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02-21-20 12:37 AM

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My Imagination - Chapter 2: Jess the insane
[New series!] (Does anyone know for what age this should be?)
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05-26-16 02:26 PM
06-23-16 07:04 AM

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My Imagination - Chapter 2: Jess the insane

How should this end? At the bottom is a question. How should this chapter end? The choice is yours: Safe or Cruel?
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100.0%, 2 votes
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05-26-16 02:26 PM
MarioLucarioFan64 is Offline
Link | ID: 1271842 | 1900 Words

Level: 58

POSTS: 295/1101
POST EXP: 197470
LVL EXP: 1542965
CP: 7450.7
VIZ: 223736

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My Imagination - Chapter 2: Jess the insane


Name: Jake
Gender: Male
Look: Black, short hair, white skin color, wearing a blue hoody and grey jeans
Age: 17
Comes from: USA
Crush: X
Likes: Doing homework when needed, to make more time for games
Dislikes: School

Name: Zoe
Gender: Female
Look: Black, long hair, white skin color, wearing a pink skirt and a black hoody
Age: 16
Comes from: USA
Crush: Jake
Likes: Jake's handwriting, making art of the nature
Dislikes: Bullying, insulting other people

Name: Jess
Gender: Female
Look: Black, really long hair, black skin color, wearing a cap, a green tied shirt and blue jeans
Age: 17
Comes from: USA
Crush: Mike
Likes: Staying cool with her friends, and playing tennis.
Dislikes: Eating much, as she wants to keep her body healthy. Hates it to be angry, as she has psychical problems with anger.

Name: Philip
Gender: Male
Look: Black, slightly short hair (which is dyed red), tinted skin color, wearing an army t-shirt and pants with army print.
Age: 18
Comes from: France
Crush: Jess
Likes: The USA army, and Jess' brave feelings for everything she does.
Dislikes: His father and school.

Name: Mike
Gender: Male
Look: Blonde, long hair, white skin color, wearing a yellow hoody and grey pants, with a lot of chains on it.
Age: 16
Comes from: USA
Crush: Jess
Likes: Death Metal music, and being alone
Dislikes: Being together with someone, except with Rachel, his sister

Name: Rachel
Gender: Female
Look: Blonde, really long hair, white skin color, wearing a sleeveless shirt in pink, a brown skirt and leather boots. Also has a huge ribbon in her hair.
Age: 18
Comes from: USA
Crush: X
Likes: Playing songs and making covers on her guitar secretly. In public, she makes jokes about everything. She likes being with her brother Mike as well.
Dislikes: Helping her handicapped mother constantly, so that she has no time for fun things to do.

Name: Frank Hudson (Mr. Hudson)
Gender: Male
Look: Grey, slightly short hair, white skin color, wearing a spencer, with green pants. Also, he's a bit on the old side.
Age: 57 (told you he is a bit on the old side!)
Comes from: USA
Crush: No one at school.
Likes: Listening to music from early 90's.
Dislikes: having to slap another student again. He hates that.

Name: Kelly McKinsey (Mrs. McKinsey)
Gender: Female
Look: Brown, really long hair, brown skin color, wearing a pink, sleeveless shirt with heartprint on it and wearing blue jeans, with a few chains on it.
Age: 23
Comes from: USA
Crush: No one at school
Likes: Helping out Mr Hudson's students when they're in trouble. Her best friend on school is Zoe.
Dislikes: Students who think they're cool if they throw a paper plane towards the teacher.

Note: None of these characters are in an 'important - not important' order, so the main character is hard to see here.

