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My Imagination - Chapter 7: Drowned
[New series!] (Does anyone know for what age this should be?)
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07-05-16 02:46 AM
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My Imagination - Chapter 7: Drowned


07-05-16 02:46 AM
MarioLucarioFan64 is Offline
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My Imagination - Chapter 7: Drowned


Name: Jake
Gender: Male
Look: Black, short hair, white skin color, wearing a blue hoody and grey jeans
Age: 17
Comes from: USA
Crush: Zoe
Likes: Doing homework when needed, to make more time for games
Dislikes: School

Name: Zoe
Gender: Female
Look: Black, long hair, white skin color, wearing a pink skirt and a black sweatshirt
Age: 16
Comes from: USA
Crush: Jake
Likes: Jake's handwriting, making art of the nature
Dislikes: Bullying, insulting other people

Name: Jess
Gender: Female
Look: Black, really long hair, black skin color, wearing a cap, a green tied shirt and blue jeans
Age: 17
Comes from: USA
Crush: Mike
Likes: Staying cool with her friends, and playing tennis.
Dislikes: Eating much, as she wants to keep her body healthy. Hates it to be angry, as she has psychical problems with anger.

Name: Philip
Gender: Male
Look: Black, slightly short hair (which is dyed red), tinted skin color, wearing an army t-shirt and pants with army print.
Age: 18
Comes from: France
Crush: Jess
Likes: The USA army, and Jess' brave feelings for everything she does.
Dislikes: His father and school.

Name: Mike
Gender: Male
Look: Blonde, long hair, white skin color, wearing a yellow hoody and grey pants, with a lot of chains on it.
Age: 16
Comes from: USA
Crush: Jess
Likes: Death Metal music, and being alone
Dislikes: Being together with someone, except with Rachel, his sister

Name: Rachel
Gender: Female
Look: Blonde, really long hair, white skin color, wearing a sleeveless shirt in pink, a brown skirt and leather boots. Also has a huge ribbon in her hair.
Age: 18
Comes from: USA
Crush: X
Likes: Playing songs and making covers on her guitar secretly. In public, she makes jokes about everything. She likes being with her brother Mike as well.
Dislikes: Helping her handicapped mother constantly, so that she has no time for fun things to do.

Name: Frank Hudson (Mr. Hudson)
Gender: Male
Look: Grey, slightly short hair, white skin color, wearing a spencer, with green pants. Also, he's a bit on the old side.
Age: 57 (told you he is a bit on the old side!)
Comes from: USA
Crush: No one at school.
Likes: Listening to music from early 90's.
Dislikes: having to slap another student again. He hates that.

Name: Kelly McKinsey (Mrs. McKinsey)
Gender: Female
Look: Brown, really long hair, brown skin color, wearing a pink, sleeveless shirt with heartprint on it and wearing blue jeans, with a few chains on it.
Age: 23
Comes from: USA
Crush: No one at school
Likes: Helping out Mr Hudson's students when they're in trouble. Her best friend on school is Zoe.
Dislikes: Students who think they're cool if they throw a paper plane towards the teacher.

Note: None of these characters are in an 'important - not important' order, so the main character is hard to see here.

Chapter 7 - Drowned

Zoe went off her bed to lay down on the floor, next to Jake. She sighed.

Jake: "Tired?"
Zoe: "Nah. You?"
Jake: "A little bit."
Zoe: "It's because of tonight, isn't it?"
Jake: "Yeah, kinda. But i'll get used to it."
Zoe and Jake were silent. Zoe was playing with Jake's hair.
Jake: "Why do you turn my hair around your finger?"
Zoe: "Oh, just for fun. I don't know exactly why."
Zoe went up a little bit and suddenly laid on top of Jake, who was faced to the ceiling. Zoe hugged Jake very tight. Jake laid his hand on Zoe's head. After 15 minutes, Zoe let go of Jake. She fell asleep. That's not quite the perfect place to sleep, as Jake can't put her aside or turn around. He has to sleep now as well, even if Zoe laid on top of him...

The next morning...

