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12-10-19 01:52 AM

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Today is Akira Toriyama's Birthday!!
Happy birthday to ya, Toriyama. :D
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04-05-16 09:57 AM
04-28-16 04:19 PM

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Today is Akira Toriyama's Birthday!!


04-05-16 09:57 AM
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Today, April 5, is officially Akira Toriyama's birthday. He turns sixty-one (61) today. I have made this thread to honor him, as he is my hero. Dragon Ball Z was my "jam" (as people would've said back then) when I was growing up. It was also the very first battle/fighting game that I have ever played. Ah... Brings back so many memories. 

Happy birthday to Akira Toriyama and thank you exceedingly for such a great childhood you have given me. I hope you have many, many more years to spend on this beautiful, magnificent Earth. I appreciate you and your hard work on Dragon Ball, Dr. Slump, and all of the other masterpieces you have put together and published to the public.
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04-05-16 10:38 AM
Boured is Offline
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Wow 61?! Wow he is pretty old, hope he doesn't die soon because that would be a sad day for all Dragon Ball fans. On a lighter note, Happy Birthday Toriyama! 
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04-28-16 04:19 PM
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Toriyama is such an innovator in terms of design. There's nothing quite like his style, and it's been used in so many different ways. I really hope he sticks around for a good long while and keeps doing what he does,
Here's to you Akira!
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