack the enemy with a tiny sword.
Crystal: “Their weakness is their torso, their main computer is in there. If you break it, they get turned off immediately.”
Crystal grabbed an iron plate and put it on her chest. She used some tape from Jessica’s bag (Yes, she took her bag with her) and used it to make the plate get stuck to her body. Jessica used her lightsaber to attack a robot from the left and its head flew off. (she aimed for the robot’s neck and torso) Suddenly, all other robots except Crystal and the leader, Will, began to turn their eyes into red  glowing eyes. They all said “Revenge, revenge” and went towards Jessica to attack her. Alana used her gloves to spin around and cut down more than 10 robots their body. Jessica was stunned how Alana could do that already. Alana jumped up and made a front flip to slice two more robots into two parts. She landed by kicking down a third robot and stab it in its torso. A robot came from behind and grabbed her shirt. Alana couldn’t reach the robot who grabbed her and Jessica was laying on the ground because she never fought so many robots. And she became scared for them. Anyway, Crystal used her energy beams to shoot down six more robots in a row and the robot who held Alana to attack her. That’s 7. Now, just two robots and Will were left. Alana came up to Will.
Will: “Eh... We can talk about this, right?”
Alana looked at Crystal. She made a sign and said it was okay to attack him. Alana raised her lightsaber gloves and destroyed Will. Will was split in two and his wires and electric devices broke down completely. Will fell to the ground immediately. Jessica was looking at the enormous skills Alana got when doing those movements.
Jessica: “Since when did you learn that?...”
Alana: “Well, I have certain gym lessons on school.”
Jessica: “I understand...”
Crystal: “I’ll join you two. I mean, the disasters could be linked to our birth.”
Jessica: “Huh? “Our birth”? What do you mean with that, Crystal?”
The three were going to take the path towards Mt. Freezewind, an insanely cold mountain of which is said Destiny lives there.
Crystal: “With our birth, I mean us Hubots. Hubots are actually going to replace humans, but failures like me may not: They can be dangerous. But not me, I’m smarter than the others.”
Alana: “I see... I do have seen you somewhere... But where?”
Jessica: “Alana, we only know Crystal since a few minutes ago, of which were the craziest ones of my life, looking at you.”
Alana: “Heh heh...”
Jessica’s Protice gave a call. It was Jason.
Jessica: “Hey babe.”
Jessica almost dropped her Protice and looked very shocked. Alana and Crystal looked at her with a concerned expression on their face.
Jessica: “Uh... Don’t tell us where we are, okay? Please, and let the Master make it all straight! Okay, we’ll meet again!”
Jessica ended the call. She was getting nervous.
Jessica: “Guys... They’re going to chase us and if they catch us... Well...”
Alana: “Crud...”
Crystal: “I do not know what’s going on now, but I’ll support you two.”
Jessica: “Okay, we need to run now!”
The three went towards Mt. Freezewind with faster speed than first.

Meanwhile, at the Treehouse Base, the heroes were making themselves ready to go and chase Alana. Meanwhile, the Master tried to settle it all right. 
Master ???: “People! If you take one step outside, he or she will get eliminated immediately!”
A female and Leonardo went up to the Master. They both held his arms tight so that he couldn’t escape. They went up to Draco.
Draco: “We won’t listen to you anymore, ‘Master’. You see, we have our own plans.”
The Master now noticed everyone had a small chip on their right ear. And if some of the people didn’t have ears, they had a chip on the spot where their ears need to be. The Master looked back at Draco with a hostile face.
Master: “I’ll get you later, no matter what...”
Draco: “Huh, you want to escape? We blocked the door, you know. You canno-...”
The Master vanished. Black smoke appeared and he teleported away. Just like with Draco and everyone else, it takes a lot of energy to teleport. Leonardo and the female indeed felt nothing in their hands now.
Leonardo: “Son of a glitch, he escaped!”
Draco: “Never mind him. He won’t be far...”

4 days later, at Mt. Freezewind...