Zoe was laying next to Jake. Apparently she fell off him. And she was the first one to wake up, not realizing it's still a schoolweek this week. Zoe looked at her alarm clock: 10:24 AM. Zoe went up and pushed herself up. However, she didn't know her left hand laid on Jake's belly. She was staring at the clock for some reason. Jake woke up when he felt a pressure in his belly.

Jake: "Huh..."
Zoe turned her head to Jake's head. She smiled.
Zoe: "Good morning!"
Jake: "*yawn* Good morning..."
Zoe crawled to Jake and gave him a kiss on his mouth. She had an expression which showed she found something disgusting.
Zoe: "Blerg, i guess we should wait with THAT, your breath isn't quite nice now..."
Jake: "I know... Sorry..."
Zoe grabbed her schoolbag and went to the door.
Zoe: "Anyway, Jake, i'll be going on school. Oh wait."
She looked at her pyjamas.
Zoe: "Eheheh... I'd better should switch clothes first."
Jake: "Uh... You're not going to... do that when i'm here, right?"
Zoe: "Why not?"
Zoe grabbed the bottom of her shirt, took off her shirt, dropped it and was looking for her sweatshirt.
Zoe: "Did you see my sweatshirt, Jake?"
Jake was blushing really hard. What if Nathan came in? He was sweating a lot as well.
Jake: "Eh... Uh..."
Zoe found her sweatshirt, at last. It was underneath her bed.
Zoe: "Ah, found it!"
She put her sweatshirt on. Jake kept looking at the door, hoping Nathan wouldn't come yet. Meanwhile, Zoe dropped her pyjama pants and didn't saw her skirt either.
Zoe: "Ugh... It's not even THAT messy here and i can't even find my skirt..."
Jake couldn't stop looking at Zoe, but he tried to. As Zoe said, it's not very messy, but there's a lot of stuff on the ground. No wonder she lost her skirt. She went on her knees and looked under her bed. It wasn't there either.
Zoe: "Did you see it somewhere, Jake?"
Jake was still nervous. He never saw his crush in her underwear before, so what did he need to do? Help her with her current problem, of course!
Jake: "Uh... I-i've seen it in the b-bathroo-... I mean, laundry! P-perhaps you should get a new one? I-i mean... eh..."
Zoe: "Hmm... You've never seen me like this, did you?"
Jake: "Uhm... eh..."
Zoe: "I thought so, you aren't yourself anymore. *giggle* But that's okay! Just... relax a bit. I'm not going to be naked for you or something. Ew, no. Not now, at least."
Jake: "W-wait, so... If you're not doing that, why are you switching clothes if i'm still here?"
Zoe looked at the floor.
Zoe: "Well, i thought: Maybe he doesn't mind. Maybe he has something to say about me or my body. Maybe because we have a relationship and will see this more times from each other than today."
Jake: "Well... Right, you got a point with that. You do got nice legs..."
Zoe looked up at Jake and smiled. Zoe wasn't the tallest, she was a few inches taller than Ryan. So she couldn't look down to Jake. Rachel could do so, she's the tallest of the three female main characters.
Zoe: "Thanks!"
Zoe wanted to kiss Jake again, but...
Zoe: "Oh, wait. Your breath. Heh heh."
Jake: "Oh, right."
They went to the bed. They both were sitting on it. Zoe still had no pants on, let go her skirt. She laid her right leg over the other one.
Zoe: "I know something that will entertain you."
Jake: "Haha, really? Oh, you already did, right?"
Zoe: "Nope, that wasn't it. But it's something about us. I've noticed that if you pick the first letter of our name, you get an artist name."
Jake: "Huh? How?"
Zoe: "Well, J-Z sounds like Jay-Z, right?"
