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04-30-16 11:02 AM
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Zombies Ate My Neighbors - Review

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04-30-16 11:02 AM
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Zombies Ate My Neighbors is one of the games that started the survival horror genre. The premise of the game is you need to rescue as many people as possible before the zombies and other monsters get to them. This is one of my favorite titles for the Genesis, and deserves a chance from any avid gamer. If you plan on beating it, strap in and get ready. It's going to take a while.

Graphics - The graphics in the game are really well done. They are by no means state of the art, even for it's time, but they depict everything very well. Everything from the main characters to the environment look good and have an excellent design. The main characters stand out, and their weapons attacks all look spot on for what you're using. In the environment, even something as small as a cabinet that can be opened looks great and stands out. The colors are very well used to help distinguish between everything in the world. I particularly enjoyed the enemy designs. Even enemies projectile weapons look clear when used. The Graphics get a 9 / 10.

Sound - I love the sound in this game. Let's start with the music. The background music is really unique and catchy. Every level has it's own track. Each levels music not only sets the right vibe, but exemplify the increasing difficulty by playing more intense music the farther you get. Now the sound effects. The sound effects are also pretty well done. Most enemies have a unique cry and sound effect when dying. My favorite sound of the game is the "boing" effect when bouncing on the trampolines in the first level. I also love varying sound effects for the weapons you use. Each weapon and sub weapon has it's signature effect which is a nice touch. The Sound gets a 9 / 10.

Addictiveness - Here's where the fun of the game lies. Not only can you play through solo, but also in co-op. Every level requires you to save as many people as possible from the monsters, but works in a cool way. Basically, as time goes on, more people will get killed (unless you're
really quick and get them all) and once all the people are either dead or saved, the exit opens up in your current location. The combat in the game is really fun as well, and I like that different weapons work better on different enemies. There are also a few enemies that are invulnerable, and must simply be avoided. The levels are set up slightly like mazes, forcing you to navigate to find each person. You must also search for weapons and items, the latter of which includes keys to open locked doors. Racing against the clock forces you to rush, and therein mistakes can be made. Or you can take the other route, and simply survive until most of the people have been killed, but this is not recommended. The Addictiveness gets a 9 / 10.

Story - To be honest here, I had to look the story up because I didn't know if the game even had one. There's zero story telling taking place in (at least this version of) the game. What I found says that a mad scientist named Dr Tongue has released a bunch of horror movie monsters on a nearby town, and you're playing the only two kids brave enough to face them. You must rescue as many neighbors as possible, leading up to a showdown with the evil mastermind himself, Dr Tongue. Other than that there's not much to it. The story gets a 4 / 10.

Depth - This game has a lot to offer. There are a huge number of stages to go through. If I remember correctly, there are 55 levels, and 7 bonus stages. There are quite a few themes that each level follows, but they all vary in one way or another. For instance, the starting level is your basic suburbs, and a later level is similar but overgrown with mushrooms and other plants. The game has a lot to offer in terms of weapons as well. These include Uzis, popsicles, tomatoes, explosive soda cans, fire extinguishers, silverware, weed whackers and more. There are also various usable items to obtain as well, such as health kits and potions. This game will keep you entertained for a good long while. The Depth gets a 9 / 10.

Difficulty - This game is quite difficult. Every level has an unlimited amount of enemies to send your way. The enemies take different amounts of damage from different weapons, adding another degree of difficulty. The enemies vary greatly, move in different ways, and have different ways to harm you. The living dolls are among my most hated, since they can move extremely quick and throw axes at you. Another example would be the Texas Chainsaw Massacre character, who shows up and cuts through walls to hunt you down more quickly, while being impervious to damage (I think, I've never tried to actually kill him). The length of the game makes it extremely difficult to finish considering you have a limited amount of lives. The controls are pretty simple, but moving around can be a little challenging since it's easy to get stuck on corners when it appears you should go around. All in all, it's a very tough game to get all the way through. The Difficulty gets a 10 / 10.

This game is considered a cult classic for a reason.
Hope you enjoyed the review
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