Alana and Jessica were asleep at 2:00 AM. It was cold, so they had to sleep in a cave. Luckily, no bears were inside the cave already. Crystal was guarding the cave. She didn’t need sleep. She’s a robot, after all. A snowstorm brew for a while already: Since 0:30 AM.  Suddenly, a shady figure came up to Crystal. Crystal’s hand turned into the machine gun again.

Crystal: “Who... Who are you?”
???: “A friend of those two over there, let me pass.”
The figure was wearing a hood to keep himself or herself warm. You couldn’t see his/her face, but he/she looked like he/she was 45 years old. Crystal went in his/her way. Crystal pulled off the hood the person was wearing. It apparently was a male with black, short hair, pointed backwards... It was the Master. He found the others and came to bring them back, right?
Crystal: “Sir, I really cannot let you pass.”
Master ???: “Miss, I need to. Those two are my apprentices on the Treehouse Base.”
Crystal: “Alright, you may pass now.”
Crystal and the Master went inside the cave, where a campfire was the only light source. The Master went to sit on a rock that was there, next to the campfire and Alana. The Master heard Jessica snoring softly and Alana snoring loudly. The Master smiled when looking at Alana.
Master ???: “That blonde girl, Alana, reminds me of my daughter...”
Crystal turned her head to the Master. She went up to the Master. She went to sit on a rock next to the Master.
Crystal: “And why is that?”
Master ???: “Well... 8 years ago, I’ve lost my daughter thanks to my brother, Tiranion-Suroniar Oalerin. He turned evil and got exported to another date in history as punishment. But he met shades there and now he can go back if he wants. Anyway, my daughter’s name was Kaylee. She was gorgeous and popular where ever she was... But as her father, I can say that Alana’s snoring and look is relatable to Kaylee’s look and snoring...”
Crystal: “I do not know how it feels like to lose children, but that must be hard and really tough to get over with.”
Master ???: “I know... It really is... I still miss her and really want her to come back. I made the Treehouse Base for her, to gather people and defeat criminals who do that kind of stuff. And I chose the biggest and most beautiful tree of Aeronother to give her a nice spot.”
Crystal: “What do you mean with “nice spot”?”
Master ???: “With that, I mean a special place where I can think of her. Where I can change the flowers I give to her once in a month.”
Crystal laid an arm over the Master. Suddenly, some chimes were heard and a lot of people were yelling of joy. They had a party and the Master recognized that. He went up from the rock he sat on. He went outside the cave and saw a lot of colorful paper pieces being shattered everywhere. It was a party where a certain village had its freedom, according to the banners. “Thank you, Loronith!” was said every time you paid attention to the other people. Because the Master really was in that village, it seemed. He suddenly saw a girl that looked like Alana, but she had freckles, Alana didn’t. The girl saw the Master and ran up to him.
???: “Dad! Oh, I’m glad to see you again!”
It was Kaylee, the Master’s lost daughter. She hugged the Master, and the Master felt her hugging him. He realized it was real and hugged her tight. But was it really... real?
Kaylee: “Dad! There’s so much I want to say! Th-the war! It’s over now! A-and...”
Suddenly, the Master saw snow falling again. The village was fading out.
Kaylee: “...I’m so happy you came back to see us!!”
Kaylee, the village and the colorful papers faded away. The noises were still heard, but faded away too, only later. The Master went on his knees and sat there in the snowstorm. Crystal came up to him again. She laid her hand on his shoulder.
Crystal: “You’re welcome.”
Crystal was about to leave the three (Jessica, Alana and the Master) but...
Master ???: “Wait!”
Crystal turned around. She was looking at the Master.
Master ???: “Don’t you need a coat?”
Crystal: “No, I’m fine. I’m a Hubot.”
Crystal went away in the distance. The Master sat in snow and now realized that. He went back inside the cave, to guard Jessica and Alana.

The next morning...

Alana woke up. She was faced away from the cave’s opening. Or was she facing it? She couldn’t know, as the cave was too dark. Wait... too dark? She went up quickly and saw the exit collapsed. But if that happened, she would notice. Anyway, the exit is blocked completely, so she can’t go away. She was trapped. She went to the boulders that blocked the exit and tried to push them away. It was no use. She was stuck in Mt. Freezewind. Then, she realized the Master was talking about a certain power. Hmm... And the abandoned base in Sandy Desert that collapsed thanks to her... That must be those secrets powers she has! She was thinking: If Draco made me mad, I should think about his hateful face. Or just...