Jake: Oh wow. I knew a person named Elsa who had a friend named Tiffany. And i always called to them by phone. And you know what i said?"
Zoe: "Well?"
Jake: "I always said "E.T. phone home!" when they were answering the calls."
Zoe: "I got a message on my blog where i talked about this subject already. The message was from Holland and a person said he, his mother and his father's name formed the word 'crazy' in Dutch. Well, the first letters."
Jake: "Uhm... 'Gek'?"
Zoe: "Huh? Don't tell me you're semi-Dutch."
Jake: "Nah, but a friend told me so. But wait a minute, you got a blog?!"
Zoe: "Yup, viewed by at least 100 people per day."
Jake: "What?! That's amazing! How did you became so popular?!"
Zoe: "Eheheh... Well... I place some stuff about myself, my life and special events there. But also how-to's."
Jake: "Cool! Might check it one day!"
Zoe: "Yeah, i think you indeed should."
Zoe went up.
Jake: "Did you found your skirt already?"
Zoe: "It was in the laundry, you said. But my old one is over there, i see."
Jake: "Why didn't you put it on, then?"
Zoe: "I wanted to wait with that first."
Zoe turned to Jake and went to sit on Jake's legs, while Jake still sat on the bed. Zoe moved her mouth to Jake's mouth to kiss him again, without caring whether Jake's breath is horrible or not. They indeed kissed each other, and Zoe grabbed Jake's arm to put his hand on her thigh. Suddenly, the door got opened without letting Jake and/or Zoe know there was someone there. It was Lily. Lily saw Zoe and Jake kissed each other, while Zoe hugged Jake and Jake held Zoe's thigh. But they were shocked to see Zoe's mom there, standing quite mad.
Zoe: "Uh, mom? W-we can explain..."
Lily: "You're (****) 16, Zoe! You're not an adult who can kiss anyone she likes and... Ugh, i don't even want to talk about this! I actually wanted to ask you two why you were this late, Mr Hudson is furious at the moment! Zoe, you're grounded for 3 weeks! Jake, get the (****) out of here, i don't want to see you here for now!"
Jake: "Wha-? But... I didn't do anything, mrs. Flowerfield!"
Zoe went off of Jake to sit next to him. She started to think the worst things: What if she and Jake don't love each other anymore after these punishments?
Lily: "Yeah, right. She kissed the bed, you say? Get out of here, Jake. You're not welcome here anymore. At least when Zoe's grounded."
Jake: "*sigh*"
Jake left the room, even the house.
Lily: "And why are you even here in your underwear when a boy from your age is with you?! What the (****) is wrong with you?!"
Zoe grabbed her skirt and finally put her skirt on.
Lily: "Zoe, answer me now: Why were you here in your underwear?"
Zoe put on her black leather boots and did her hair, as if nothing happened.
Lily: "Last chance, Zoe. Why were you here in..."
Zoe turned around from her mirror and became upset quickly.
Zoe: "Because i had to (****) change my (****) clothes, okay?!"
Lily: "I'm gonna add a week to your punishment now."
Zoe: "I don't even (****) care!!! I don't even (****) care if you're going to tell my (****) dad about this! I (****) hope you will DIE very (****) soon, anyway!!!"
Lily: "*gasp*"
Zoe was extremely angry towards her mother. Luckily for Zoe, Nathan was at the hospital for his leg. Unlucky for her is that he returns soon. Lily, in the meantime, was very offended by what Zoe said. When Lily said that to her father that he had to die soon when she was angry, he indeed died not long after that. And Lily was scared THAT may happen to her too. Lily decided to leave Zoe alone for a while. Zoe threw her stuff against the door.
Zoe: "Raaaaagh!!!"


