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02-19-20 04:35 PM

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Winnipeg hotter than Dallas?
This is getting worse all the time....
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05-06-16 01:58 PM
05-06-16 08:00 PM

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Winnipeg hotter than Dallas?


05-06-16 01:58 PM
LordGaldan is Offline
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I saw this yesterday on our local forecast and saw that it was 93 in Winnipeg and only 82 in Dallas and thought that is just plain crazy, but seeing as how up in Alaska they've had 90s, I guess it doesn't seem all that surprising. Maybe I was shocked more than anything. I'm thinking the Arctic ice, if there is any, is melting a lot faster than I or probably anyone else thought. This bodes ill for coastal cities like New York City and Miami or others. I'm wondering what y'all think of this.
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05-06-16 02:13 PM
plasticinsanity is Offline
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LOL! My only thought to this because I'm from Winnipeg is WOOHOO RECOGNITION! Our last bit of recognition wasn't so great.
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05-06-16 02:56 PM
geeogree is Offline
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this happens nearly every year at some point. There was a day or 2 last year where most of the Canadian prairies were hotter than the entire United States.

I don't really put a whole lot of stock in stuff like this though. It's a 1 day thing most of the time and then it switches back. If it lasted for weeks on end then maybe we would have something to worry about.
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05-06-16 03:20 PM
no 8120 is Online
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no 8120
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LordGaldan : I also live in WINNIPEG and yesterday was probably the hottest day that we have had so far this year but I had no idea that we beat DALLAS in fact usually it,s the other way around and while like geeogree said that it,s only a one day thing at least it gives us some good recognition woohoo
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05-06-16 08:00 PM
tornadocam is Offline
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I can explain this. Right now there has been a dip in the jet stream making the plains and Southeast cooler then average. Meanwhile a Ridge has built in the Canadian Prairies so places from Alberta to Manitoba have seen highs that they typically see in July & August. However, sadly this has help fuel very tragic wildfires in Alberta. 

This pattern though will not last as the dip in the jet stream breaks down. Warm Gulf air flows back into the Great Plains and American South this weekend. Meanwhile the ridge in Canada will weaken somewhat so seasonable temps should return to that area.  The warm air in the great plains will come with a price. Saturday-Monday The states of Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and maybe Northern Texas will have a threat for severe weather hail, damaging winds and even a few tornadoes.  
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