Alana: “*sigh* I’m trapped...”
???: “...Huh...”
Alana heard a female voice from underneath. She couldn’t see who it was, but it was Jessica’s voice.
Jessica: “Oh... 0:54 AM... Zz...”
Alana was trying to feel where Jessica was and then woke her up by shaking her back and forth.
Alana: “Jessica! It’s not 0:54 AM! It’s probably morning, but the cave collapsed!”
Jessica woke up and looked at the exit.
Jessica: “What?! Impossible! Then we would notice! Unless...”
Alana: “Unless?”
Jessica: “Unless Barney and Brian are chasing us too and PLACED those boulders to trap us.”
It makes sense now: It should have been the Telekinetic Twins who did this. Jessica turned on her lightsaber once she grabbed it and sliced down some boulders. But they had no scratch. Suddenly, they heard a lot of footsteps coming by and a male voice saying “We’ve been looking everywhere. But they disappeared. Now what?”. Another male voice said “Hmm... My feelings tell me they’re not far away, so they need to be here somewhere.”.
Jessica, quietly to Alana: “Don’t talk. They’re talking about us. Whatever you do, do not make any sound.”
Alana made a sign to say “yes”. 19 minutes later, the voices were gone. Already the entire time. Jessica was crawling to the back of the cave and discovered something that gave light.
Jessica: “Holy... Alana, check this out!”
Alana was crawling to Jessica and saw the same thing: A cave filled with water and crystals. A small line of sunlight came in, but it was enough to light up the entire cave, thanks to those crystals.
???: “Zz... Huh...”
The two heard a third voice from their cave. They looked behind and saw a man waking up. They saw his face half clear, but he looked like the Master.
Master ???: “Ah... You two are already awake... But why is it so...”
The Master looked at the blocked exit.
Jessica: “The others are outside there, so we need to take this way!”
Alana looked at Jessica.
Alana: “Wait, how do you know?”
Jessica looked at Alana.
Jessica: “Well, see that tiny bit of sunlight? If we could make that hole bigger...”
Alana: “Oh, I get it!”
The two were trying to climb down in the crystal cave. (As they were at the ceiling of the crystal cave) Then was the Master’s turn. He climbed down as well and noticed a lot of crystals also grew on the ceiling. As if they’re spikes, he thought. Once he jumped down, the three were looking at the tiny hole in the ceiling, and the hole was one inch wide.
???: “Eeheeheehee...”
The three heard an odd and crazy laugh from somewhere. Could it be just outside?
???: “Gahahaha!!”
A different laugh was heard from somewhere too. It sounded more evil.
???: “Hohohoho...”
And once they heard a low voiced laugh, they felt a hand on their shoulders. (Yes, on each person one hand) Alana got scared and looked around.
Alana: “AAAAAAAH!!!”
Jessica and the Master turned around too and saw what Alana saw: Three ghosts.
???: “Eeheehee... So... Trying to escaaaaape?”
???: “Gahaha! I would seeeeee them try!”
???: “Hohoho! But fiiiiiiirst, a donuuuuut!”
The other two ghosts looked at the third one. The one with the crazy laugh was small-sized and his head pointing forwards (Our human heads are faced up, not to mention what way we look at). The ghost had dizzy-making glasses and one teeth. The second ghost (the one with the evil laugh) had a shady look and had horns on his head. His look was unknown, he was too dark to see. But he had red glowing eyes. The third ghost (The low voiced laugh) looked fat and was the biggest and tallest of the three. You could see his obsession with food.
???: “Eeheehee, soooooo Harold... Why don’t you juuuuust...”
The ghost with the crazy laugh went to the fat one.
???: “...SHUT UUUUUUUP!! Eehee...”
Harold: “Ho... Now I don’t seeeeee the fun in this anymoooooore...”
Alana was brave enough to step up to the three.
Alana: “What fun?”
Harold: “HAAAA! Th-the huuuuuuman! H-heeeelp, Walter! H-heeeeeelp, Wade!”
Wade was the ghost with the horns, Walter was the left-over ghost. Walter punched Harold in his head, punching down. His head was pushed in his body, and you could only see the top of his head.
Walter: “Oh, be strooooong! Eeheehee! And what fun, humaaaaan? EEHEEHEE!!”
The three vanished, with Harold’s head still stuck. Suddenly, a tiny quake occurred and water began to pour out of the walls really fast.
Jessica: “Oh no...”
Master ???: “Girls... Look up...”
Alana and Jessica looked up, at those crystals on the ceiling. They seemed very sharp.
Alana: “Yup. We’re screwed.”
The water began to reach the three their shoulders in 2 minutes. It was pouring very fast.
Alana: “Jessica! *blub* Do you... got any tools with you?! *blurgh*”
Alana started to float in the water. And so were Jessica and the Master. They were getting pulled up to the crystals.
Jessica: “Urgh, no! Only some dynamite!”
Master ???: “How in Aeronother’s name did you... *blub* Argh, never mind!”
Jessica was swimming to the hole they tried to open first and stuck the dynamite in there. But now the next step: Igniting it. Meanwhile, Alana and the Master’s head almost touched those crystals. Suddenly, a huge explosion occurred, making the water pour out of the cave. But Alana, Jessica and the Master were blown away to a different place than where they were first. The power of the explosion underwater blew them away. They weren't hurt by the crystals.