Rachel was playing some songs on her guitar, but then Mike knocked the door.

Rachel: "Ugh, what is it, Mike..."
Mike (from the other side): "Uhm... Check your Facebook profile REALLY quickly!"
Rachel thought it was a joke again, but once she looked, what she saw there was too serious. In fact, she held her hand in front of her mouth and looked very, very shocked.
Rachel: "Oh my god... How could she do this to her...?"
Rachel dashed to her phone and called up Zoe.
Zoe: "WHAT!!"
Rachel hung up. It was no use now if Zoe reacted like that. Rachel had to wait until Zoe calmed down a bit. But what did Rachel have to do then? It was all about Zoe what Rachel saw, so she HAS to call Zoe. She tried to call again.
Zoe: "*sniff* What!..."
Rachel: "Uh... Hi, Zoe? It's me, Rachel..."
Rachel heard a loud sound against the door. It was just Zoe throwing a shoe against the door.
Zoe: "What do you want... *sniff*"
Rachel: "Uhm... If you got time, can you come to my house real quick then?"
Zoe: "Ugh, i can't. *sniff* I'm grounded for a month by that (****) of a mother of mine."
Rachel: "W-why?"
Zoe: "I apparently am not allowed to kiss Jake..."
Rachel: "And... Did you guys kissed each other while you sat on his legs?"
Zoe: "W-what? How did you know that!?"
Rachel: "It's being recorded by Kimmy and being shared with me. With the message "ROFL this gal thinks she's cooler than me! But look at her now!". Oh hold on... My mistake, it wasn't just me: It were me and 284 others."
Zoe: "Wh-wha-... What... D-did..."
She fainted. Rachel heard a lot of phone-dropping sounds. That caused another crack in the screen of Zoe's phone.
Rachel: "H-hello? Zoe? Zoe?!"
No answer. Rachel hung up the phone call. Something was wrong over there. Rachel went out of her room, went downstairs and said to Julie, her handicapped mom, that she was at Zoe's home. She had permission, so Rachel ran towards Zoe's home, to check what happened.

Once Rachel was there, she rang the doorbell. Lily opened the door.

Lily: "Oh, Rachel... Hi..."
Rachel: "Hi, mrs. Flowerfield. I wanted to check what happened to Zoe."
Lily: "She's grounded for at least a month. *sigh* But it's not quite a good moment to disturb her..."
Rachel: "Well, i called her by phone to tell terrible news and it appears she fell or something. Maybe she fainted!"
Lily: "*sigh* I don't care anymore..."
Lily went to the living room again. Rachel followed her.
Rachel: "But... What happened to you? You look so down?"
Lily: "Zoe wished me dead, and i did that to my father too and he actually died short after that..."
Rachel: "Mrs Flowerfield, i am 100 percent sure it isn't your fault why she said that. And i am also 100 percent sure that you're not going to die short after this. I mean, what happened to your father was pure bad luck."
Lily: "Rachel, i mean that i don't want to die yet. I want to see Zoe have kids first, then i'll be happy already. I want to see Zoe living a wonderful life."
Rachel suddenly heard a click from above.
Rachel: "I think i heard the door to Zoe's room unlocking. Can i talk to her for a second?"
Lily: "Do what you want..."
Rachel wasn't quite sure if it was good to leave Lily alone. But she's independent, Zoe isn't. Rachel went upstairs to Zoe's room. The door was still closed. Not locked, but still closed. Rachel tried to open the door, but something blocked the door. Rachel pushed a bit harder to see what it was. It was Zoe's leg which blocked the door. Speaking of Zoe, she still laid on the ground, fainted.
Rachel: "Wow, did i made it THAT bad?"
Rachel went on her knees on the ground, to sit next to Zoe. Zoe was very mad, looking at her door: A lot of damage on her door. Rachel laid her hand on Zoe's back.
Rachel: "Zoe? It's me, Rachel."
Rachel shaked Zoe left and right with her hand, to wake her up. Zoe indeed woke up.
Zoe: "*gasp*"
Rachel: "Zoe!"
Zoe: "W-what... Rachel?"
Rachel: "I just spoke to you by phone, remember?"
Zoe: "Oh... Wait..."
Zoe remembered why she fainted: She was being recorded while she kissed Jake in her underwear. That she and Jake kissed each other wasn't too bad, but that Zoe did that in her underwear was the baddest about all this.
Zoe: "You told that Kimmy... And... 284 other people... I don't know..."
Rachel: "Kimmy sent that video to me and 284 other people, including Jake, Mike, Phil, etc."
Zoe dropped her head on the floor. To be more exact, she dropped her head on her pillow, which was being thrown off the bed. Apparently it ended up on the floor. Zoe mumbled a lot of things.
Rachel: "Huh?"
Zoe: "I said: I'm so going to kill that (****) Kimmy, she's mine now. I'll beat that (****) up so hard that she'll end up in a coma."
Rachel: "Wow wow wow, Zoe! I never saw THIS side of you!"
Zoe: "I don't care, i NEED to finish that (****)."
Zoe grabbed a pair of scissors laying on her desk. It's surprising that she hasn't used the scissors when she was angry. But she grabbed them now. Rachel already knew what was going to happen.
Rachel: "Zoe... Lay down those scissors..."
Zoe ignored Rachel, so Rachel's task that was left was to blockade Zoe. Rachel went up again when Zoe tried to run away, and Rachel pushed Zoe on the ground. Zoe fell half softly, and cursed a bit again. Rachel ignored that and tried to hold Zoe on the floor. Rachel always tried to act like an adult, and she even helps out a teacher on a school where the more younger children are. Zoe cursed a lot and tried to escape.
Zoe: "Uurgh... You... (****)!!!!"
That was too much for Rachel. Cursing with that is the most horrible thing in the world for Rachel. Rachel became a bit more angry as well.
Rachel: "What did you just say?!"
Zoe: "I said: You (****)!!!!"
Rachel: "That's a very, VERY dumb thing to say!"
Rachel punched Zoe in her face. Her cheek began to bleed a bit, as Rachel punched really hard. But it wasn't usually Rachel who punches people. And Rachel was very shocked she did that. Zoe had a chance to escape and she took it. She threw the scissors on the ground and while she cried a bit, she went up and ran downstairs. She opened the frontdoor and ran away. To a place nobody can find her.