Chapter 2: Jess the insane

Zoe went to school and saw Jess sitting on a bench, holding a tiny ball of rubber. She kept squeezing it. She looked very angry, as if something happened. Zoe decided to talk to her.
Zoe: "Hey, Jess."
Jess: "What do you want..."
Zoe: "Well, i want to help you. What happened?"
Jess: "Ugh, that stupid Eric decided to write my name with Mike's name in a heart on the wall with a permanent marker... And the teachers blamed me..."
Jess was digging in her schoolbag.
Zoe: "And are you gonna say sorry to the teachers?"
Jess: "Hey! Listen! I didn't do it, Eric did! So i'm gonna learn him a lesson he never had before... Tonight..."
Zoe: "Wait... You aren't...gonna..."
Jess: "Why not? I know where he lives, so..."
Zoe: "But... 'Beating the (****) out of him' isn't working, Jess!"
Jess was getting something out of her bag, it looked sharp.
Jess: "I didn't said i was gonna do that."
She grinned. Zoe was staring as if she got scared of something. Something inside Jess isn't right...
Zoe: "B-but... what are you..."
Jess: "Heh heh... Too scared to see this KNIFE?"
Zoe: "N-no... B-but..."
Jess: "Well then. If you're gonna tell the teachers, i'll come for you as well!"
Zoe had a shock through her whole body. It was like she was being under electricity for a split second, because this wasn't the Jess Zoe used to know. As Zoe was worried about Jess and was sitting on another bench, the schoollbell rang and all the students could go inside the building.

5 hours later, when there was 1 hour left before the school day was over...

Philip was in a rush, as he had to go to his classroom 15 minutes ago.
Philip: "Aah, where is it!!!"
Philip wasn't one of those students who were on that school a long time. In fact, he was on this school since 6 months ago. He bumped into Kelly, the girl who was helping out Mr. Hudson's class.
Kelly fell on to the ground.
Kelly: "Ow!!!"
Philip: "Oh... So sorry..."
Kelly: "Oh, Philip. Sorry, i didn't see you there!"
Kelly went up again with Philip's help.
Philip: "No, is my fault. I better watch out."
Kelly: "Where did you come from, anyway? You were supposed to be in your class 17 minutes ago."
Philip: "Miss McKinsey, i'm late. I don't had time to get my stuff for school."
Kelly: "Ah. I understand. Your class is there, by the way."
She laughed a bit and pointed at Miss Rose's class, the teacher for Philip's class.
Philip: "Thanks!"
Kelly went outside the building, to go home. Meanwhile, Philip went to his classroom for his lessons. He saw Miss Rose going out of her classroom and going to the teacher's room. Philip went in the classroom when Mrs. Rose was gone. He heard his classmates talking about the kidnapping of Zoe.
Eric: "And you sure she didn't came back? I mean, i saw her on the schoolyard this morning."
Jordan(Classmate): "Yes! I mean... Uh..."
Eric: "You lied to us, Jordan? That's not nice. Maybe Harry and i shall learn you some respect... Heh heh"
Eric went up and was walking towards Jordan, the boy who sat at the back of the classroom.
Philip: "Hey! Don't bully!"
Harry: "Oh look, Eric. There's that French guy. Shall we get him instead?"
Eric: "Sure."
Eric was walking towards Philip fast, and pushed him to the ground.
Philip: "Hey! What are you doing?"
Eric: "Pushing you to the ground, dumbhead. Can't you see?"
Eric lifted up his right foot backwards to kick Philip, but then...
???: "Eric, cut it out immediately!!"
Eric gasped and looked away from Philip, to see who called his name. It was Jordan, the one who has been bullied before Philip.
Eric: "Oh, now you can talk? Come on."
Eric pointed at him, then himself.
Eric: "You might come here, because we're gonna settle this down now..."
Jordan: "Uh..."
Eric: "What's wrong? Don't have the courage to co-..."
Suddenly, a fist came to Eric's jaw. It was Philip's fist, who seemed to knock down Eric. Eric fell to the ground.
Eric: "Ow... You son of a..."
Miss Rose came in.
Miss Rose: "Oh my... What's going here?"
Eric: "He punched me on my jaw..."
He pointed at Philip.
Philip: "Yes, after Jordan got... uh..."
Miss Rose: "Philip, don't lie to me. Were you doing that or not?"
Miss Rose: "Hush, Eric!"
Eric: "Okay..."
Philip: "Well, i don't know English word for this... Eric came at Jordan to harm him. Then i came, and Eric came to me. He wanted to fight me."
Miss Rose: "Is that true, Eric?"
Eric: "No."
Miss Rose: "Is that true, Jordan?"
The schoolbell rang. It was time to go home, and everyone went up, but...
Miss Rose: "Everyone sit down, now..."
Everyone went back to their seat, with Eric getting up already.
Miss Rose: "Is what Philip said true, Jordan?"
Jordan: "Y-y-... Yes..."
Eric: "WHY YOU SON OF A B-..."
Eric ran towards Jordan to fight him, but Miss Rose stopped him, layed him to the ground and told the students to go home.
Miss Rose, who was trying to ask Eric to act normal after 20 minutes of yelling "Let me go!", was indeed to ask something.
Miss Rose: "Eric, can you behave yourself now for the 10th time?"
Eric: "Yes, miss... I will..."
Miss Rose: "Good. I'll let you go now, but let this be a warning for you. If you do this again, i'll let you stay here and be as severe as Mr Hudson is. Okay?"
Eric: "Yes, miss Rose..."
Eric went home at last.