Crystal was running to Lotus Lake, a romantic lake where some couples know about. Even Jessica and Jason know this secret place. But what was Crystal doing there?

Crystal: “I don’t hope they’re still here.”
Crystal saw no one, not even the person or people she meant. Crystal saw absolutely no one. She went on the grass. She was looking at the lake’s beauty.
???: “Looking for someone, miss?”
Crystal was getting scared by someone behind her. She looked around and saw a young male with medium length, blue dyed hair. He had brown eyes and was wearing a sleeveless shirt with fist print on it. He also was wearing gloves without fingers. And he had short, blue jeans. It was Jessica’s lovey dovey boyfriend Jason.
Jason: “Sorry for scaring the glitch out of you, miss. Didn’t mean to do that.”
Crystal: “Oh. It’s okay. I mostly interrupt people’s conversations by accident. Haha!”
Jason: “I don‘t remember you being here. Mostly people who want to tell their crush something come here. Or singles who are desperately looking for a partner. So... I guess it’s the second thing?”
Crystal knows she’s a robot, but she pretends she’s single. What should she say? That she’s a robot?
Crystal: “Well... Yes. I indeed am looking for someone...”
Jason: “Well, here’s my advice... Actually, I would love to help you and give you advice, but I need to run. If you need me, Jason’s the name and I’m from the Treehouse Base!”
Crystal: “Well, my name is Crystal and I want to join that base. Heh heh...”
Jason: “Nice to meet you, Crystal! You’d better wait a bit, because now they’re not there. Anyway, see you around then!”
Jason turned to a path that led towards the beach and was actually going to the Treehouse Base via the beach, but...
Crystal: “Wait.”
Crystal came up to Jason. And Jason turned around. Crystal was ‘blushing’. It looked real.
Jason: “What’s wrong?”
Crystal came closer to Jason and was kissing him on his mouth. She barely knew him, but she has her reasons. Jason was looking with a surprised face at first, but then closed his eyes and let Crystal do that. He was thinking: Maybe she wants to practice. But Crystal moved her arms around Jason and held him to her. Jason was thinking: Okay, now it’s getting serious... Uh... Wait, what about Jessica? I need to decline! Jason moved his head away.
Jason: “No, Crystal! Wh-what... “
Crystal: “Don’t you like that?”
Jason: “Uh... Well...”
Jason had to make an insanely hard choice. He started to like Crystal now, just because she kissed him. But he also loves Jessica. So what should he do? He was thinking very, very deep and finally, he made his decision.
Jason: “Crystal... Of course I do.”

To be continued...

EDIT: Dang it, it went so well with that layout!!
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