Jake came back home. He heard his uncle was back home, but... He didn't hear him. He heard the TV was on, but he turned it off when he left his home. Jake's uncle was 10 years older than Jake's dad. So he's 55. He went to the TV to turn it off, but...

Jake: "UNCLE?!!"
Jake discovered his uncle laying on the couch... dead. Jake called 911 to, hopefully, save his uncle's life. And once he called for an ambulance, they arrived in 4 minutes. Jake went with them. But the result he heard at the hospital wasn't quite the news he wanted to hear.
Doctor: "Are you his son?"
Jake: "No, i'm his nephew. But my real parents are in Canada for a few weeks."
Doctor: "I got bad news about your uncle: It appears that he died 34 minutes ago by a heart attack."
Jake: "What... No... That's..."
Jake was shocked when he heard that and was thinking deep. That would be 4 minutes before Jake came! Jake decided to go home, as he didn't knew what to do further.

Back to Zoe...

Zoe was somewhere outside the mall that was nearby. She was talking to Billy, a man who was the owner of a café, and helped out Zoe when she had trouble.

Billy: "Wow, so... You say that you..."
Zoe: "SHHHH!! Please..."
Billy: "Are you wanted by the police or something?"
Zoe: "No, but if you speak out my name... I don't want to be found by my mother or my father... Not yet."
Billy: "Okay. I don't want trouble so i'll lay everything on you, but okay. But... when are you planning to let yourself being found?"
Zoe: "I don't... Want to live anymore... So it's probably when i'm dead..."
Billy dropped a glass he was cleaning. The shards shattered all over that spot.
Billy: "Excuse me? YOU want to commit suicide?! Zoe, there's no reason to do that. Look, if you were caught by your mother while you... you know... did that... then it won't be that bad if you'd apologize and talk about it."
Zoe: "Sir, i was getting recorded by a schoolgirl! While i did that, she seemed to sit in a tree to record us and posted it on Facebook!"
Billy: "I can't give you advice for that, except..."
He grabbed a tiny, very tiny chest. It wasn't new, but the content was from 2013.
Billy: "...this. This USB-stick allows you to HACK Facebook. With that, you can even delete that message or edit it to switch places."
Billy held the chest open: A black, smooth USB-stick was laying in the chest. Once Zoe wanted to grab it, he closed it fast.
Billy: "Of course i cannot give it. That would make you become a criminal, but we can make a deal: I go with you to delete the video, and once you're done, you give the stick back."
Zoe: "Okay, we got a deal!"
Billy: "You don't install the program on your PC no matter what it says, or else the police comes."
Zoe: "But... Why?"
Billy came closer to Zoe. His small beard contained some crumbs from chips. His breath wasn't quite nice. He had a golden teeth. And he whispered something in Zoe's ear.
Billy: "That program... It's as illegal as my sister's birth. If someone sees the program, you can get caught quickly: It sends a message to the police that it's been installed on your PC. But if you just run it, it doesn't send a single message."
Zoe: "But... How did YOU get this then?"
Billy grabbed a police cap. He put it on.
A nearby customer said: "Hey! Now i remember you! You were officer Jenkins! Wow, that's a long time ago since i've seen you!"
Billy put off his cap. He grabbed his jacket and put it on.
Billy: "Come on, we go to your home."
Zoe: "W-what?! I'm not going to return now!"
Billy: "Zoe, your mother must be worried sick about you. And your father too. Look, that you're grounded will disappear by it's own. But you need to come with me if you..."
They went out of the mall. But when they were outside, someone suddenly yelled Zoe's name. It was a mature female voice, but it wasn't Lily's voice. Zoe and Billy looked around. Zoe saw Rachel running to her.
Rachel: "ZOE!!!"
Rachel ran, but she struggled and... she rolled into the lake that was, surprisingly enough, next to the mall's exit. Rachel can't swim, so Zoe decided to help Rachel, while Rachel was stuck in a stick: Her hoodie was stuck..
Rachel: "Aaaah!"
Zoe: "Rachel!"
Zoe ran to Rachel, went on her knees and stuck out her arm to grab Rachel's hand.
Zoe: "Rachel! Grab my hand!"
Rachel almost grabbed Zoe's hand, but then the stick broke which made Rachel being stuck. She fell more deeper towards the lake, which was 0.5 meter below her. It wasn't a tiny lake, so you could drown there.