Later on...

On the Treehouse Street, on the same place as Zoe got kidnapped, was Jess waiting for the bus to come.
Jess: "Man, when will that freaking bus come?"
She looked at her watch. 20:45 PM. It was pretty late, and she asked Rachel to learn some techniques on a guitar at Rachel's home.
Jess: "Ah. Is that... No, never mind..."
She saw a red, old car coming her way. It was going pretty fast.
Jess: "Ugh... Some people hate going slow..."
But the car dashed towards the place Jess was standing. In fact, it wanted to hurt Jess.
Jess: "What the..."
The car touched the busstop, while Jess jumped away, on the road. The car destroyed the busstop, made from steel pillars, and glass panes with a tiny roof on it. Jess fell to the ground, safe and well.
Jess: "Ow... Hey, you stupid weirdo! Watch it, will you?"
???: "Did i hit you?"
Jess: "Yes, of course you did! Stop drinking next time or something!"
The person behind the car grabbed something in the dark car, and pointed it out of the broken window of his car. It was... a gun.
Jess: "Eek! W-what..."
She had her hands upward.
???: "No need to do that... Heh heh..."
Jess: "Hey... I recognize your voice... You're... *gasp*"
???: "No, i'm not gasp... I'm Harold Millerton. And you?"
Jess: "I'm not gonna tell who i am to a kidnapper."
Harold: "Fine. Then i'll ride over you, and this time i will succeed."
He pulled over the trigger from his gun while he pointed at Jess' feet.
Jess: "Aaaah! Ow! Ow!"
She got being shot in her left foot.
Harold: "Now stay there."
???: "No! Not Jess!"
Harold: "Ugh..."
It was Eric who ran towards the car with a wooden plank in his hands, and knocked out Harold. Well, he wanted to knock him out, put his gun fell out of his hands when he got slapped with the plank.
Harold: "Argh!"
Jess crawled towards the gun, grabbed it... and pointed at Eric.
Eric: "Jess! What..."
Jess: "Now is the perfect time to take my revenge to you."

To be continued...

Hey, you. Yes... I'm talking to YOU. You want to know something? I made this story as a POLL, to choose for two different endings. The first one is basically a more peaceful one, where Jess and Eric be friends again and Harold got arrested and life goes on. The second one is the oppossite: Jess shoots Eric down to get her sweet revenge and gets arrested, next to Harold. Then life goes on. What do you think needs to happen? The choice is yours!
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06-23-16 07:04 AM
MarioLucarioFan64 is Offline
Link | ID: 1278445 | 47 Words

Level: 58

POSTS: 372/1101
POST EXP: 197470
LVL EXP: 1542965
CP: 7450.7
VIZ: 223736

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
UPDATE: Due to chapter 3, this poll is useless. The choice has been, obviously, the cruel side. Thanks for choosing how this continues!

Chapters which allows the readers from Vizzed to choose how it continues/ends:

Chapter 2 - 3
Chapter 5 - 6
Chapter 7 - 8
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Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 04-04-15
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Last Post: 91 days
Last Active: 84 days