Rachel: "Aaaah! Zoe! Help!!!"
Zoe ran towards some wooden stairs meant for employees. Shoot! There was a fence and the gate was locked! Zoe had no choice: She had to jump in the dirty lake too. She ran back, but didn't see Rachel. Suddenly, Rachel was floating from underneath the bridge that leads to the mall. Zoe didn't knew what she just saw: Rachel drowned. One of her best friends for life... drowned.

Zoe and Billy went to Zoe's home. Zoe was pretty sad for what happened to Rachel. They rang the doorbell of Zoe's home. Lily opened the door.

Lily: "Zoe!!"
Lily hugged Zoe really tight. It appears Lily was concerned about Zoe. But i guess every mother will be if their child runs away.
Lily: "What the (****) was that good for?! You could have been dead!"
Billy: "Mrs. Flowerfield. Zoe is being recorded earlier today and is posted on Facebook. What has been posted there is a crime, meaning Zoe is now officially a victim of a crime. I remember the password of the admin account for Facebook, and i can remove the video if you allow us to."
Lily: "But... Why do you got that chest?"
Billy: "It contains an USB-stick containing the info, that's why i kept it locked away. Also, i was a moderator of Facebook earlier, so..."
Lily: "Oh. Well, go ahead, if it can save my child's safety of which i want to know, Zoe, why you did all that."
Billy went upstairs to Zoe's room. To remove the video.
Zoe: "*sigh* First, i want to tell that i tried to save Rachel from drowning... But i failed..."
Lily: "I want to know information about you, Zoe. Not Rachel."
Zoe: "Ugh, okay... Jake and i love each other so much... And that we kissed there was just... Well... stupid..."
Lily: "But why in your underwear?!"
Zoe: "Look, i didn't even knew i had no skirt or pants on. Okay? Remember what dad said? "You're 16, Zoe. You should get some more space from us to do more fun things." or something."
Lily: "That's indeed what Nathan said, but i'm pretty sure he didn't mean kissing boyfriends in your underwear, Zoe. I think he meant like going to an amusement park."
Zoe: "Oh. Well then. My bad. But can i please, please please PLEASE see Jake more often?!"
Lily: "I won't tell this to your dad, but if it happens more times, i will let him know anyway."
Zoe: "Aaaand, about Jake?"
Lily: "I'll call his parents first."
Zoe: "They can't get called, they're busy in Canada, remember?"
Lily: "Ugh, okay. He can come here. If you guys don't do stuff like this again, i'll give you a reward."
Zoe: "Okay. Sooo... We just made up?"
Lily: "Yes... But i got a huge headache now... Please check how Billy is doing..."
Zoe: "Oh, right! Billy!"
Zoe ran upstairs to her room. Billy turned to Zoe.
Billy: "Ah, Zoe. I don't know your password, can you borrow me it for a second?"
Zoe had a plan: Telling it and when he's done, changing it.
Zoe: "iloveyoujake1617. That's the password, only small letters."
Billy typed in the password. It was incorrect.
Billy: "Nope. It seems that it's changed."
Zoe: "What!? But i did NOT change it!"
Billy: "Then someone hacked your account. I only can access the video via your account, right?"
Zoe: "Nope, just go to that (****)'s account and you should see the video she posted."
Billy went to Kimmy's profile and there it was: The video. It was removed already, however. It was removed by Facebook because it was reported.
Billy: "It's removed already?!"
Zoe: "What... I didn't knew that..."
Billy: "Hmm... That's good, but your account then?"
Zoe: "Yeah... *sigh* My account... My 296 friends... My carreer on Facebook... All gone..."
Billy went up.
Billy: "I'll head home. My kid needs dinner as well, y'know. See you later, Zoe."
Billy went downstairs, said bye to Lily and went to his own home. He took the USB-stick with him. That would be more safe, of course. Zoe was still on her room. She called up Jake. After 12 seconds, he declined the call.
Zoe: "Huh?"
Zoe tried to call him again. This time, she was able to send a voicemail.
Zoe: "Uh... Hi, Jakey! It's me, Zoe! I got to tell you: I'm not grounded anymore! If you wanna call me back or wanna come over here, you always can do so! Love you!"
Zoe sent that to Jake. Then she decided to go play a video game again. She opened a game on her PC and was playing it 2 hours. She usually does that 45 minutes, if not 1 hour.

2 hours later, at Mike's home...

Jess was with Mike, because Jess was teaching Mike the basics for being so healthy as she is. But they got disturbed a lot, basically because Julie needed a lot of help since Rachel drowned and Julie had no help at all then.

Jess: "And... That's about it, i guess... That's the basic stuff."
Mike: "No complicated things?"
Jess: "Dude, if i said 'complicated things', i would have warned you for that."
Mike: "Well then."
Jess: "But what happened to Rachel, exactly?"
Mike: "I heard from Zoe that Rachel... Ugh... She drowned..."
Jess: "Wh-what? And you don't care about that?!"
Mike: "Well... I do... It's my sister at last, but... I don't miss her..."
Jess: "Shame yourself, Mike."
Jess went up, grabbed her sports bag with her tennis clothes and left the room.
Mike: "But... Hold on, Jess! I just thought of something!"
Jess: "Like what?"
Mike: "If you mind going to the tennis court together, perhaps you can ask Zoe and Jake to come too."
They went downstairs to say they're at the tennis court. They had permission and went to the court.
Jess: "And Philip?"
Mike: "Heh... I got something sad about him too. He's not dead, but i'll tell it to you all at the same time."
Jess: "Okay then... But... why do you want them to come?"
Mike: "Remember your trial?"
Jess: "Oh... that..."
Mike: "Explanation is very welcome."

Later on, they arrived at the tennis court. Mike already called Zoe, but couldn't get Jake to call. Zoe said she came to them. Later again, Zoe arrived as well. She had her bag with her.

Mike: "Zoe, you're not going to school now, are you?"
Zoe: "Oh... Yeah."
Jess: "Sit down, we've called you and Jake to listen to what REALLY happened during my trial."
Mike and Zoe were sitting on the ground. Jess sat on a rock.
Jess: "When i got arrested by the police, i saw Harold in the car as well. He said "Maybe i'll help you..." and i was quiet, i think. But once we had, apparently, 10 minutes before arriving, we made a deal: I'll let him free by paying for it and he keeps ME out of prison. So we decided to make the deal. And he kept his promise: he saved me."
Zoe: "Wow..."
Mike: "And are you gonna save him too?"
Jess: "What? No! He almost killed me at a bus stop, he has no regrets after his crimes and he smells! I'm not gonna save him!"
Mike: "But..."
Zoe: "Mike, it's better like this. If Harold is in prison, it's better like that. I mean, he finally can't commit a murder, steal and more in prison. We're free now."
Zoe suddenly felt two hands on her shoulders. She had a shock and looked up. It was Jake who found Zoe somehow. Zoe went off the ground and hugged Jake.
Zoe: "Jake! Where were you and why did you decline my phone call?!"
Jake: "Look, i HAD to decline the call, because i was in a library to find a book from the Harry Potter series, someone asked me for that. But i'll promise i'll be answering as much calls as i can."
Zoe: "You promise?"
Jake: "I'll promise."
They released each other. They held each other's hand.
Mike: "I got something as well."
Zoe: "Is it important?"
Mike: "Yes, absolutely! Philip told me this!"
Jake: "Poor Phil."
Mike: "Huh?"
Jake: "Never mind, i know that was rude."
Mike: "I didn't get what he said... Oh well. But as i said, Philip told me something. The good news is, he thinks we're his best friends. The bad news is, he's leaving America."
Zoe: "What?!"
Jake: "Did you hear WHY he's leaving?!"
Mike: "Well, his father wants to. And he takes Philip with him. So indeed: Poor Phil."
Jess: "I can't imagine sitting in an airplane to go all the way to France all day."
Zoe: "I heard Paris is a very romantic city, Jake."
Jake: "Heh heh... Maybe we can go there with Philip."
Mike: "But i'm pretty sure he says goodbye before leaving. He's nice. He always was."
Mike looked down. Jake noticed that.
Jake: "Aaah, you DO miss Philip, Mike!"
Mike: "Shut up... He was just... a good friend. Nothing more, nothing less."
Jake: "Philip said he was your BEST friend, Mike! Don't deny it!"
Zoe and Jess were laughing a bit.
Mike: "Ugh, okay! I'll admit it: He was my best friend. There, happy?!"
Mike went up and walked home.
Jake: "Mike! It was a joke!"
Mike ignored Jake. He continued going home.
Zoe: "Poor Mike."
Jess: "He isn't poor, just pretending... Right?"
Jake saw someone coming. It was Kimmy. She looked very down.
Jake: "Aha, Kimm-... Wait a minute... Kimmy... Grrr!!"
Jake became angry when he saw Kimmy: He saw her video too.
Kimmy: "Oh, hi..."
Jess: "Jake! Calm yourself a bit! Geez..."
Jake: "Okay, i'm finishing her after she told us what gave her the courage to come here."
Kimmy: "*sigh* I'm sorry... For everything..."
Zoe: "What?"
Kimmy: "I know, you're still upset... I shouldn't have uploaded that video, i realized 3 hours after that. I logged in as you, Zoe, to report myself. And i accidentally changed your password... Sorry... It's whereismybasketgoingto1337. But above all: I'm sorry."
It became silent. The only sounds were those from the singing birds and the wind blowing through the leaves of the trees.
Kimmy: "I know what you're thinking and i agree... I'm worthless. I'm a big piece of..."
Zoe: "It's alright. I forgive you now. I shouldn't be calling you "a 5-year old" or i shouldn't be saying "Ignore her". So... I'm sorry too."
Kimmy: "Thanks... I'll head home to make something for Philip."
Jess: "You heard it too?"
Kimmy: "Yep. Though he actually wanted to type 'Timmy', according to the description."
Jake: "Well... It's close enough."
Kimmy: "Yeah... But i'm going home, i don't wanna be in the rain that comes quickly. See you later!"
Kimmy went home. The three friends decided to go home as well, as it indeed started to rain again.

To be continued...

Note: The next chapter chapter is the last one, aside from the bonuses. That means i got to make two more. The other seven were quite amusing to make, so... Why not make it a total of 16 chapters over two series? There's no date known yet, but i'll explain in...

My Imagination - Chapter 8: The End

Now, i heard that 'My Imagination' is a bit... eh... overused for series like these. So i got a question for you: What should be a good name for this series? The winning submission will get 10,000 Viz! (The person who sent it, of course)

Also, if this chapter is too short, my apologize.

Also, can you find the hidden easter egg in the note? (It has to do with a lie in the same note. )
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